UKIPT Isle of Man Day 1B: Level 6-12 updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

October 02, 2015

You can find selected chip counts from Day 1B here.

11:05pm: Play concludes
That’s all for Day 1B folks. Chris Swinden ended the day as chip leader with 245,200. A full wrap of the day’s events will be up on the blog shortly and Day 2 starts at midday tomorrow. — MC

10:52pm: Final three
The tournament clock has been paused and players will be dealt three more hands before play ends for the day. –NW

10:50pm: Jones claps with joy
Chrise Land was soaring high after she eliminated Rebecca McAdam earlier on but has dropped back considerably, especially after doubling up Michael Jones.

The latter raised to 4,500 from the button and was called by the small blind before Land squeezed to 12,000 from the big blind. Jones was the only caller to the 9♣2♠5♠ flop where he faced a 13,000 c-bet. He had 27,100 left and in they went after some thought.

Land shrugged and called with A♥K♥. Jones opened 8♠8♥ and clapped with joy after the board ran out 7♠6♦. — MC

10:40pm: Fraser MacBusted
Fraser MacIntyre is off to the party after he busted for a second time today.

There was an under the gun limp and a call from Christopher Knights in the next seat before MacIntyre moved all in with 6♣6♦. The orignal limper folded but Knights called with 8♦8♣ and a board ran 10♠K♦Q♦J♥2♦. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000/2,000, ante 300


10:18pm: Dacey downed
More chips for James Walsh after he eliminated PokerStars’ Rick Dacey.

The latter moved all in with ace-jack but ran into the jovial Irishman’s pocket queens. Walsh flopped a set and went on to make a full house. — MC

10:12pm: What a life, by James Walsh
James Walsh has managed to double up without showing his hand and getting his opponent, Michael Fletcher, to show his hand.

The board rested as 9♣8♦9♠5♦K♦ and Walsh checked it over to his opponent who threw in a bet of 20,000. Walsh then double-fist-shoved for 1,100 more chips.

Fletcher let out a reluctant looking smile and open folded Q♣J♣ to the utter surprise of the table.

“Did I have a good read?” asked a smiling Walsh. — MC
10:10pm: Fallen
With around an hour left to play on Day 1B just 80 players remain. Among those to have fallen in the last level or so are: Harry Lodge, David Tierney, Chris Gordon, Glenn Townsend, Antonis Poulengeris, Heath Cram, Kerry Jane Craigie, Matthew Hilger, Chris Straghalis, Sunil Moti and Eoin Kennedy. — NW

10pm: Newey’s off to party
Paul Newey, who you’ll find playing the Super High Rollers on the EPT, just busted this £440 event in a huge three-way all-in and shrugged it off pretty quickly saying: “I’m going to the [players] party.”

In his bustout hand it was Christopher Knights who got the action started, he raised to 3,200 from mid position, Daniel Best three-bet to 6,600 from the hijack and Newey then moved all-in for 20,900 from the button.

It folded back to Knights and once he got confirmation of the size of Newey’s all-in he flat called from his stack of 125,000. About five seconds later Best moved all-in for his stack of 62,800 and Knights snap called.

Newey: A♣Q♠
Knights: 10♠10♥
Best: K♣K♦

Best had the, ahem, best hand and it held up on the 6♥9♥J♠J♣Q♥ board, he climbs to around 153,000 whilst Knights dropped to around 65,000. — NW

9:50pm: Jake Cody eliminated
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody had been left short after losing a 50,000 pot with pocket tens against ace-jack, all-in pre-flop.

Despite only having about a handful of big blinds left he was patient, and waited until he was down to two big blinds left before moving all-in with pocket sixes from the hijack. Next to act was Gregory Brew, he isolated Cody’s shove with Q♦J♦ and everyone else folded.

A K♦Q♥A♣3♣5♦ board meant Cody was not only eliminated but means he also lost a last longer bet with Chris Moneymaker. It never rains…–NW


Cody – lost a flip and a last longer
9:40pm: Can’t win them all
Super-stacked Paul Moran has found out what it’s like to lose a pot today after he doubled up Yann Kacur in the most classic of races.

The chips went in preflop and the cards flipped on their backs.

Moran: A♥K♥
Kacur: Q♥Q♦

The board ran J♥3♦9♣7♠7♣ and Moran was left with 180,000 chips after he paid of the 38,400 debt. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800/1,600, ante 200


9:20pm: League of Nations
Unsurprisingly the UK and Isle of Man dominate the pie chart breakdown of the 349 entrants in the UKIPT5 Isle of Man Main Event. With 183 entries the UK accounted for 52% of all entrants, whilst with 66 entrants the Isle of Man provided 19% of the field. The USA (24) and Ireland (19) were some way back in third and fourth respectively. — NW


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9:10pm: Chip leaders
It’s still Paul Moran who leads, the Irishman is thus far the only player to have broken the 200,000 chip barrier but he’s still a little short of Day 1A chip leader Adrian Filiczkowski who finished on 247,600.

