UKIPT Galway, Day 3: Levels 17-18 updates (3,000-6,000 500 ante)

February 19, 2012


2.05pm: Level over
That’s the end of level 18 and dealers are now starting a chip-count of the remaining 29 stacks. The full details will be with you shortly, much like further coverage in a new post. — HS

2pm: Air Jordan
Gary Jordan has had a good run in this tournament but he is now out. He re-raised all-in for 85,000 with A♦J♣ over the top of a 15,000 open from Ronan Gilligan. When it had folded back to Gilligan he looked pained, but announced call and showed A♣Q♥.

The 6♣6♦9♣ bought the possibility of a chopped pot into play as did the A♠ turn, but Jordan missed all his outs as the 7♦ completed the board. Gilligan is up to 400,000. — NW

1.55pm: Don’t pair the board! Oh.
Christoph Rüegg is out after flopping the joint, but then getting outdrawn. “The flop was awesome,” he said as he watched his chips slid to Richard Haile. “But I thought, ‘Just don’t pair the board.'”

Rüegg had Q♥10♥ and so was loving the flop of J♦A♣K♣. Haile had every right to love it too. He was sitting with A♠J♥. All the chips went in there, but when the A♥ turned, that was the end of it for Rüegg. — HS


Christoph Rüegg

1.45pm: Pollock fried
Adam Pollock’s tournament is over. He picked the wrong time to squeeze and ended up running into David O’Connor’s dominating hand. O’Connor started it, raising to 13,000 from the hijack. George Stewart called in the small blind, but Pollock shoved from the big for about 80,000.

O’Connor then announced that he was all in over the top of that, which quickly persuaded Stewart out of it.

O’Connor: A♦K♠
Pollock: A♣9♣

The first three cards came 8♠10♠5♣. No help. The turn was Q♠. Pollock then thought for the tiniest moment that he had pulled off a tournament-saving outdraw when the 9♠ rivered. But he realised soon enough that that gave O’Connor a flush.

Pollock headed to the cash desk. — HS

1.40pm: Payouts
Twenty-five players have been eliminated in the opening 100 minutes of play. We’re trying our best to keep up with the admin and you can click here, to see who’s finished where. Everyone left in is guaranteed €2,140 — NW

1.35pm: Derks can’t get it done
A feature of the opening two levels of play today is that a lot of dominating hands have lost and that’s exactly what caused the demise of Richard Derks. He was all in for his last 47,000 with pocket sevens and found a caller in the shape of Hector Garcia Cabanillas who had A♣7♥. But, an ace on the flop sent the pot to the Spaniard.

There are 34 players left. — NW

1.30pm: The calm before the storm
So far this afternoon, the play has mainly been about picking off the short stacks. But with so many massive piles now appearing in front of the remaining players, it seems certain that soon we’re going to see a tournament defining showdown between two of the monsters.

Although the corner of table one housing Alan Gilmore, Aleksandras Rusinovas and Nick Abou Risk seems to be the most likely setting for this clash, there’s also something very big brewing on table four, where Craig Burke and Joris Ruijs are neighbours. Both these guys have their stacks arranged in towers much taller than the standard 20 chips. And if they are actually stacked in 40s (it’s impossible to tell) then Burke could be our tournament chip leader.

He has three spindly piles of blues, which may represent 600,000 right there, plus a similar amount of yellow. At a conservative estimate, he has 680,000. But more likely he has about 750,000.

Ruijs has about 500,000 of his own. Yeah, that could kick off at any moment. — HS

1.20pm: Robinson squashed
William Robinson is the latest in a seemingly endless flurry of exits. He shoved the button for his last 93,000 with K♣10♠ and Thomas Hall called from the small blind with K♥Q♣ and the dominating hand stayed in front. — NW

1.16pm: Haile’s comet
Richard Haile is on the ever upward and has just doubled up through Aurimas Klastaitis. Haile started the day with only 29,000 but now has close to 200,000. This one was a straight race. Klastaitis opened from late position, Haile shoved for just less than 100,000 in the big blind and Klastaitis called. Haile had A♠K♣ to Klastaitis’s 6♦6♠ and a king flopped. — HS


Richard Haile

1.15pm: Two more eliminations
Nick Abou Risk is doing what he does best in UKIPT’s running up a huge stack. He just eliminated Filip Hanusek, when his K♦Q♦ out drew Hanusek’s A♦9♦ in a cut-off versus button battle for 140,000 each.

