UKIPT Galway, Day 2: Levels 15-16 updates (2,000-4,000 400 ante)

February 18, 2012


9.40pm: Exits
Only 59 players made it through to Day 3 meaning that 22 players have been eliminated in the money. From Eamonn Kilkenny to Adrian O’Donoghue find out who’s cashed for what here. — NW

9.20pm: Play has ended
Play is done for the day, bagging and tagging has taken place and Alan Gilmore is the overnight chip leader with 467,000. A comprehensive wrap of a hectic day’s play and details of the in the money finishers coming right up. — NW

9.05pm: Five way fight for the chip lead
As the last few hands are played out there appears to be a four way fight for the overnight chip lead with it being between Alan Gilmore, Emmett Mullin, Aleksandras Rusinovas, Kevin Monroe and Hector Garcia Cabanillas. — NW

9pm: Last four hands
Tournament director Toby Stone has just announced that players will play four more hands this evening. There are 65 players left, when play is done we’ll bring you a comprehensive list of all the in the money finishers as well as chip counts. — NW

8.55pm: And then there was one
Just like London buses, another UKIPT champion has been eliminated and it was the ultimate cooler. Richard Sinclair had pocket kings and around 140,000, Alan Gilmore found pocket aces and the chips flew in. A board of 9♣2♥5♦5♣6♦ later and Gilmore is up to 530,000 and the chip lead. — NW

8.45pm: And then there were two
UKIPT Galway is one UKIPT champion lighter as Gareth walker has been eliminated. He tweeted the following: ‘First hand I get it in Q8 vs KT, 82K6K board, burghh. 77th it is…’

That occurred about 15 minutes ago, just 72 players remain now meaning everyone left in is now guaranteed at least €1,185. — NW


Walker out in 77th place

8.45pm: Mullin mutes Murphy
Emmett Mullin just added another 60,000 to his burgeoning chip stack and eliminated Denis Murphy in the process.

The money went in pre-flop with Mullin holding A♣K♥ and Murphy pocket sixes. The pair was looking good on the 5♠10♣9♥Q♣ board but Mullin must’ve channeled his inner Barry Greenstein as the A♠ came on the river. — NW

8.35pm: Happy Gilmore
They say luck evens itself out in the end and I’ve just witnessed an example of that. Yesterday Alan Gilmore was the victim on an horrific outdraw (see post at 8.40pm) and today he just inflicted an outdraw of his own to scoop a 330,000 pot.

It was an all-in pre-flop affair with Gilmore holding pocket queens and John Willoughby pocket kings. The board of Q♣A♥8♠5♥2♠ sending the chips in Gilmore’s direction and leaving Willoughby with just 40,000. — NW

8.30pm: Boatman cut adrift
Barny Boatman is now free to spend as much time as he likes wandering the beaches of the west coast of Ireland. He is out of this tournament.

Principally the damage was done by Shaun Hegarty, who opened to 8,400 from early position and then called when Boatman shoved for what looked to be about 60-70,000 from the small blind.

Boatman had J♣4♣ but even his suit was covered by Hegarty’s A♣K♣. Boatman was drawing dead when the first four cards came A♥2♥9♥6♠. The 8♥ river was a formality.

It had looked until this point as though Hegarty had Boatman covered, but it wasn’t actually the case. When they counted down the stacks, Boatman had 6,300 more than his opponent, and muttered ruefully: “I wouldn’t have done that if I knew he had that much.”

But it was too late by then, and Boatman’s bowl of rice went in on the next hand. He picked up callers in both the blinds and ultimately it was Jakub Michalak who applied the finishing touch. His K♦10♥ connected better with the 10♦7♣8♦K♥Q♦ board than Boatman’s 6♥8♠. — HS

8.20pm: Newport nipped in the bud
Nicholas Newport is the 79th place finisher. He got his last 22,000 in with, appropriately enough, pocket twos, however Aleksandras Rusinovas had pocket queens and spiked a third on the flop just for good measure. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000 ante 400

8.15pm: Three double ups
Post bubble the short stacks start shoving and so far they’ve been getting there or staying ahead for the most part:

Hand One: Koray Suler opened to 6,700 and then called when David Phelan moved all-in for 30,800. It was a race with Suler’s pocket nines up against A♠Q♥. It wasn’t a race for long though as the board came A♦10♦6♠5♥5♦ to double up Phelan.

Hand Two: Down to just 15,300 A♥10♦ looked very pretty to Gordon Happer, but it was dominated by Christoph Rüegg’s A♠J♦, that is until the board came 7♥10♥6♥2♠9♠ to give Happer a reprieve.

Hand Three: Nicolas Hahn open shoved for around 35,000 with 10♣8♣ and got snap called by Shane Dempsey who had pocket tens. The flop of 9♦J♠2♠ doing half the job, the 4♥ turn and 7♠ river completing the job for Hahn, ‘You were so far behind you were out the door and almost back to Germany,’ quipped Dempsey. — NW

8.05pm: Man down. Kilkenny busts in 81st
There are some cruel games being played by the poker gods this evening. After the drama of the bubble described below, we have also just lost Eamonn Kilkenny with a needless twist of the knife from on high.

