UKIPT Isle of Man final table: Level 22-29 updates (50,000/100,000, ante 10,000)

October 04, 2015

7:50pm: Dan Stacey wins UKIPT Isle of Man (£24,170); Paren Arzoomanian second (£19,000)
It always felt like it was going to take a cooler to end this four hour heads-up battle and so it proved…

In the final hand Paren Arzoomanian opened to 200,000, Dan Stacey three-bet to 530,000 and Arzoomanian made the call. On the 8♦6♦10♥ flop Stacey bet 385,000 and Arzoomanian flat called.
The 9♥ was hardly a brick and Stacey slowed down, checking it to Arzoomanian who bet 575,000. Back on Stacey he elected to move all-in, snap call from Arzoomanian.

Stacey: 10♠9♠
Arzoomanian: 7♦7♦

It was top two against a straight with Arzoomanian being at risk for 3,185,000, but Stacey barely had him covered. Whilst the TD was verifying the stacks Stacey turned to the dealer and said: “I’ll love you forever if you put a nine on the river.”

The two hands and the board were then announced over the microphone and a large crowd gathered around the table to see the river which was the…9♦. Stacey jumped out of his seat and shouted: “Yes,” and the two or three members of his rail congratulated him.

Meanwhile the large contingent who had come to support Arzoomanian broke into spontaneous applause as they acknowledged their own man’s effort and a new UKIPT champion. — NW


Dan Stacey – UKIPT Isle of Man champion
7:40pm: Sixes can’t lose; Arzoomanian doubles up
For the third time today, player holding pocket sixes have won a race. Paren Arzoomanian lost once with to them but he just won with them for a second time to double up.

His stack had suffered since play resumed, to the point that when he four-bet all in it was for 1,8750,000. He’d opened to 200,000 and Stacey three-bet to 535,000 and called the shove.

Arzoomanian: 6♦6♥
Stacey: A♦K♦

The board ran 5♠6♣4♠J♥10♥ to make Arzoomanian a set. “I’m never folding sixes again!” he declared.

Arzoomanian – 3,760,000
Stacey – 4,965,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000/100,000, ante 10,000


7:13pm: Break time
The players are on a 15-minute break. Stacks at present are:

Dan Stacey – 6,200,000
Paren Arzoomanian – 5,525,000
— MC

7:10pm: Arzoomanian’s stack dwindles
Paren Arzoomanian is down to around 2,500,000 after losing a big pot to Dan Stacey.

It started, as many of the pots this level have, with a raise to 175,000 from Stacey and a call from Arzoomanian. On the 5♠6♦10♦ flop Stacey c-bet 100,000, Arzoomanian check-raised to 275,000 total and Stacey smooth called.

On the 5♥ turn Arzoomanian came out firing, betting 350,000, call from Stacey. The 7♦ completed the board and Arzoomanian slowed down, checking the action to Stacey, who bet 500,000. The Australian capped his cards and settled in for a think. “Do you have an overpair?” he asked of Stacey. It looked at various points as if he was considering the full spectrum of option, but eventually he settled on call and Stacey showed 9♣5s] for two pair and Arzoomanian mucked.

That win takes Stacey up to 6,225,000. — NW

7pm: Reduced levels?
Both players know they’re very deep and have spoken about the potential of reducing the levels to 30 minutes each. They’ve decided to play out this level and discuss at that point. — MC


Heads up setting
6:45pm: Arzoomanian shoves
Dan Stacey has noticeably upped his three-bet percentage in this level and most of the time its worked but it didn’t just now as Paren Arzoomanian elected to four-bet shove. He’d opened to 175,000, Stacey had three-bet to 500,000 and then the Australian shoved for what looked to be about 3,500,000. There was no hollywood act from Stacey as he simply released his cards right away. — NW

6:35pm: Four in a row for Stacey
Dan Stacey has opened up a chip lead as he’s just won four pots in a row. He’s got around 5,200,000 to Paren Arzoomanian’s 3,525,000. — NW

6:30pm: Poker, beers and Rugby
Both players have selected their standard raise sizes for this level and 175,000 it is for both of them. A fair few flops have been seen as the pace of the game moves swiftly along. Neither player has seemingly connected enough with said flop at the same time, so the pots have remained slow.