The board of K♠10♠2♣4♥J♦ sees Risk pad his stack to around 550,000.

Meanwhile on the adjacent table Arnoud van der Werf is up to 380,000 after his A♣J♠ held against JP Whyte’s A♠2♠ in a pot worth 135,000.

38 players remain. — NW

1.10pm: Conroy doubles
Coilin Conroy lives to fight another day. He got his last 75,000 in pre-flop, open-shoving from early position, and was called by Hector Garcia Cabanillas. But Conroy’s pocket nines were better than Cabanillas’s pocket eights and the board blanked. Conroy now has 165,000, while Cabanillas is still comfortably over the 250,000 mark. — HS

1.08pm: Three big stacks in a row
Aleksandras Rusinovas has just moved his mammoth 700,000 stack to the seat in between Alan Gilmore (450,000) and Nick Abou Risk (400,000). If two of them clash that could create one uber-stack. — NW


That’s how most people feel if they have Nick Abou Risk to their left

1.05pm: Big slick not good enough for Haskic
A♥K♠ is a good enough hand to get any size stack in the middle pre-flop, and certainly good enough for Omer Haskic to get his last 70,000-ish in. He was in good shape against Joris Ruijs’s J♥K♣, until a 9♦6♣10♦J♦8♦ board ruined that. Haskic is our next man out. We have 40 still playing. — HS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000 500 ante

1.03pm: David O’Connor doubles through Thomas Hall
‘What can I do,’ sighed Thomas Hall as he counted out 187,500 to pass to dealer, who passed them over to David O’Connor. Hall had found A♥Q♥ on the button, only for O’Connor to pick up kings in the big blind.

Inevitably the chips flew in, the flop of 10♣K♦10♥ connected fairly well with O’Connor’s hand and although the A♦ turn gave him a sweat the river was the 6♠. Hall slips to around 250,000. — NW

1pm: Roberts riding high
And now Andrew Hulme is out, running A♦Q♦ into Joe Roberts’s A♥K♦ and getting no help. We’ll be getting full chip counts at the end of every two levels, and that will be the best way to keep accurately in touch with the state of play.

Roberts has something like 400,000 now, although he is still stacking. — HS


Good start to the day for Joe Roberts

12.58pm: Risk and Roberts rewarded
Both Nick Abou Risk (as reported below) and Joe Roberts have had a good opening 50 minutes, Risk is up to 400,000 from 278,500 and Roberts is up to 250,000 from 114,000. — NW

12.55pm: World of hurt for Hirzer
Patrick Hirtzer and Nick Abou Risk got it in, with Abou Risk comfortably covering Hirtzer. Hirtzer did have the best hand: J♦J♥, but Abou Risk’s K♠9♥ found help on a board of K♣10♥2♠10♠A♣ and sent Hirtzer out. — HS

12.50pm: Exits
It’s not been a good day for players with the surname Ward. John has now followed Thomas out the big door marked exit as have Tim Slater and Simon Hahn.

44 players remain. — NW

12.45pm: Connolly loses flip, out
This hand actually happened before the elimination of Kevin Connolly, described below. It is the one that crippled him. After Colin Myott made an early position raise, Joe Roberts moved all in for 85,500. This prompted Kevin Connolly to shove over the top of that and sent Myott into the tank. He eventually folded. That just left the two of them:

Connolly had A♠K♣ and Roberts had pocket tens. The board ran 8♥4♣7♣2♥9♦ leaving Connolly with a micro-stack. He got it in on the next hand, already described at 12.40pm. — HS

12.40pm: The ups and downs of Colin Myott
Colin Myott was up to 145,000 after eliminating Kevin Connolly. It was another all-in pre-flop race, with Myott holding A♣5♦ and Connolly K♥J♠, the 5♣2♦4♦9♥A♥ board ensuring his hand held up.

