UKIPT Isle of Man Day 2: Level 17-22 updates (10,000/20,000, ante 3,000)

October 03, 2015

You want chip counts? We’ve got chip counts! You’ll find them here.

11:55pm: Final table chip counts
This is how the final eight will stack up when the final table begins at noon local time on Sunday:

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Christopher Swinden Isle of Man PokerStars Player 515,000
2 Elliott Hayes United Kingdom 1,033,000
3 John Lawson Isle of Man 1,210,000
4 Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,714,000
5 Rodger Reynolds United Kingdom 715,000
6 Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 911,000
7 James Walsh Ireland PokerStars Player 220,000
8 Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 2,257,000

11:55pm: Craig Sewell eliminated in ninth place (£2,710)
The UKIPT5 Isle of Man final table is set and it’s Craig Sewell who’s just missed out on a place at the top table.

He open shoved from early position for 279,000 with 8♠8♦ and Michael Fletcher called with A♠Q♥ to put him at risk. The Q♦4♦7♠J♣9♣ board connected with Fletcher’s overcards and ended play for the day.


Craig Sewell – eighth
The final eight will return at noon tomorrow to contest the final table, a wrap of the day’s play and overnight chip counts will be posted shortly. — NW

11:50pm: Final 9 redraw
Below is the last redraw of the tournament. One more player has to bust and then the official final table is set:

Seat Player Chip Count
1 Christopher Swinden 795,000
2 Elliott Hayes 976,000
3 John Lawson 905,000
4 Craig Sewell 339,000
5 Daniel Stacey 2,025,000
6 Rodger Reynolds 608,000
7 Michael Fletcher 728,000
8 James Walsh 153,000
9 Paren Arzoomanian 2,051,000

11:35pm: Joe Grech eliminated in 10th place (£2,275)
The Main Event has become a one table affair after Joe Grech was sent packing over the course of two hands.

He opened with a raise from the button and called after Elliot Hayes moved all in for 420,000. Grech had a big hand with Q♥Q♠ and in good shape versus Hayes’ A♦10♠. That all changed though as the board ran out 6♥7♥4♦A♣A♠ to make Hayes trips.

Thumbnail image for Ukipt5_IOM_main_event_day2_joe_grech.jpg

Joe Grech – ninth
Grech was left with 26,000 chips and they went in the middle two hands later. Hayes called, as did James Walsh in the big blind.

The board ran out 8♥10♣J♠K♦3♥. Walsh had a 25,000 bet called on the turn before both players checked the river. The cards were flipped up and Grech was out in tenth.

Grech: 7♣6♥
Hayes: K♠Q♠
Walsh: J♥10♠

11:22pm: Christopher Knights Eliminated in 11th Place (£2,275)
Paren Arzoomanian has edged even closer to Dan Stacey after he eliminated Christopher Knights in 11th place.

Arzoomanian raised to 40,000 from under the gun and was called by Michael Fletcher (button) and Knights (big blind). The flop came K♥10♣9♣ and Knights open jammed for 312,000. Arzoomanian made the call but Fletcher folded after some thought.

Arzoomanian: A♦A♠
Knights: K♣4♣

The board ran out 6♠7♥ and Knights was sent to the rail. — MC

11:10pm: Arzoomanian catching Stacey
Paren Arzoomanian may be around a million chips behind Dan Stacey but he’s up to 1.5 million and in pursuit.

He opened to 45,000 from the cutoff and then four-bet to 200,000 after Michael Fletcher three-bet to 120,000 from the small blind. Fletcher called to see a 4♣K♦Q♥ flop where he check-called 150,000. The turn and river ran out as 2♠Q♦ and Arzoomanian took the pot with A♥K♠. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000


10:50pm: John Cozens eliminated in 12th place (£2,005)
And then there were eleven, with one man sucking up all the chips. Dan Stacey moved up to 2,250,000 after he eliminated John Cozens.

Paren Arzoomanian opened to 35,000 from the hijack before Stacey three-bet to 83,000 from the next seat. Cozens was in the small blind and moved all in for 90,000. Stacey called off the extra after Arzoomanian folded.

Stacey: 6♦3♦
Cozens: Q♠7♠

The board ran J♥3♥3♣4♦6♣ to make the fortunate Stacey a full house. — MC

10:38pm: News in brief
Paren Arzoomanian was balanced onto Table 1 and quickly tangled with the other big stack, in the shape of Dan Stacey. Both tip-toed cautiously through the hand though.