Rugby on the big screen
A rail is gathering to watch the heads up match and the Rugby World Cup game on the big screen. The atmosphere is jovial, especially amongst the PokerStars staff watching, hoping, for their man Paren Arzoomanian to take the title and trophy to the office tomorrow. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000/80,000, ante 10,000


6:10pm: Paren Arzoomanian doubles through Dan Stacey
Paren Arzoomanian had been knocked down to about 2,200,000 after losing that big pot to Dan Stacey (see below) but the two players are now almost even in chips again as he just got a full double up.

Pre-flop Stacey opened to 125,000 from the small blind and called when Arzoomanian three-bet to 275,000. On the 7♥9♠2♦ flop Arzoomanian led for 210,000 and Stacey stuck around. The 4♥ was the next community card off the deck and Arzoomanian slowed down, checking the action over to Stacey. The action didn’t slow though as Stacey announced all-in and Arzoomanian snap called, he was the at risk player all-in for 1,705,000.

Stacey: 6♦5♦ – for an open ended straight draw
Arzoomanian: 7♣4♣ – for two pair

Arzoomanian’s rail called for a face card and they got their wish as the Q♦ fell on the river, Arzoomanian is up to 4,400,000 now whilst Stacey has 4,325,000. — NW

6pm: Stacey up three to one
Dan Stacey has stretched out to a three to one chip lead after hitting the river to win a big pot…

He opened to 125,000 on the button and Arzoomanian put in the extra from the big blind. The K♠J♠5♣ flop was checked through and the 7♣ fell on the turn. Arzoomanian elected to lead for 150,000 and Stacey stuck around to see the Q♦ complete the board and this is where things got interesting.

Arzoomanian bet again, this time 250,000 but Stacey didn’t call, instead he slid out a raise as he made it 900,000 total. Arzoomanian began muttering to himself about getting rivered again and his instincts were correct as when he called Stacey showed A♠10♦ for the nuts. – NW

5:45pm: Stacey fights back
Dan Stacey is back in the chip lead after winning some small pots and then one big pot, let’s focus on that one.

He raised to 125,000 on the button and Paren Arzoomanian flat called from the big blind. On the K♣2♠6♦ flop Stacey c-bet 100,000 and Arzoomanian check-called. The turn was the 3♠ and Arzoomanian check-raised Stacey’s bet of 300,000 to 700,000. Call from Stacey.

The 7♥ completed the board and Arzoomanian grabbed all his remaining black 100k chips and began riffling them, eventually he bet what looked like 900,000 and Stacey almost beat him into the pot and showed K♠2♣. Arzoomanian couldn’t beat that and he mucked his cards.

Rough stacks are now 5,400,000 for Stacey and 3,325,000 for Arzoomanian. –NW

5:25pm: Back and forth
No big pots to report with the players simply trading small to medium pots. Dan Stacey has though won more than his fair share of those and has added about 500,000 to his stack. It’s still Paren Arzoomanian who leads though. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000/60,000, ante 10,000


5pm: Break time chip counts
The two players are now on a 15 minute break. The chip counts are as below:

Name Country Status Chips
Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 6,020,000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 2,705,000


Arzoomanian is back on top
4:55pm: Arzoomanian back in control
Two big pots on the bounce for Paren Arzoomanian have put him back in control of this heads-up contest.

In the first he opened to 100,000 and called when Dan Stacey three-bet to 300,000 total. On the 3♥4♣Q♥ flop Stacey c-bet 285,000 and Arzoomanian smooth called. The Englishman slowed down on the Q♦ turn and when Arzoomanian bet 300,000 he elected to fold.

