UKIPT Killarney: Day 2, levels 12,13&14 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

June 25, 2010


10.20pm: Dave McAndrews is the bubble boy
Vinny Gavin raised to 6,700 pre-flop and was three-bet to 18,000 by Dave McAndrews, Gavin called. On a flop of 3♦3♣7♥ McAndrews bet 22,000 and was snap called by Gavin. The turn was the 4♦. McAndrews checked and Gavin moved all-in, covering McAndrews. After a think,McAndrews called for his tournament life.

McAndrews: 9♦9♠
Gavin: 6♣7♣

River: 5♠

Gavin rivered a straight to eliminate McAndrews. It’s going to be close between Gavin and David Rowley for overnight chip leader. That’s play done for the day. Join us for play at 2pm tomorrow and hang on for a wrap and chip update shortly. –NW

ukipt killarney_day 2_dave mcandrews.jpg

McAndrews got it in good but couldn’t hold

10.15pm: The bubble has burst
Details to come but it involves Vinny Gavin sucking out nastily. — RD

10.10pm: Bubble tension
This level is playing at aroudn one hand every ten minutes. The biggest part of drama being when Femi Fakinle bluffed a 4♠7♦K♠ flop in a three-way pot with 10♥6♥ (Simon Trumper had pocket nines). — RD

9.55pm: Rowley makes monster call on the bubble
Chip leader Johannes Meyer who had about 290,000 to start the hand opened under the gun to 7,500, it folded all the way to the big blind, David Rowley who was playing a stack of about 235,000, he made the call.

Flop: Q♠8♥A♣

Rowley check called a bet of 8,000.

Turn: 7♣

This time Rowley checked, Meyer bet 20,000 and Rowley check raised to 60,000 total. Meyer tanked for at least eight minutes, by this time there was a huge crowd of players, media, spectators and security around the table. Meyer asked for a count of Rowley’s remaining stack (about 160,000) and eventually called.

River: K♦

Rowley checked and Meyer thought for a couple of minutes before betting 120,000. Rowley looked pained and thought for a good three minutes before calling.

Meyer: 6♠5♠
Rowley: A♥4♦

The crowd went ‘wow’ at the nature of Rowley’s call. He is now the new chip leader with around 430,000. We’re still playing hand for hand. –NW

9.35pm: Post break bubble action
The players are back in their seats waiting for the last non-paid player to bust out in 33rd. It’s horrible for one person and fantastic for thirty-two others. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

9.15pm: One more down, one more to go
I joined the action on a flop of 3♦10♦7♠ to see a 16,000 bet in front of the button Keith McFadden and 60,000 in front of Maurice O’Donoghue who was in early position. Eventually after a long time in the tank, McFadden moved all in for about 80,000 total. O’Donoghue snap called.

O’Donoghue: K♣K♥
McFadden: J♥10♥

The turn and river were: 5♠8♣ and McFadden was out. We’re down to 33 players and on the bubble. Players have just gone on a 15 minute break. –NW

8.55pm: Much ado about nothing
From early position Mick Graydon opened to 6,200, next to act David McAndrews raised to 16,500 in total. It folded back round to Graydon who re-raised all-in. McAndrews asked for a count and it was 33,900 more for McAndrew to call. He had about 55,000 back and he took his time before calling.
Graydon: A♠K♦
McAndrews: A♥K♠

‘That’s a bit of a relief, didn’t really want to flip at this stage,’ said Graydon as he saw McAndrews hand.

Flop: Q♦6♦K♣
‘Diamond sweat,’ said Graydon.

Turn: 3♠ – Sweat over

River: 6♠ –NW

8.45pm: O’Farrell or Fennel
Conor Fennell opened from middle position to 5,200 and was called by Aonghus O’Farrell in the big blind. O’Farrell checked the J♥Q♥9♦ flop and Fennell opted to check behind. The K♦ on the turn turned the action tap on. Fennell bet 9,800 and O’Farrell check-raised all-in for 44,000. Fennell instantly called.

Fennell: A♥10♠ for the nut straight
O’Farrell: K♥Q♥ for top two-pair and king-high flush draw

Two massive hands but the Q♣ on the river kept O’Farrell in it and bumped Fennell down to 180,000. O’Farrell is up to 100,000. –RD

8.35pm: Big stack bullies?
As we approach the bubble Connor Fennell, Johannes Meyer, Vinny Gavin and Jamie Flynn appear to be the chip leaders. All of them have over 250,000. –NW

8.25pm: Tent collapsed by Downey
Torsten Tent was just knocked out of the tournament by Brian Downey. I only saw the river action but with around 75,000 in the pot and the board reading 8♣4♥9♣3♣K♦ Tent committed his last 18,400 on the river, Downey made the call.

Tent: K♣10♦
Downey: K♠8♠

38 players remain.–NW

8.25pm: Cagey action
We’re only ten spots off the money and while action isn’t slowing as much as at some tournaments there has definitely been an increase in raise-fold-fold-fold-fold action. Mick Graydon raised to 6,100 from the hijack at one table and scooped the blinds while Johannes Meyer did the same at the table next to him. –RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, ANTE 300

8.15pm: Nice turn for Roy
On a flop of 6♠6♣Q♦ Roy Brindley and Jamie Flynn got it all-in.

Flynn: Q♥J♥
Brindley: Q♣4♣

Brindley was in trouble but had a few outs to chop the pot and one of them arrived on fourth street as the A♦ turned, the 7♠ river missed both players and they chopped the pot. Brindley has around 40,000 and Flynn is one of the chip leaders with approaching 200,000. –NW

8.05pm: Another one hits the rail
In early position David Rowley made it 5500 to go, it folded round to small blind Patrick McFadden who announced all-in. It folded back to Rowley who asked for a count. It was 15,500 total and so Rowley flicked in the extra 10,000. On their backs:
Rowley: A♠J♣
McFadden: Q♠J♠
The board ran out: 8♣J♥J♦4♠7♠ and McFadden wished everyone good luck as he left the table. –NW

7.50pm: Falling thick and fast
In the 30 minutes after the dinner break we’ve lost nine players. Among those who won’tbe troubling the cashiers desk in this tournament are: Alan Betson and Sofia Lovgren. Thirty-two of the remaining 56 players will take home a minimum of €1650. –NW

ukipt killarney_day 2_sofia lovgren.jpg

Sofia Lovgren was one of a raft of players that were capsized after the dinner break

7.40pm: Big shove for big Mick G
Owen Robinson had led 8,000 into a three-way 9♥8♣5♥ flop. Mick Graydon was sat directly on his left and immediately shoved all-in for 53,000. Femi Fakinle didn’t look like he wanted to release his hand, but did, while Robinson wasted no time in chucking it away. Graydon chips up to 70,000. –RD

7.20pm: Dinner plates down, time to chip up
The players are back from their dinner break and while they’ve been lolling around and filling themselves with buffet goodness we’ve been chip counting and should shortly have full up to date list of the final 64 players. You can find that by clicking here. Gavin O’Rouke is a quick faller. –RD

ukipt killarney_day 2_cards and chips.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT Killarney: Rick Dacey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.


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