Arzoomanian raised to 33,000 from the small blind and Stacey defended his big blind. The flop fanned 7♥8♣K♣ and Arzoomanian continued for 40,000. Stacey called before both went on to check the 9♥J♣ turn and river down.

“Queen high,” declared Arzoomanian and then he mucked upon seeing Stacey’s 7♠5♠.

Over on Table 2 Joe Grech was getting his game on by winning back-to-back pots.

First off he shoved on James Walsh on a 6♥9♠7♣ flop in a battle of the blinds. The latter check-folded showing king-queen. Grech flashed an ace.

The very next hand he called an under the gun raise from Craig Sewell. The board rolled out 7♥8♣K♣9♥J♣ and the first bet was made by Grech on the river. He bet 54,000 and Sewell tank called then mucked upon seeing Grech’s pocket tens. He moved up to 690,000. — MC

10:20pm: Nick Smith eliminated in 13th place (£2,005)
A huge 1,600,000 chip pot has sent Nick Smith to the rail and catapulted Dan Stacey, who already had a big stack, into the chip lead.

It was a blind on blind pot that escalated very quickly, Smith raised to 55,000 from the small, Stacey three-bet to 123,000 from the big, Smith moved all-in for 813,000 and after taking some time Stacey pushed forward some chips to signify he’d called.

Stacey: 10♥10♠
Smith: A♥K♦

It was a huge coinflip for over 100 big blinds and the 7♠J♦6♣5♠Q♣ board favoured the pocket pair and give Stacey a big chip lead as he’s up to 1,900,000. –NW

10:10pm: Chip counts by table
Below are the chip counts as of the start of level 21:

Table 1
Seat Name Chips
3 Daniel Stacey 1,055,000
4 Michael Fletcher 740,000
5 John Cozens 205,000
6 John Lawson 717,000
7 Christopher Knights 415,000
8 Nick Smith 615,000
Table 2
Seat: Name Chips
1 Craig Sewell 335,000
3 Rodger Reynolds 395,000
4 Paren Arzoomanian 1,300,000
5 Christopher Swinden 265,000
6 James Walsh 265,000
7 Joseph Grech 415,000
8 Elliott Hayes 615,000

10pm: High Roller update
They’re down to the final table of nine in the £1,000 High Roller, but not yet in the money as only six get paid. It’s a stacked final table as it includes: Chris Moneymaker, Liv Boeree, Paul Newey, Daragh Davey, Dara O’Kearney, Adam Owen and Marc Hunter. –NW


LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000/16,000, 2,000


9:50pm: Last break of the night
The players are on a 15-minute break and then they’ll play two more levels, unless the final table of eight is reached. — MC

9:40pm: Jordan Johnson eliminated in 14th place (£1,800)
Jordan Johnson has been sat at the same table the entire tournament. Whenever there’s been a redraw, he’s only had to shift a few feet at most. The fact he’s just busted means he’ll never know the feel of another table.

Dan Stacey opened to 25,000 from under the gun and was called in two spots before Johnson squeezed all in for around 200,000 from the big blind. Stacey snap shoved behind him and forced out the other two players.

“You’re miles ahead,” said a defeatist sounding Johnson before the hole cards were revealed.

Stacey: J♠J♦
Johnson: Q♥3♥

The board ran A♥2♣3♣6♥9♠ to see Stacey’s hand hold up. He’s up to 1,408,000 now. — MC

9:25pm: Martin Stuart eliminated in 15th place (£1,800)
It’s not been a good 10 minutes for the remaining PokerStars employees in this tournament as Martin Stuart has just tumbled down the trapdoor too.

He was the shortest stack of the 15 remaining players and having already shoved twice he’d have been hoping it was third time lucky, especially as he got it in ahead.


Martin Stuart – 15th place
After an under-the-gun raise to 26,000 from Craig Sewell, Stuart made his move, pushing his stack of 133,000 across the line. This perked the interest of Rodger Reynolds, who flat called the bet, and when it folded back to Sewell he released his hand.