The second went all the way to the river but again ended with Stacey folding. He was the pre-flop aggressor, raising to 100,000 from the button and Arzoomanian flat called from the big blind. On the 9♦6♦5♥ flop Stacey bet 115,000, Arzoomanian check-raised to 275,000 and Stacey flat called. On the 6♣ turn card Arzoomanian fired out 350,000 and Stacey smooth called again.

The 10♥ fell on the river and fairly swiftly Arzoomanian fired out a bet of 550,000 and Stacey tank folded. He’s down to about 2,700,000 whilst Arzoomanian has around 6,000,000. –NW

4:35pm: Stacey takes the lead
Another nice pot for Dan Stacey has seen him take the chip lead for the first time since heads-up play began.

He raised to 100,000 pre-flop and Paren Arzoomanian smooth called. The PokerStars employee then proceeded to check-call bets of 80,000, 175,000 and 235,000 on the 3♦8♥5♠A♣Q♦ board and he mucked when Stacey turned over Q♠J♥.

It’s roughly 4,725,000 vs 4,000,000 in Stacey’s favour now. –NW

4:20pm: Almost even
A big pot for Dan Stacey means he almost got parity with Paren Arzoomanian…

The Englishman opened to 100,000 on the button and Arzoomanian thought that was a fair price to see a flop. The first three community cards came J♣J♥8♥ and Arzoomanian check-called another 100,000. The 2♦ turn was where it got interesting, the action was checked to Stacey, he bet 200,000, Arzoomanian check-raised to 500,000 total and Stacey smooth called pretty quickly.

The Q♠ completed the board and both players opted to take a free showdown, Arzoomanian showed 4♦4♣ but Stacey had Q♥9♥ for a big draw that turned into top pair on the river.

Stacks are now roughly 4,500,000 for Arzoomanian and 4,300,000 for Stacey. –NW


Stacey’s mounting an impressive comeback
4:05pm: Stacey doubles again
For the second time in this heads-up match Dan Stacey was all-in and at risk with the best of it. This one was a coin-flip though as Paren Arzoomanian four-bet shoved with A♥K♥ and Stacey called all-in for 1,460,000 total with pocket sixes.

The Englishman was a 52.27% favourite to double up and the paid held on the 2♣9♣Q♠7♦9♦ board. Stacks are now roughly 2,930,000 for Stacey and 5,795,000 for Arzoomanian. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000/50,000, 5,000


3:50pm: Almost back to where we started
Dan Stacey has dropped to about 1,550,000 after losing a couple of post-flop skirmishes. In the first he opened to 80,000 from the button and then called when Paren Arzoomanian three-bet to 220,000.

The flop fell 5♦A♥A♣, Arzoomanian bet 175,000 and Stacey stuck around to see the K♦ turn. Another street of aggression from Arzoomanian was enough to win him the pot.

In the other significant pot they played Stacey was the pre-flop aggressor as he three-bet to 245,000 from the big blind and Arzoomanian made the call. Stacey then continued for 190,000 on the 7♦5♣K♥ flop before check-folding to a bet on the 3♦ turn. — NW

3:40pm: Stacey doubles before a deal is struck
The clock was paused after Dan Stacey doubled and the two players came to a quick deal before play resumed.

Paren Arzoomanian limped in from the button and Stacey checked his option before a 5♠Q♣4♦ flop was spread. Arzoomanian bet 40,000 and Stacey check-called to to the K♠ turn. Arzoomanian bet another 75,000 before shoving after Stacey raised to 300,000. Stacey called all in for 1,315,000.

Arzoomanian: K♥4♥ for two pair
Stacey: 5♥5♣ for a set

The river came as 7♠ and Stacey doubled to 2,795,000. Arzoomanian dropped to 5,915,000.