Notables in the chasing pack include Daniel Stacey, Adam Owen, Diego Gomez and UKIPT5 Bristol champion Pierrick Tallon.

Name Country Status Chips
Paul Moran Ireland 230,000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 171,000
Adam Owen United Kingdom 160,000
Shane Henry United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 133,000
Mark Taylor United Kingdom 129,000
Johan Bakketeig Norway PokerStars Qualifier 124,000
Diego Gomez Spain 124,000
Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 123,000
Christopher Knights United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 122,000
Luke Fern United Kingdom 120,500
Pierrick Tallon Belgium 116,000

9pm: McAdam out; Craigie on fumes
Just before the break, PokerStars’s Rebecca McAdam was been eliminated.

Herself, Dan Stacey and Chrise Land all took to a queen high flop that also contained an eight. McAdam moved all in with ace-queen after a Stacey bet but Chrise was sat behind with pocket eights, made the call, and knocked McAdam out.

Moments later, Craigie was left with around 6,500 chips after a three-way all in. An ace-high board later meant her pocket jacks came last to one opponent with pocket queens and the other with ace-king. –MC

8:56pm: Semi-Scheduled break
The Day 1B players have been afforded the same luxury as the Day 1A players – the chance to see the 3D light show taking place outside, and onto, the Villa Marina. Play will resume in around about 20 minutes.

8:55pm: Back to back for Tallon?
Pierrick Tallon, the UKIPT5 Bristol champion, is showing that his victory in August wasn’t a fluke. He caught Mark McShane bluffing and now has a 112,000 stack to show for it.

The latter raised to 2,500 from the button and Tallon defended his big blind to see an A♠4♠6♦ flop come down. McShane continued for 2,500 and Tallon check-called before both players checked the 8♣ turn. The board completed with the Q♣ and Tallon led out for 6,500 before McShane raised to 6,500. The Belgian wasn’t a believer and called with A♥2♥. It was good as McShane opened K♠3♥ — MC

8:50pm: Money for nothing
Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker really loves the game of poker. He had a great day yesterday, bagging up the second biggest stack on Day 1A but he’s back for more today playing in a £1/£2 cash game!
A few lucky players are getting a cheap shot at taking a pot of the 2003 World Champion and likely some great stories to boot. “I can’t just sit in my hotel room and do nothing,” said Moneymaker to the PokerStars Blog when we stopped by the table. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600/1,200, ante 200


8:35pm: Staudenmaier gets one through
Luke ‘IWearGoggles’ Staudenmaier is a former professional poker player from the USA who now works in Poker Room Management for PokerStars. He’s got almost $900,000 in live tournament earnings and over $5,000,000 in online tournament cashes so it’s safe to say he knows his way around a poker tournament.

He played yesterday and came back today for another shot, it’s been a bit of a grind and a short time ago he three-bet all-in for 16,700 after Jordan Johnson had opened to 2,600. The UK PokerStars Qualifier put Staudenmaier through the wringer as he took a decent amount of time to make his decision.

After a minute or so he took the requisite calling chips out of his stack of 60,000 and it looked like he was edging towards calling, but eventually he elected to muck his hand and Staudenmaier survived. — NW


Luke Staudenmaier
8:25pm: Dacey back on the up
Rick Dacey was moved to Deborah Worley-Roberts’ table and didn’t get off to the best of starts there. Word on the street is that Worley-Roberts bluffed him off a hand. No bother for Dacey now though as he eliminated a player to get back up to around 57,000. The cherry on top of that cake was the fact that some of the chips came from the energetic American.


Queen Dacey
She opened to 2,200 before Chris Dolan moved all in for 17,500 and Dacey did likewise for his remaining 35,000. Worley-Roberts procrastinated for a while before releasing her hand.

Dolan: 10♠10♣
Dacey: Q♣Q♦

The board ran 8♦J♠K♦A♦5♣ to safely see the queens hold. — MC

8pm: Chip bosses

Name Country Status Chips
Paul Moran Ireland 170,000
Adam Owen United Kingdom 135,000
Johan Bakketeig Norway PokerStars Qualifier 119,000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 112,000
Luke Fern United Kingdom 110,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500/1,000, 100


7:40pm: Harris can’t get enough
Carl Harris busted both bullets yesterday and came back for more today. Luckily for him, he’s in for only one more today. Or maybe two if you count the High Roller satellite.