Sewell: A♥J♥
Stuart: A♠Q♦

The 7♠7♥4♣J♠K♥ board favoured the big stack and sent Stuart to the rail. –NW

9:15pm: Scott Byron eliminated in 16th place (£1,595)
A flurry of rapid pre-flop raises usually means that you’re looking at two premium hands colliding and so it proved in Scott Byron’s exit hand.

He opened to 30,000 from under-the-gun, Dan Stacey three-bet 75,000 total, Byron came back over the top to 150,000, Stacey set the PokerStars employee all-in for around 330,000 and Byron quickly called:

Stacey: A♣A♦
Byron: K♠K♦

There was now cowboy to the rescue on the 7♠7♥4♣J♠8♦ board and whilst Byron headed to the payout desk Stacey is now chip leader with 1,240,000. –NW


Scott Byron – 16th
9:05pm: Final two tables
Below are the seat draw and rough chip counts of the final two tables in the UKIPT5 Isle of Man Main Event.

Table 1
Name Chips
1 Jordan Johnson 747,000
2 Scott Byron 367,000
3 Daniel Stacey 760,000
4 Michael Fletcher 630,000
5 John Cozens 345,000
6 John Lawson 700,000
7 Christopher Knights 374,000
8 Nick Smith 810,000
Table 2
1 Craig Sewell 404,000
2 Martin Stuart 144,000
3 Rodger Reynolds 350,000
4 Paren Arzoomanian 1,170,000
5 Christopher Swinden 622,000
6 James Walsh 340,000
7 Joseph Grech 295,000
8 Elliott Hayes 640,000

8:50pm: Robert Campbell eliminated in 17th place (£1,595)
There’s a short break in the tournament now as just 16 remain and there’s currently a complete redraw taking place.

That’s because Robert Campbell just busted in 17th place at the hands of Paren Arzoomanian. The former opened to 25,000 for the hijack, Arzoomanian three-bet to 75,000 from the button and Campbell just called.

On the 6♦4♠A♠ flop Campbell open shoved for around 330,000 and after getting an eyes on count of Campbell’s shove Arzoomanian announced call and showed A♥10♦ which was well ahead of Campbell’s 9♥6♣. The 3♥ turn and 8♣ river meant Arzoomanian’s hand held up and he’s back up to over a million in chips and the tournament chip leader once more. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000/12,000, 2,000


8:45pm: Joe Grech doubles through Paren Arzoomanian
“I’m not raising to fold so I may as well go all-in,” said Joe Grech when action reached him on the button.
His all-in bet was for 153,000 and after getting a count Paren Arzoomanian called from the small blind and when Nick Smith folded the big blind it was time for showdown.

Grech: K♥10♣
Arzoomanian: 6♣6♥

“Good luck Sir,” said Arzoomanian.
“I need some luck,” replied Grech.

The Poker Gods were obviously looking down on Grech as the 2♣10♦8♥2♠3♣ board meant he doubled up, whilst Arzoomanian slipped to 650,000. — NW

8:40pm: Lappin and Egisto bust; down to 17 players
Two more exits to tell you about know as the action continues to be thick and fast…

Tour regular David Lappin was short on chips and three-bet all-in with A♥Q♦ only to run into Craig Sewell’s pocket kings. A queen on the turn gave him a few more outs but he didn’t connect with the river.

And PokerStars staff member Pasquale Egisto Main Event run has also come to an end against pocket kings. He got involved in a pre-flop raising war against Daniel Stacey but found his pocket sevens crushed by the cowboys of Stacey. –NW


David Lappin aka Miss Finland
8:35pm: No final table this season for David Hill
David Hill came third here in Season 4 but they’ll be no repeat this time around. He doubled up James Walsh and busted the very next hand.

He opened to 26,000 and called after Walsh three-bet from the next seat. The flop fanned 4♥8♦4♦ and Hill check-called a 40,000 c-bet from Walsh. The turn came as A♦ and Hill moved all in and Walsh snap called all in for 137,000.

Hill: K♣10♦
Walsh: A♥K♠

“Diamond, please!” asked a polite Hill but it failed to come as the board completed with the 7♥.

The next hand Hill moved all in blind for his last 24,000 from under the gun and was only called by Chris Swinden on the button. Amazingly, Hill found himself in a great spot, but it wasn’t to end well for him.