But just a couple of hands later Myott doubled up JP Whyte. The latter shoved for 45,000 with 9♥8♦, Myott called with A♣K♣ but the board ran J♥9♦2♦9♥K♦ to knock him down to 90,000 and boost Whyte to a similar amount. — NW

12.35pm: Paging Dean Lyall
If anyone knows Dean Lyall, you might want to give him a call and tell him day three of UKIPT Galway has been under way for half an hour. Lyall hasn’t yet showed up to take control of his 312,000 stack. It’ll take a good long while for that to be blinded away, but it would be a shame to see that happen.

In unrelated news, there was a player’s party last night in Galway. Several people have sore heads, and some lost theirs entirely:


Not quite Headless Body in Topless Bar but close

12.30pm: Crowe flown
Austin Crowe is the latest player to get his short stack in, and get knocked out. Crowe had about 70,000 and A♣9♠ but ran into Adrian Cawley’s K♠K♥ and the board offered no help. We’re down to 50 already today. — HS

12.25pm: Out like Flynn
Gavin Flynn is the latest man to bust out of UKIPT Galway, he moved in for 45,000 with 10♦9♦ and was called by Christoph Rüegg who had A♥J♠. A board of A♣K♠8♥Q♥10♣ gave the pot to the man from Switzerland and boosted his stack to over 200,000.

UKIPT Edinburgh finalist Thomas Ward is also out. — NW

12.20pm: Conor Power eliminated in 55th place (€1,420)
This was a pretty sick way to go.

I caught the action from the turn and with the board showing K♥10♣J♦2♥ Conor Power bet 37,000 into a pot of 45,000. His opponent, Thomas Hall min-raised him to 74,000 and Power moved in for 20,000 more, which Ward called.

Power: K♦10♠ – two pair
Hall: K♣Q♣ – one pair and an open ended straight draw

The river was the A♣ and Power said something I can’t repeat on the blog as he suffered an outdraw to send him to the rail, Hall is now up to around 400,000. — NW

12.15pm: Rush to the door
We haven’t quite seen the elimination epidemic of yesterday’s first level, but they are still flying out the door today. Matthew McKinlay, Joe O’Toole and David Phelan all preceded David Cleary out the door, and since then Conor Power has also departed. — HS

12.10pm: Cleary down; Ward up
The man making the big move so far today is John Ward, who has just sent David Cleary out. They got it all in pre-flop – I’m not sure how the action actually played out – but Ward had A♣Q♣ versus Cleary’s 7♣7♦.

Ward found plenty of encouragement on the 3♦4♣2♣ flop, but the Q♠ turn was actually enough. The 3♣ river was just the icing on the cake.

Ward takes Cleary’s 100,000-ish and now has more than 330,000 of his own. — HS

12.05pm: Double up for Haile
Richard Haile was the shortest stack coming back today and it didn’t take him long to get his six big blinds in the middle. He found pocket nines and a willing caller in the shape of Matthew Mckinlay who had A♥6♥.

The flop of 8♣9♣8♦ was pretty conclusive and the turn and river changed nothing, Haile up to almost 70,000 now. — NW

11.55am: Down to eight
Morning all. It’s day three at UKIPT Galway, and we will spend the next eight hours or so finding out which of the 59 remaining players will make it through to the final table of eight.

Who knows how long it will take, but we’ll be here for the duration whatever. They will play eight handed all the way down to the last nine, then they will gather that lot around one slab of felt before waiting for one more elimination.

The full starting counts today are on the chip-count page. And the breakdown of the prizes is on the prizewinners page.

They’re all chasing Happy Gilmore at the moment. Stick with us to see if he can be overhauled. — HS


Alan Gilmore, leader going into day three

Reporting team in Galway: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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