UKIPT Galway: Day 3, level 24, 25 & 26 updates (blinds 30,000-60,000, ante 5,000)

December 05, 2010


9.47pm: Abou Risk wins UKIPT Galway for €67,100
Nick Abou Risk has just scored his second UKIPT title beating Trish Mallin heads up. After leading 375,000 into a 9♥5♠10♦ flop Mallin had moved all-in for 1.64 million on the 4♥ turn putting Abou Risk harshly under the spotlight. The rail went silent as Abou Risk counted his stack and the pot but definitely looked interested. A call and loss would not knock him out but would leave the Canadian with a tough 4 million to 1 million uphill battle. He eventually made the call.

Abou Risk: 10♥2♥ for top pair and flush draw
Mallin: 7♥8♣ for an open-ended straight draw

The 10♠ river favoured Abou Risk rather than local girl Trish Mallin, who takes home €41,300. Full wrap of the tournament to come. — RD

ukipt galway_day 3_trish mallin.jpg

Runner-up Trish Mallin switched gears well heads up

9.43pm: Nick Abou Risk wins UKIPT Galway
The Dublin based Canadian has won UKIPT Galway and €67,100. Abou Risk becomes the first two time UKIPT winner. Details of the final hand coming right up. — NW

9.35pm: Mallin out kicks Nick
We’ve just had our first showdown of heads-up play, although it was not of the all-in variety. Nick Abou Risk limped from the small blind and Trish Mallin checked her option. On the flop of 2♠K♦3♦ Mallin check-called a bet of 85,000. The turn was the A♥ and both players checked to see the 9♠ fall on the river. Mallin led for 115,000 and Abou Risk made the call, Mallin showed 10♠9♣ to just pip Abou Risk’s 9♦8♦. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000

9.25pm: Mallin stops the rot
Nick Abou Risk had won the first three hands of heads up play, Trish Mallin finally won a pot on the fourth. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000

9.20pm: First heads-up pot to Abou Risk
Trish Mallin raised from the button and Nick Abou Risk made the call. On the flop of 4♦6♠K♦ Mallin bet 235,000 but folded when Abou Risk moved all-in. — NW

9.05pm: Maurice Silke eliminated in third place (€25,250)
Nick Abou Risk opened to 85,000 from the button and after placing his hands on the felt and then resting his chin on his hands, Maurice Silke moved all-in for a little over 900,000. Abou Risk made a swift call.

Abou Risk: 8♦8♥
Silke: A♣10♠

The board of 9♠2♣6♣4♦4♥ was no help to Silke and he exited in third place. There’s now a short break whilst they prepare the TV table for heads up play, Abou Risk has around 3,300,000 to Trish Mallin’s 1,970,000.– NW

8.50pm: Bleeding chips
In the 45 minutes of play since the dinner break Maurice Silke’s stack has been on a downward slide. In the last pot he made it 185,000 from the button but folded to Trish Mallin’s 405,000 three-bet. Silke is now under the million chip mark. — NW

8.45pm: Abou Risk takes another
Nick Abou Risk has stretched his chip lead. Trish Mallin made it 110,000 to go and Abou Risk three-bet to 280,000 total. Mallin gave it up and Abou Risk showed pocket queens. — NW

8.40pm: Abou Risk raises and reaps rewards
Trish Mallin made it 100,000 to play from the button, Maurice Silke folded and then from the big blind Nick Abou Risk made it 255,000 total. After a bit of thought Mallin made the call. The flop of 9♠2♠K♣ saw Abou Risk bet 285,000 and Mallin fold. Since regaining the chip lead Abou Risk has amped up the aggression. — NW

8.25pm: Silke not sat still
After doubling up Nick Abou Risk, Maurice Silke didn’t take long to get back into the action. The very next hand he made it 150,000 from the button and was called by Trish Mallin from the big blind. On the flop of 5♦K♣Q♥ Mallin check-folded to a bet of 215,000. — NW

ukipt galway_day 3_maurice silke3.jpg

Despite losing the chip lead Silke is still smiling

8.20pm: Aces seize the chip lead for Abou Risk
Nick Abou Risk has just taken the chip lead with a 2.3 million pot. Maurice Silke opened from the button and called a 290,000 three-bet from Abou Risk in the small blind. Abou Risk then led 180,000 into the 6♠5♣Q♠ flop and Silke raised to 750,000. Abou Risk quickly moved in for 100,000 more and Silke made the call.