Hill: A♥J♣
Swinden: J♥10♥

The board ran A♥4♥10♦8♥K♠ to make Swinden a flush. — MC

8:20pm: Smith makes big call; is good
Whilst Chris Swinden was winning that pot against Christopher Knights (see below) a bit bot was brewing between Nick Smith and Robert Campbell. On the turn of a 8♠A♦7♣J♣ board Campbell, who was in the small blind, bet 77,000 and Smith smooth called.

The A♠ completed the board and Campbell asked Smith how much he had left, “about 200,000,” replied Smith. So, Campbell pushed eight of the green 25k chips into the pot and now Smith began to tank. “Do you have ace-king?” he enquired before adding. “I’ve got an ace.”

Another couple of minutes passed until Smith elected to call, Campbell showed 2♥2♣ but true to his word Smith did have an ace and the winning hand, A♣4♣ to be precise.

He’s up to 570,000 whilst Campbell is down to 415,000. –NW

8:10pm: Knights makes a big laydown
It’s great when you get a big laydown right, but arguably worse when you get one wrong and that’s what happened to Christopher Knights in the following hand.

Dan Stacey was the pre-flop aggressor, raising it up to 22,000 from under-the-gun, Chris Swinden called from the small blind and Knights came along from the big blind.

On the 10♦J♣9♦ flop Swinden led for 75,000 and Knights was the only caller. The 6♣ hit the turn and Swinden bet again, this time for 80,000. “Do you have king-queen?” asked Knights to Swinden, who said nothing back.

Another 15 seconds or so passed and Knights then folded 8♣7♠ – a flopped straight – face up, Swinden showed just one card, the 6♠. — NW

8pm: Lappin fills up on chips, and he’s just had his dinner!
David Lappin knew he needed to make thing happen coming back from dinner break. He did that, hit a full house, and doubled up.

He was down to 124,000 when he committed them preflop and found a willing customer in chip leader Paren Arzoomanian.

Lappin: 3♣3♥
Arzoomanian: A♥Q♥

The board ran 4♣5♦K♠4♠3♠ and Lappin raked in the chips adding a cheery, “What a terrible turn card!” — MC

7:55pm: Chip counts
The tournament staff did full eyes on chip counts during the dinner break and it’sParen Arzoomanian – who won ANZPT Sydney back in 2009 for AU$246,500 – who leads the 20 remaining players.

UKIPT5_IOM_Paren Arzoomanian_day2.jpg

Paren Arzoomanian

Name Country Status Chips
Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 1,040,000
John Lawson Isle of Man 730,000
Robert Campbell Isle of Man 720,000
Elliott Hayes United Kingdom 640,000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 600,000
Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 520,000
Jordan Johnson United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 500,000
Nick Smith United Kingdom 425,000
Christopher Swinden Isle of Man PokerStars Player 400,000
Christopher Knights United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 380,000
Pasquale Egisto Australia 360,000
Joseph Grech United Kingdom 320,000
Craig Sewell United Kingdom 300,000
Rodger Reynolds United Kingdom 285,000
John Cozens United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 285,000
David Hill Isle of Man PokerStars Player 265,000
James Walsh Ireland PokerStars Player 245,000
Scott Byron United States 175,000
Martin Stuart United Kingdom 155,000
David Lappin Ireland PokerStars Player 110,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000/10,000, 1,000


6:55pm: Dinner break
The 20 remaining players are now on a 60 minute dinner break. — NW

6:50pm: Chochola busts just before the break
On one of the last hands before the 60 minute dinner break Adam Chochola lost the last of his chips. The pre-flop action is unknown but Chochola, John Lozens and Jordan Johnson all had cards in front of them as the 4♠5♦J♥ flop hit the felt.

At this point Chochola was already all-in, there was a main pot of roughly 165,000 and a side pot of 40,000. First to act was Lozens, he shoved all-in for 122,000 and Johnson tanked for a bit before folding.

Chochola said: “I’m going to need some help,” and showed 9♦5♣ which was behind to Lozens’s 8♥8♣. The 3♠ turn and Q♣ river kept Lozens in front whilst Johnson indicated he had eights beat. –NW

6:40pm: Walsh cracks aces
Another double for James Walsh who has been almost permanently shortstacked today. After a raise to 22,000 from Chris Swinden the Irishaman flat called on the button leaving himself just 46,000 behind and Pasquale Egisto came along from the big blind.