Kilkenny was a short stack and shoved with J♣K♥, to be called by Dean Lyall’s 6♠6♥. This was a straight race, and Kilkenny went into the lead on the A♠K♦8♥ board. The A♥ meant nothing, but the 6♣ river was a killer for Kilkenny.

He began the day with only 14,200, so will be pleased to have made it into the money. He’s the first name to appear on our payouts page, earning €950 for his 81st place finish.

As for Lyall, he started the day with only 8,200 and now has about 130,000. That’s some turnaround. — HS

8pm: Paul McGovern bubbles UKIPT Galway
Down to just over four big blinds Paul McGovern moved all-in for 12,100 from early position and from the big blind Gary Jordan called to put him at risk. After all other hands had been completed the players turned their hands over:

McGovern: A♥10♦
Jordan: A♦J♦


Paul McGovern, seated in black T-shirt, was the Galway bubble boy

The flop of 8♠K♥4♣ changed nothing, but the 10♥ turn sure did, the large crowd ooh-ing. However poker is cruel and the river was the J♥. Cue aah-ing from the massed ranks and then spontaneous applause as those left in celebrated making the money. — NW

7.55pm: Bubble bursts
We’re in the money in Galway, details coming right up. — NW

7.45pm: On the bubble
We’re down to 82 and on the pure bubble of UKIPT Galway. Last man out was Neividas Biriukovas, he shoved all-in for 30,000 over the top of a raise from Austin Crowe. Given that Crowe had pocket kings it was an auto call and the board of 2♦A♦A♥K♠7♠ meant it was all over before the river was dealt. — NW

7.40pm: Bubble ups
In these anxious moments, it’s always nice to get a double up, and there have been two on table two. First Christoph Rüegg managed to find an ace on the flop to help his A♣Q♣ beat the pocket jacks of Joe O’Toole. Then Richard Derks was grateful for an eight on the turn, and a whole bunch of diamonds to boot, to help his A♦8♦ beat the A♣J♣ of Thomas Ward.

Derks was all in for only 6,300, so even though he has doubled he is still the tournament short stack. — HS

7.35pm: Chip counts
The chip counts of the 83 remaining players (accurate as of end of level 14) have now been flowed into the blog. Check them out here. With 351,000 Aleksandras Rusinovas leads the way, he’s marginally ahead of Emmett Mullin who has 330,000. — NW

7.25pm: The cruellest beat
Getting aces cracked is never fun. Getting them cracked two off the money positively stinks. Emmett Scott just got all his chips in with the bullets against Tomas Geleziunas’s pocket jacks. But the door card on the flop was another jack and that was that for Scott.

If that happens twice more, we’re in the money. — HS

7.15pm: Finneran flushed
We’ve lost our day 1A leader Thomas Finneran after a huge skirmish with Shane Dempsey. The two of them had been neighbours all day and found themselves in the blinds on the fateful hand, getting involved in a tiny bit of pre-flop raising that took them to a 4♣8♦A♥ flop.

They checked this, but there was more action on the 7♥ turn – specifics are lacking as this was all passed on by another player at the table, once the dust had all settled.

Anyhow, when the K♥ rivered it all went nuts. Dempsey bet, Finneran raised, Dempsey re-raised and Finneran shoved. This was now a pot of close to 200,000 and their two stacks were very closely matched. Dempsey took a good long while to decide whether to call, but was eventually glad he did.

He had 10♥2♥, a ten-high flush. Finneran had been pipped. He had a nine-high flush.

Dempsey now stacks more than 220,000 (it’ll take him a while to get them all in order and give us a chance to count properly). Meanwhile Finneran is out of here.

The bubble looms. There are 84 players left. — HS

7.10pm: Atherton out
Roy Atherton is one of the unlucky five who came back from the break and failed to make the money. It had folded to Thomas Hall on the button and with two short stacks behind him he simply open shoved with K♦Q♥, Atherton, who had only about 15,000 left made the call with K♣6♣. The board ran out A♠5♣9♦10♠3♠.

85 remain. — NW

7.05pm: Three times a champion?
There’s three former UKIPT champions left in the tournament and of the three it’s Nick Abou Risk who’s faring the best, Abou Risk is of course chasing his third title and is the defending champion of this event.

He’s got about 212,000 whilst Gareth Walker (40,000) and Richard Sinclair (75,000) are struggling. — NW

7pm: Bubble approaches
We now enter level 15 and the significant chance is that the bubble will burst in the next hour. The tournament information board shows that 86 remain, which means that five of those players just returned from a 20-minute break will be forced to leave with nothing. It’s not fun this poker lark sometimes.

Head to the chip-count page to see how they all stand (approximately) at the moment, then return here to play through that bubble.

Only really Emmett Mullin, below, who is a comfortable chip leader can feel 100% confident of making the money. — HS


Emmett Mullin, chip leader in Galway


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