Arzoomanian then asked Stacey if he wanted to discuss a deal. Stacey said yes and then immediately agreed when Arzoomanian offered an even chop of £19,000 each, leaving £5,170 to play for. That might be the quickest deal ever seen on the UKIPT. — MC

3:30pm: Heads-up chip counts
PokerStars employee Paren Arzoomanian has a large chip lead going into heads-up play, it’s roughly 7,400,000 for him and 1,400,000 for Dan Stacey. — NW

3:25pm: Mick Fletcher eliminated in third place (£12,560)
The shortest UKIPT final table ever was about four hours when Max Silver streamrolled the final table at UKIPT1 Dublin, this one though has a shot at being even shorter as Paren Arzoomanian continues to accumulate chips and knock out opponents.

In Mick Fletcher’s exit hand he raised to 85,000 from the small blind, Arzoomanian moved all-in from the big blind and Fletcher snap called all-in for about 950,000 total.

Fletcher: A♦10♦
Arzoomanian: 6♣6♦


Michael Fletcher – third place
“I’ve been good at these so far,” said Fletcher.
“So have I,” joked Arzoomanian and it would be the Australian who continued that trend as the 7♦6♠2♥4♠6♥ board meant Fletcher was drawing dead after the turn and the rivered quads was simply overkill.

3:15pm: Rodger Reynolds eliminated in fourth place (£10,170)
It didn’t take long before another one bit the dust and this time Rodger Reynolds had to go.

He three-bet all in for 650,000 from the small blind after Dan Stacey raised from the button. Call.

Reynolds: A♠3♠
Stacey: 7♥7♦

The board ran 4♠J♣J♦10♣Q♣ to hand the pot and scalp to Stacey who moved up to two million. — MC


Rodger Reynolds – fourth place
3pm: John Lawson eliminated in fifth place (£8,020)
Local lad John Lawson received the warmest round of applause from the entire room after he was eliminated by chip leader Paren Arzoomanian.

He three-bet all in for 626,000 after Arzoomanian opened to 80,000. Call.

Arzoomanian: A♠Q♥
Lawson: A♥6♦

The board ran J♠K♣9♦Q♦J♥. Arzoomanian moved up to 5.45 million. — MC


Lawson reacting to his round of applause after busting in fifth

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000/40,000, ante 5,000


2:45pm: Official break time chip counts

Name Country Status Chips
Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 4,475,000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,640,000
Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 1,320,000
John Lawson Isle of Man 710,000
Rodger Reynolds United Kingdom 430,000

2:32pm: End of the level
Level 24 has come to an end and the players are celebrating by taking a 15-minute break. The chip leader, Paren Arzoomanian, is off to get an ice cream as he spotted a friend with one earlier. Belgian chocolate flavour in case you were wondering. — NW

2:30pm: John Lawson doubles through Paren Arzoomanian
A popular double up this as John Lawson’s from the Isle of Man and he has a few friends on the rail and a few more playing side events.

Paren Arzoomanian opened to 60,000 and Lawson then three-bet shoved for 350,000 total. After getting a count Arzoomanian called and said: “You might have me dominated,” before showing A♥J♠. “I’m two ahead of you,” replied Lawson turning A♣K♠ face-up on the felt.

The Q♣9♦7♦10♦5♣ board kept Lawson in front and he doubled to over 700,000. — NW

2:22pm: Chris Swinden eliminated in sixth place (£6,120)
Chris Swinden was the latest player to bust after he made his move with second pair, only for Dan Stacey to have top pair.

He opened to 77,000 from the hijack and called after Stacey three-bet to 175,000 off the button. The flop spread 6♥J♣A♣ and Swinden moved all in for 364,000. Call.