On the K♣3♥9♥ flop Swinden bet 75,000, Walsh called all-in and Egisto folded his cards, Walsh showed 9♣9♠ for a flopped set and he’d outdrawn Swinden as he held A♣A♠. The 9♦ turn gave Walsh quads – and a lock on the hand – and the meaningless 4♠ completed the board. After that hand Swinden slips to around 400,000. — NW

6:35pm: Longmate and Quirk depart
David Longmate and Paul Quirk busted soon after the redraw meaning only 22 players remain.

They both busted at virtually the same time but Quirk was handed 23rd spot. He was extremely short in the big blind and called all in after Jordan Johnson set him in from the small blind.

Quirk: J♦10♦
Johnson: K♣2♦

The board ran 4♣K♠5♥A♥2♥ to send Quirk on his way. — MC

6:20pm: Redraw of last 24

Table Seat Name
1 1 Elliott Hayes
1 2 Pasquale Egisto
1 3 Christopher Swinden
1 4 Colin Gartshore
1 5 Christopher Knights
1 6 Dan Dacey
1 7 David Hill
1 8 James Walsh
2 1 Paul Quirk
2 2 John Lawson
2 3 Adam Chochola
2 4 Rodger Reynolds
2 5 Joe Grech
2 6 John Lozens
2 7 Martin Stuart
2 8 Jordon Johnson
3 1 David Lappin
3 2 Scott Byron
3 3 Robert Campbell
3 4 Luke Fern
3 5 Paren Arzoomanian
3 6 Michael Fletcher
3 7 Nick Smith
3 8 Craig Swewell

6:12pm: Down to 24: Redraw
David Clarkson has been eliminated in 25th place meaning the tournament is down to the final three tables and a redraw will take place. They’ll be a short break while this happens. — MC

6:10pm: Walsh doubles double through the bank on Hill
Cheeky Irishman James Walsh found a lovely spot to get his short stack in and got much-needed double up because of it.

The action folded around to David Hill -who just doubled up another table mate – and he moved all in for around 160,000. Walsh was in the next seat and moved all in as well, for 54,000. The blind folded and the two players opened their hands.

Walsh: A♣Q♠
Hill: A♠9♥

The board ran J♦K♠6♣5♦Q♣ and Walsh (always smiling) smiled even wider. — MC

6pm: Big stacks
Daniel Stacey still leads but there’s a serious chasing pack behind him and that’s due to sets getting hit and getting cracked. John Lawson eliminated Dawid Białas, when his eights flopped a set to crack the Pole’s pocket queens and Robert Campbell turned a flush against UKIPT5 Bristol winner Pierrick Tallon’s flopped set of fours to send the Belgian crashing out.

Name Country Status Chips
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 860,000
John Lawson Isle of Man 800,000
Craig Sewell United Kingdom 790,000
Robert Campbell Isle of Man 760,000
Elliott Hayes United Kingdom 540,000

5:55pm:Fern finds a double
Luke Fern just got a much needed double up and it was David Hill who did the doubling. Last year’s third place finisher had 8♠8♥ but was behind all the way to Fern’s J♦J♣.

Fern was all-in for 91,000 so is now up to around 190,000. — NW

5:45pm: What’s a girl to do with tens?
So said Deborah Worley-Roberts as her tournament came to an end. She opened to 20,000 with 10♦10♠, Elliot Hayes moved all-in for around 380,000 with J♣J♦ and when it folded back to Worley-Roberts she called all-in for about 160,000 total.

The J♥10♥3♣ flop put Worley-Roberts through the wringer as she saw the ten first. “Oh come on,” she said. She didn’t hit her one out on the 6♥ turn or 8♠ river but took her exit well saying: “What’s a girl to do with tens?” — NW


Debs destroyed

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000/8,000, 1,000


5:35pm: Worley-Roberts making players her ….
Deborah Worley-Roberts is back up to 153,000 after getting Michael Fletcher off his hand post flop.

He raised to 12,000 from second position and then called after Worley-Roberts three-bet to 25,000 from the cutoff. The flop fanned 5♠3♣9♦ and Worley-Roberts shoved for over 90,000 after Fletcher checked dark.

“So annoying,” said Fletcher looking at the flop and his holding.

“Don’t be a pussy!” said a goading Worley-Roberts.

He eventually folded and then said he had A♣4♣ when Worley-Roberts asked him.