“Have you seen?” asked his neighbour Jake Cody to the blog. “He’s multi-tabling! Playing the High Roller sat – what a boss!”


Carl Harris – more boss than Jake Cody
Just before he ran over to the satellite he was unlucky and then luck again, in a hand. He got his chips in the missle with ace-king and was called by an opponent holding ace-queen. The flop came J♠10♥K♥ but ended up being a chop after the board ran out 2♣Q♣. — MC

7:25pm: On the rail
You can’t win them all, a fact that: John Cavanagh, Jonathan Tyrer, Cristian Ioan, Francis Dunleavy, Nader Sarhan, Ross Marshall, Conor Cummins, Thomas Morris, Katja Spillum Svendsen, David Wearing, Noah Novick, Baard Dahl, Andrew Wool, Tom Gallagher, Sara Chafak, Remy Hordan, Mike London, Christopher Grant, Morten Tonnesen, John Keown, Martin Lesjo, David Nuth, Peter Robinson, Grant Gates, Adam Kelly, Jonathan Stockton, Michael Ziegler, Alli Mallu and Gerald David can attest too as they’re all out.

135 of today’s 238 entrants remain. — NW


Spillum Svendsen is one of many who’ve been eliminated
7:17pm: Bluff Trumper
Simon Trumper’s stack has dropped to around 51,000 after he was caught bluffing.

The action was four-way to a 9♠7♣9♣ flop and around 4,000 sat in the middle of the table. It was checked around to Trumper in the cutoff who bet 6,000 and he was called by Gareth McIntosh and Jamie McMurdo in the blinds. All three checked the 5♦ turn before Trumper had another stab on the K♦ river with a 16,000 bet. McIntosh called and Trumper said he has missed before mucking. McIntosh opened 9♦8♠ and raked in the pot. — MC

7pm: Gillings-Brier suffers brutal exit
It’s likely that in her line of work, as a Snowboarder, Zoe Gillings has had some painful falls and crashes but her exit from the UKIPT5 Isle of Man Main Event must be up there…

Before her exit she talked to Sarah Herring for about what her day job as a professional athlete entails (spoiler alert: it involves a lot of time in the gym):

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400/800, ante 100


5:55pm: Prize pool information
A total of 349 entries (275 unique players and 74 re-entries) generated a total prize pool of £135,412. The winner will take home £26,400, 47 players will get paid with a min-cash worth £770.

1st. £26,400
2nd. £16,770
3rd. £12,560
4th. £10,170
5th. £8,020
6th. £6,120
7th. £4,500
8th. £3,307
9th. £2,710
10th-11th. £2,275
12th-13th. £2,005
14th- 15th. £1,800
16th-17th. £1,595
18th-20th. £1,395
21st- 23rd. £1,260
24th-27th. £1,125
28th-31st. £990
32nd-39th. £865
40th-47th. £770

5:45pm: Some Jennifer Shahade time to fill the dinner break
The players are going on a 70-minute dinner break. During that break the combined Chess and Poker tournament is taking place, starting at 6pm. PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade spoke to Sarah Grant about the unique event. — MC

5:35pm: Chips glorious chips

Name Country Status Chips
Rebecca McAdam Ireland PokerStars Staff 60,500
Kelly Saxby USA 57,000
Paul Newey United Kingdom 55,800
David Hill Isle of Man 50,250
Simon Trumper United Kingdom 46,700
David Clarkson United Kingdom 42,000
Fraser Macintyre United Kingdom 37,000
Liv Boeree United Kingdom Team PokerStars Pro 33,000
Kerry Jane Craigie United Kingdom 32,500
Jake Cody United Kingdom Team PokerStars Pro 32,500
Joe Grech United Kingdom 32,000
Rick Dacey United Kingdom PokerStars Staff 26,000
Chris Gordon United Kingdom 23,000
Chris Straghalis United States PokerStars Staff 21,800
Katja Spillum Svendsen Norway PokerStars Qualifier 18,800
Zoe Gillings-Brier Isle of Man PokerStars Player 15,200
Harry Lodge United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 14,300
Diego Gomez Spain 11,300

5:25pm: MacIntyre caught at it
Fraser MacIntyre’s stack has dropped back to around 37,000 after Craig Sewell caught him bluffing.

The two were heads up to the turn of a 6♣10♦3♥8♦ board. “Hit your set there?” asked Sewell from the small blind before he bet 5,600.

MacIntyre called to the K♣ river and if he was trying to get a facial read of Sewel, he was in trouble, as a big pair of hands blocked his face. MacIntyre (button) bet 13,400 when the action was checked to him.