Swinden: Q♥J♦
Stacey: A♦K♥

The board ran out 3♥7♣ and Swinden left to a round of applause. Stacey moved back up to 1.68 million.– MC

The Day 1B chip leader is out in sixth
2:10pm: Chris Swinden doubles through John Lawson
Down to just 188,000 Chris Swinden moved all-in from under-the-gun and John Lawson gave him a spin. Swinden showed pocket kings, whilst Lawson had A♣Q♠. A 7♥Q♣4♣6♣10♥ board got increasingly ‘sweaty’ for Swinden but his hand held to double him to around 400,000 whilst Lawson drops to 430,000 as a result of losing that hand. –NW

2pm: Arzoomanian gets his chips back from Stacey
It’s the Paren Arzoomanian and Dan Stacey show right now as the two just played another massive pot.

In this clash it was Arzoomanian who started the action, raising to 60,000 from under-the-gun+1, Stacey called from the small blind and the two players went heads-up to a 8♥7♠9♥ flop. it checked to Arzoomanian, he bet 75,000 and Stacey called. The pattern repeated itself on the A♣ turn with Stacey check-calling a bet of 125,000.

The J♦ fell on fifth street and Stacey elected to lead for 182,000. “You like this check-call, check-call, bet line don’t you,” said Arzoomanian, who then raised to 600,000 total. Stacey tanked for about 10 seconds before making the call. “Nuts,” said Arzoomanian turning over Q♣10♠, Stacey showed A♦10♥ for the second nuts.

After that hand Arzoomanian is back up to 4,400,000 whilst Stacey drops to 970,000. –NW

1:50pm: Chip counts

The finalists before play began

Name Country Status Chips
Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 3,500,000
Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 2,100,000
Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 1,550,000
John Lawson Isle of Man 670,000
Rodger Reynolds United Kingdom 560,000
Christopher Swinden Isle of Man PokerStars Player 280,000

1:40pm: Here comes Stacey
Somebody had to take on Paren Arzoomanian and Dan Stacey was that man. The two battled over two hands and Stacey’s stack rose to 2.1 million and Arzoomanian’s dropped to 3.5 million.

Stacey raised from under the gun and was called by Arzoomanian on the button and John Lawson in the big blind. Stacey then went on to bet 62,000, 117,000 and 159,000 on each street of a 10♠Q♣A♦2♦3♥ board. Arzoomanian called him all the way but mucked upon seeing Stacey’s A♣J♣.


Stacey time
Two hands later, Arzoomanian opened to 60,000 from the hijack and was only called by Stacey in the small blind. The board ran out A♦K♣6♣5♦Q♦ and Stacey check-called 75,000 and 120,000 before leading out for 225,000 on the river. Arzoomanian called and was shown 10♣J♣ for a straight. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000


1:20pm: Arzoomanian continues to accumulate
Paren Arzoomanian has roughly half the chips in play as he continues to bulldozer his way through this final table with sheer aggression.

Again Mick Fletcher and Dan Stacey were his victims as he took pots from both to climb above the 4,000,000 chip mark. In the first of those pots Fletcher opened to 62,000 from the small blind, Arzoomanian three-bet to 162,000 from the big blind and Fletcher called. A c-bet of 150,000 on the 2♠10♥10♠ flop was good enough to win him the pot.

And he bullied Stacey off another pot by three-betting to 175,000 from the big blind after Stacey had raised to 50,000 from the cut-off, Stacey folded and Arzoomanian said: “I’ll show you one,” before turning over A♦K♣. — NW

1:10pm: Arzoomanian crushing
The man from down under, just like the Australian rugby team yesterday, is going to take some stopping on British soil (or close to it). Paren Arzoomanian has moved up to 3.875 million after winning two pots on the bounce.

First up, he opened to 50,000 from under the gun and then four-bet to 250,000 after Dan Stacey three-bet to 128,000 from the button. Stacey folded.