“You were my B%@%H!” said a horse sounding Worley-Roberts. — MC

5:20pm: Galloway can’t believe it
Anthony Galloway was left ruing his luck when overnight chip leader Adrian Filiczkowski got lucky (again, see below) to stay in this tournament.

The former open to 17,000 with K♠Q♦ and called when Filiczkowski three-bet all-in for just 38,000 with Q♥10♥. The 10♠3♠5♦ flop was the cause of Galloway’s consternation and it didn’t get any better for him on the 3♣ turn or 8♠ river. –NW

5:10pm: Filiczkowski doubles through the Champ
A battle took place between the overnight chip leader Adrian Filiczkowski and reigning UKIPT5 Bristol champion Pierrick Tallon. The former’s day has not een going as well as Day 1A and his needed a big slice of luck to double through the Belgian.

Tallon opened to 12,000 from the hijack and called after Filiczkowski three-bet all in for 38,000 from the small blind.

Filiczkowski: K♦10♦
Tallon: 10♠10♣

The board ran a Polish flavoured K♥2♦5♦J♦2♠ to make Filiczkowski a flush. Tallon’s still going ok on 237,000. — MC

4:55pm: Corkhill croaks
Christopher Corkhill is the latest player to exit from the Main Event and as the old saying goes ‘you’ve got win your races’.

He three-bet shoved for 117,000 with A♠K♦ and the original raiser – Pasquale Egisto – made the call with pocket nines. A 4♦9♥Q♥ flop gave Egisto a stranglehold on the hand and there was no miracle suck out on the 2♣ turn or 8♠ river. — NW

4:45pm: Full chip counts
Here are the counts of the 36 remaining players as level 17 gets under way. Daniel Stacey, who finished sixth here in 2013, leads the way. Pierrick Tallon is the only remaining UKIPT champion left in.


Stacey leading the way

Name Country Status Chips
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 715,000
Christopher Swinden Isle of Man PokerStars Player 591,000
John Lawson Isle of Man 560,000
Craig Sewell United Kingdom 550,000
Elliott Hayes United Kingdom 490,000
Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 415,000
Jordan Johnson United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 350,000
Joseph Grech United Kingdom 340,000
Anthony Galloway United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 285,000
David Clarkson United Kingdom 255,000
Robert Campbell Isle of Man 225,000
Rodger Reynolds United Kingdom 205,000
Mark Taylor United Kingdom 200,000
David Hill Isle of Man PokerStars Player 189,000
David Lappin Ireland PokerStars Player 180,000
Nick Smith United Kingdom 180,000
Pasquale Egisto Australia 180,000
Gregory Brew Isle of Man 174,000
Pierrick Tallon Belgium 170,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts USA 165,000
Adam Chochola Czech Republic PokerStars Qualifier 164,000
Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 150,000
Martin Stuart United Kingdom 145,000
Dawid Białas Poland PokerStars Qualifier 140,000
Jan Kacur Slovakia PokerStars Qualifier 125,000
Christopher Knights United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 125,000
Scott Byron United States 120,000
James Walsh Ireland PokerStars Player 120,000
Christopher Corkhill Isle of Man 115,000
John Cozens United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 110,000
David Longmate United Kingdom 110,000
Johan Bakketeig Norway PokerStars Qualifier 107,000
Luke Fern United Kingdom 80,000
Paul Quirk Isle of Man 75,000
Adrian Filiczkowski Poland 62,000
Ian Chadwick United Kingdom 60,000

4:45pm: Some of the payouts so far
Play is back under way in the Villa Marina. There are 36 players remaining, here are some of the in the money finishers so far:

Place Name Country Status Prize
40 David Allott United Kingdom £770
41 Frederick Field United Kingdom £770
42 Ankit Ahuja India £770
43 Michael Jones United States PokerStars Qualifier £770
44 Gareth Mcintosh Isle of Man £770
45 Diego Gomez Spain £770
46 Ian Otobo United Kingdom £770
47 Luke Staudenmaier United States £770

The business end of the tournament is approaching and some important local people have come down to see what all the fuss is about. Below you can see a photo of Tour manager David Curtis, Group Director of the Sefton Group Adrian Brockhouse and Chief Minister of the Isle of Man Allan Bell.


David Curtis, Allan Bell and Adrian Brockhouse
PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Isle of Man: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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