Sewel called and heard the magic words, “Nah, I’ve only got ace-jack.” Sewel opened 10♥9♥ and took the pot. — MC

5:05pm: Mixed fortunes for the ladies
PokerStars’ Rebecca McAdam has gotten her stack up to around 55,000 after forcing an opponent off a hand, whereas Zoe Gillings-Brier’s stack has dropped to 18,000 after she was forced off a hand.

McAdam was three-way to a 5♠Q♦2♦ flop and bet 4,000 which was enough to thin her opponents down to one. There were none left after she bet 7,600 on the K♠ turn.

Gillings-Brier’s limped in from mid position and called after Raphael Lopez raised to 1,500. The flop came J♦10♥9♣ and she led for 1,000. Call. The turn was the 2♥ and and Gillings-Brier check-folded to a 2,400 bet. — MC

Blinds up: 300/600 ante 75

5pm: Worley-Roberts eliminates Pagano
“Nice playing with you Luca,” said Deborah Worely-Roberts to Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano as the latter stood up to leave the table. On closer inspection it transpires that it was Worley-Roberts who had sent the Italian packing.

“I flopped top two pair and she had everything,” Pagano told the PokerStars Blog, Worley-Roberts’ hand – A♦3♦ – was still visible as was the 3♥5♦4♦9♠3♣ board. It was the very definition of action flop – which Pagano told us is when the money went in – and Worley-Roberts got there the hard way by making trip threes on the river. She’s up to 67,000 after that hand. — NW


Pagano couldn’t dodge all those outs
4:40pm: Nuthing wrong with Saxby’s stack
Kelly Saxby busted a while back, so is on to her third, and last, bullet of the weekend. Her stack dropped initially but she doubled to 33,000 after a cooler versus David Nuth.

The action had already been completed and the chips were being passed to Saxby but her A♦A♠ was good against Nuth’s Q♣Q♥ and the board read 6♠J♣6♦7♣K♦.

“Sorry for your loss” needled Saxby to Nuth. “But I only play the nuts.”

“I’ll let you off then this time then, don’t do that ever again though!” Nuth joked back.

The very next hand, Nuth limped in and Saxby raised to 1,800. Nuth folded but another opponent called to see a J♣9♦Q♦ flop where he folded to a 3,200 Saxby c-bet. — MC

4:30pm: Adams puts on a show ahead of combined poker and chess tournament
Imagine playing 18 different players heads-up at poker at the same time whilst they played just you. Sounds difficult, perhaps impossible even as you’d almost certainly time out a lot if playing those matches online. Imagine also for a moment that you won 17 of those 18 matches and split the other one.

That’s what Mickey Adams just did, albeit in chess not poker. Adams is the top UK Grandmaster and was playing against players of widely differing skill levels in those 18 simultaneous matches, including Fatima Moreira de Melo. It was a prelude to tonight’s combined Chess and NL Hold’em tournament, in which players will play six games of chess (one at a time!), earning chips for each game won to add to their ‘base stack’ of 7,000. After the chess is over they’ll be a traditional no-limit Hold’em tournament. For anyone fearing that they don’t stand a chance, Adams isn’t anywhere near as proficient at poker as he is at chess. “I’m hoping to get quite a lot of points in the chess – or I’ll be in trouble,” he said.


Mickey Adams in action
The favourite might well be PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade, who as well as being an accomplished poker player has a chess rating of 2,330 (which is very good!). If you fancy taking part the combined tournament starts at 6pm and has a cap of 40 players. — NW

4:20pm: Gone but not forgotten
As the blinds go up on Day 1 so too does the pace of the exits, whilst there are plenty of bums still on seats here at the Villa Marina, Steven Blundell, Daniel Booth, Richard Ellis, Adrian Sovrea, David Lewis, Alberto Hernandez, Michael Booth, Kelly Saxby, Gary Whipp, Duncan Riches, David Barnes, Israel Rozental, Lewis Joyce, Luke Staudenmaier, Craig Goddard, Mike Panteli, Anthony Owens, Davide Magnan, Thomas Crozier, Christopher Corkhill, Sam Kenny, Diego Gomez, Simon Trumper, Dominic Burn, Steven Rough, Baard Dahl, Fintan Gavin and Marc Bolton have all busted their first bullet of the day.

We know for sure that Gomez, Trumper and Saxby have all re-entered but with late registration having closed at the start of level four this tournament is now a straight freezeout and anyone busting from now on will not be able to buy back in.


Will it be third time lucky for Trumper?
PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Isle of Man: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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