The next hand, he peeled from the big blind after Michael Fletcher raised to 62,000 from the small blind. The flop fanned 10♦5♦4♣ and Fletcher continued for 80,000. Arzoomanian raised this up to 180,000 only for Fletcher to three-bet to 380,000. Arzoomanian wasted little time in setting Fletcher all in for the 1.15 million he had behind and that was good to take the pot down. — MC

12:50pm: James Walsh eliminated in 7th place (£4,500)
Having successfully laddered one spot James Walsh didn’t take long to get his meagre stack in the middle. On the hand after Elliott Hayes was eliminated he shoved from the button for just 84,000 and Paren Arzoomanian called from the small blind.

Walsh: A♥J♣
Arzoomanian: 8♦8♥

The 5♣9♥2♦5♠Q♠ board favoured the chip leader and Walsh was out in seventh spot. –NW


Walsh – laddered to seventh
12:45pm: Elliott Hayes eliminated in 8th place (£3,307)
Elliott Hayes had been the most active player at the final table in the opening 30 minutes and he raised to 50,000 and called when Mick Fletcher three-bet to 120,000 total.

On the 8♥5♦5♥ flop Hayers, checked, Fletcher bet 125,000, Hayes check-raised all-in for around 500,000 total and Fletcher snap called.

Fletcher: J♠J♦
Hayes: 6♥6♠

The Q♦ turn and 4♦ river kept Fletcher in front and Hayes shook hands with the seven remaining players before heading to the pay out desk.

The happiest man in the room – apart from Fletcher who now has 2,075,000 – was James Walsh as the Irishman has less than four big blinds. — NW


Hayes – out in eighth
12:40pm: Like London buses
You wait all final table for an elimination and then two come along in back to back hands. Details to follow. –NW

Blinds up: 12,000/24,000, ante 3,000

12:35pm: Eric Hollresier talk DFS and New Jersey
The play has yet to gain much traction. It seems as if the players are waiting for James Walsh, who’s super short with fewer than 100,000, to bust or double before getting too involved. To keep you entertained for now, check out this video that Sarah Grant did with PokerStars’ Head of PR, Eric Hollresier:

12:20pm: The rich get richer
Paren Arzoomanian just won the first significant pot of the day and as a result he’s extended his chip lead over the field.

He raised to 40,000 from mid-position and Elliott Hayes called from the cut-off. On the A♦10♥5♦2♥A♣ board Arzoomanian bet every street and Hayes called bets of 65,000, 130,000 and 250,000 on the flop, turn and river respectively.

At showdown Arzoomanian showed A♥5♣ for a full house and Hayes mucked. — NW

12:07pm: Shuffle up and deal
Cards are in the air for the UKIPT Isle of Man final!

There are 24 minutes left of level 22 and then the players will head straight into level 23. — MC

11:55am: Eight into one doesn’t go…quietly
Eight players remain but only one can become UKIPT5 Isle of Man champion and scoop the first prize of £26,600. If you were a betting man (yes you!) your money today would be on Paren Arzoomanian. The 31-year-old who’s originally from Sydney, now calls the Isle of Man home as he works for PokerStars in the Poker Room Management department.

The former poker pro leads a final table that shapes up like this:

Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 Christopher Swinden Isle of Man PokerStars Player 515,000
2 Elliott Hayes United Kingdom 1,033,000
3 John Lawson Isle of Man 1,210,000
4 Daniel Stacey United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 1,714,000
5 Rodger Reynolds United Kingdom 715,000
6 Michael Fletcher United Kingdom 911,000
7 James Walsh Ireland PokerStars Player 220,000
8 Paren Arzoomanian United Kingdom 2,257,000

Check out these final table profiles we made earlier


Catch him if you can
There are a number of intriguing story lines at this final table. Dan Stacey finished sixth here in 2013 and will be looking to do better today, whilst John Lawson and Christopher Swinden will be hoping to keep the trophy on the Isle of Man. Whatever happens it’s going to be interesting.

Cards are in the air at noon, keep it right here for updates. — NW

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Isle of Man: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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