UKIPT Galway: “Happy” Alan Gilmore takes lead after day of carnage

February 18, 2012


UKIPT Galway is reaching its business end after a day of poker unlike many on any tour. Reconvening with 311 players – the survivors from two opening flights – the rate of eliminations in the opening levels couldn’t have been quicker if we’d have loaded the players like shot into a blunderbuss and fired them out the door.

Players were knocked out at a rate greater than one per minute, sending the count on the tournament information board flicking downward like an altitude meter on a stricken aeroplane. It took us through the bubble and into the money and left us with 59 players heading into day three.

If I can resist for a moment the urge to crowbar in another similie, I’ll tell you that the leader at this stage is Alan Gilmore, who gathered chips today like an acrylic sweater gathers lint in a tumble dryer.


Alan Gilmore, leader at the end of day two

It must have been especially sweet for “Happy” Gilmore (© Nick Wright), who was on the receiving end of a massive beat at the end of day one, when his flopped set of queens lost to runner-runner quads.

But late today, he found aces when another former champion, Richard Sinclair, had found kings. It all went in, and by the close of play, Gilmore was able to bag 467,000, which puts him a peep clear of Aleksandras Rusinovas (459,000), Kevin Monroe (443,500) and Joris Ruijs (427,500). Those were the only four players with more than 400,000.


Kevin Monroe, thumbs up after a good day two

Our other points of order this evening concern those notable names still in, those notable names who perished, and the identity of the most unfortunate man in Galway, who went out on the bubble.

In the former category, we find the man who has made playing on the UKIPT seem as easy as falling off a log. The two-time former champion, Nick Abou Risk, is still going very strongly, with 278,500.


High (Abou) Risk again

Abou Risk started the day to the immediate right of Kevin MacPhee, which is a seat no one envies. But although MacPhee seemed at one stage to be cruising towards yet another huge tournament cash, he ultimately fell victim to the shark to his right. None bests Abou Risk on these isles.


Even Kevin MacPhee couldn’t beat Abou Risk

By that stage, Team Online’s Mickey Petersen had also departed, short of the money. Marty Smyth, a WSOP bracelet winner, also couldn’t manouevre his way to the Galway cash desk. They followed Padraig Parkinson and Ross Boatman out the door.

Barny Boatman did earn some cash. He was one of the first to leave after the bubble burst. You can see his name, as well as that of all others who have picked up some dough here in Galway, on our prizewinners page.


Barny Boatman, had to make do with a min-cash

Two former winners, the aforementioned Sinclair, as well as Gareth Walker, cashed.


Gareth Walker: in the money again

But back to that bubble. Paul McGovern was the unlucky fellow: he got his last few chips in during hand-for-hand play, but his A♥10♦ couldn’t beat Gary Jordan’s A♦J♦.

So then, look back on all our level-by-level updates for the full story of the day. And then return tomorrow at noon, when all the folk still currently featuring on our chip-counts page will play down to a final table.

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