UKIPT Killarney: Day 2, levels 10&11 (blinds 800-1,600, ante 200)

June 25, 2010


The 64 remaining players are now on a one hour dinner break, during that time we’ll be combing the room to see who the biggest stacks are so keep an eye on our chip counts page. –NW

Andrew Laurie was in the top ten in chips coming into today, but he’s struggled and was recently all-in for his last 25,000, open shoving from the hi-jack. It folded to the small blind Johannes Meyer who had a mountain of neatly stacked chips in front of him. After eyeing up the big blinds stack, he decided to flat call and the big blind quickly folded.

Laurie: 7♣8♣
Meyer: A♣6♥

Flop: 5♣6♣J♠
Monster draw for Laurie.

Turn: 3♦

River: 9♠

Laurie rivered a straight but didn’t seem to realise and got up to leave, only for his tablemates to point it out to him. Laurie now has over 50,000 and despite losing that pot Meyer may well be your current chip leader as he still has around 120,000. –NW

ukipt killarney_day 2_johannes meyer.jpg

Johannes Meyer’s big stack is more than enough reason to keep smiling

Michael Graydon opened to 4,300 from under the gun+2 and picked up one customer in the shape of the button – Cathal Shine. The flop came down with snow on it 8♠8♥8♦. Graydon led out for 5,500 and after counting his stack, Shine moved all-in for 15,500 total. Graydon swiftly called.

Graydon: Q♥Q♣
Shine: A♣A♥

The turn and river were a harmless 4♠3♠,Shine doubled to 40,000, whilst Graydon slipped to 17,000. –NW

5.40pm: Gavin donks off with A5
Vinyy Gavin is nothing if not aggressive but just got burnt in a button and blinds battle with Peter Barrable. Barrable had ignited a raising war when he opened the action from the button and it ended up with Gavin feeling committed to the 28,000 call when he was getting around 3 to 1 on the call.

Barrable: A♥K♥
Gavin: A♣5♠

The board instantly binked a king and Gavin failed to catch up. ‘It’s an easy game when you’ve got a donk like me calling ace-five in the big blind,’ said Gavin. –RD

5.35pm: Floods of chips
Liam Flood has had a good last level, he now has over 100,000 chips. –NW

5.25pm: Brindley does a chunk
Femi Fakinle opened under the gun to 3,100 and the action folded to the button who raised to 8,000. Roy Brindley, in the small blind, asked Fakinle to move his hands so he could clearly see his chip stack. After computing this information, Brindley flat called the raise. After a dwell of a minute or so Fakinle moved all-in. The button asked for a count and it was established it was 42,800 total. The button folded but Brindley called saying, ‘Could be a split pot.’

Brindley: A♥K♦
Fakinle: 3♦3♥

As the dealer prepared to spread the flop Fakinle stood up, took off his sunglasses and headphones then picked up his Lucozade (no sponsorship deal as far as we’re aware). But he soon sat back down again as the board ran out 2♦8♠6♣5♣6♠. Fakinle is up to 95,000 and Brindley is down to around 40,000. –NW

ukipt killarney_day 2_Femi Fakinle.jpg

Femi Fakinle is now up with the chip leaders

5.15pm: Graydon sells a one-way ticket to value town
Mick Graydon, Ireland’s first Supernova Elite, has just taken Keith McFadden to value town with a nice 4,000 bet into a 12,000 pot on a 7♠5♣2♣Q♦7♦ board with Q♥J♦. McFaddden reluctantly made the call and Graydon chipped back up to 30,000. –RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ANTE 200

5.05pm: Excessive chatter? Really?
Dan Owston may like to run his mouth off but does discussing which is your favourite Rocky film really need a ruling from floor staff? Owston accused double standards given that the UKIPT Manchester final table he reached was rammed to the hilt with verbals. It’s a fair point made (half) in jest. –RD

4.55pm: The magic number?
On my last trip round the cardroom I saw no less than three, three-bet all-ins over the top of open raises and on all three occasions the original raiser gave it up. The last one I witnessed was Gerry Cosgrove pushing all-in for 24,500 from the big blind over the top of a 2,800 open from under the gun. –NW

4.50pm: Big names, low chips
Amongst the 50 of so casualties in the first two hours and forty minutes of play are: Toby Lewis, Jeffrey Burke and Jason Herbert. 88 players remain. –NW

4.45pm: How can he call?
Those were the words of Dan Owston after he and Maurice O’Donoghue just played a chunky pot. Owston raised from utg+2 to 2800, from the small blind O’Donoghue bumped it to 7800. After a bit of chat Owston flicked in one blue 5,000 chip to make the call. The flop was pretty wet Q♦K♣A♦. O’Donoghue checked to Owston who bet 6,500, a bet that was called. The turn was the A♠ and the pattern repeated itself, check, bet 6,500, call. The river was the 6♣ and it checked through, with Owston saying, ‘I’ll give it to you,’ as he did so. Both players were reluctant to show their hole cards, eventually O’Donoghue turned over J♥J♦ and Owston mucked in disgust. Owston still has 40,000, O’Donoghue is up to 90,000.–NW

4.40pm: Brindley rakes in another pot
Oskar Prehm had position on Roy Brindley and this was no doubt a deciding factor when he called his 6,600 three-bet. Brindley checked down to the river on the K♥6♥7♣5♦ board. A Q♥ on the river was enough to induce Brindley to lead for 9,000 and Brehm didn’t waste long in folding behind him. — RD

ukipt killarney_day 2_oskar prehm.jpg

Oskar Prehm wasn’t a fan of the flop, turn or river in his last pot against Roy Brindley

4.35pm: O’Neill defence short lived
Sean Molloy raised from the button into Cat O’Neill who opted to defend her big blind. Molly aggressively fired 8,500 into the 5♥9♠10♣ flop and O’Neill mucked her hand. –RD

4.25pm: The six figure club
A the number of players left dropped from three figures to two (there are 92 players left) the chip leader went from five figures to six. The first player to break the 100,000 mark is none other than Vinny Gavin who has 104,000. On the recent break we scoured the room for the biggest stacks check out our chip count page for the latest counts. –NW

4.20pm: From far and wide
Apparently there’s a poker tournament of two going on in the United States at the moment, a few Irish players who would’ve played in Killarney are currently in Vegas. Someone who has made the trip the other way is Cameron Velott. The Pennsylvania native is 24 and is a professional poker player. So how come he’s here and not in Vegas? ‘I pick satellites to play based on where I’d like to travel to,’ he told me during the break. ‘I spent a week Dublin before this tournament and I may go to Galway afterwards.’ Velott currently has 48,000 for an above average stack. –NW

ukipt killarney_day 2_cameron velott.jpg

4.15pm: Big jump
The jump from 400-800 to 600-1,200 seems to shock a lot of players that haven’t studied the tournament structure and we often see a slew of players fall over in this blind level. The first casualty was Kristof Dalle the final Belgian player in the event (not that there were many). The bearded Belgian had been down to 6,000 and decided it was time to gamble with A♥6♥ unfortunately getting action from ace-queen. Both players flopped top pair with Dalle also seeing two hearts. No six, no heart and that was it for Dalle. –RD

ukipt killarney_day 2_trophy.jpg

The UKIPT Killarney trophy

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Coventry: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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