Abou Risk: A♥A♣
Silke: A♦8♦

The turn and river blanked out and Abou Risk and looks likely to become the first UKIPT double winner. Can Silke or Mallin stop him? Not if he’s running this hot. That was the second consecutive hand he has had pocket aces three-handed (one either side of the dinner break). — RD

8.10pm: Chip Counts
Players are being called back to their seats, the current chip counts are:

Maurice Silke: 2,260,000 (56.5 big blinds)
Trisha Mallin: 1,855,000 (46.375 big blinds)
Nick Abou Risk: 1,155,000 (28.875 big blinds)

Despite being the short stack if Abou Risk doubles up then he’ll be the chip leader. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000 ante 5,000

7.12pm: Dinner Break
Players are now on a one hour dinner break, play will resume at approximately 8.05pm. — NW

7.05pm: Bullets on the button
First to act Nick Abou Risk made it 61,000 to go from the button, Trish Mallin got out the way, but Maurice Silke made it 165,000 total. It came back to Abou Risk and he moved all-in. Silke folded and Abou Risk showed pocket aces. — NW

7pm: Mallin muscles out Maurice
Maurice Silke limped from the button, Nick Abou Risk folded and Trish Mallin checked her option. The flop of 4♠Q♣3♦ seemed innocent enough but it created action a plenty. Mallin led for 60,000, Silke made it 175,000 and then Mallin made it 310,000. Silke leant back, breathed in deeply and after a few minutes thought elected to fold. — NW

6.55pm: Vytenis Navickas out in fourth (€18,600)
Lituanian Vytenis Navickas has just been cruelly knocked out by Trish Mallin in fourth place. Navickas got it in with A♠K♦ against Mallin’s A♣7♣. The board ran out K♣4♥J♣5♣2♥ to flop Navickas top pair top kicker but turn Mallin the nut flush. — RD

6.50pm: Chip counts
Maurice Silke has a commanding chip lead with four left with more than double Nick Abou Risk who’s in second place:

Maurice Silke: 2,545,000
Nick Abou Risk: 1,028,000
Trish Mallin: 1,018,000
Vytenis Navickas: 577,000

There’s currently 15 minutes left at this level. — NW

6.42pm: Eoin Olin out in fifth (€15,400)
Eoin Olin has just got himself knocked out by three-bet shoving into Maurice Silke super light. Silke had opened for 66,000 and Olin shoved 22 big blinds, some 667,000, into the middle. Silke made the call.

Silke: A♥9♣
Olin: J♠2♦

Silke just needed Olin to fade his outs but he managed to river a full house anyway. Silke has 2.5 million now for a substantial chip lead.

Small pause in play. — RD

6.35pm: A flop, turn and river but no showdown
With half of level 24 done there’s yet to be a showdown but we did just see the first flop for quite a while. Nick Abou Risk completed from the small blind and Trish Mallin checked her option. On the flop of Q♥9♥2♣ Abou Risk bet 37,000 and Mallin called. The turn was the 9♦ and Abou Risk checked it to Mallin who bet 75,000, call. The 3♠ completed the board and Abou Risk checked again to Mallin who bet 175,000. It didn’t take long for Abou Risk to concede the pot. — NW

6.30pm: Last qualifier in bad seat
Vytenis Navickas is the last PokerStars qualifier in the tournament and he’s not in a good seat. All three big stacks are to his left and Eoin Olin on his right has been fairly loose making it fairly hard for him to get his chips in. — RD

ukipt galway_day 3_vytenis navickas.jpg

Vytenis Navickas is in a tough seat at the moment

6.20pm: No flops no drops
It’s been a while since there’s been any flops here at the final table, action has certainly slowed down considerably. — NW

6.10pm: Abou Risk wins with three-bet
For the first time we can recall, at least since play went five handed, Nick Abou Risk decided to play back at Eoin Olin. The latter made it 70,000 to play but folded after Abou Risk made it 188,000 to go. — NW

6.05pm: Still five-handed
We’re still five-handed here in Galway with Maurice Silke, Nick Abou Risk, Trish Mallin, Vytenis Navickas and Eoin Olin.

ukipt galway_day 3_maurice silke 2.jpg

Maurice Silke holds the chip lead with five players left

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Galway (in order of tiredness): Rick Dacey (very, very tired) and Nick Wright (walking sitting dead).


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