UKIPT London Day 1C: Level 7-11 updates (600-1,200 ante 100)

March 07, 2013

1.15am: Moving on to Day 2
That ladies and gentlemen is the end of three monster Day ones here in London. Around 33 hours of play have reduced a field of 1,099 to under 250. They’ll return at noon tomorrow, as will we. In the meantime a full wrap of the day’s play will be forthcoming as will overnight chip counts. And if we’re really lucky we’ll be privy to the re-draw and whack that up on the blog too. — NW

1.05am: Closing stages
They’re into the last few hands of the night.

1am: Dosh
One of the most important pieces of information has been released right at the end of the day. Here’s the prize structure for this mammoth tournament:

1 £156,800
2 £104,600
3 £63,560
4 £44,870
5 £33,680
6 £22,490
7 £15,050
8 £12,691
9 and 10 £10,450
11 and 12 £8,200
13 and 14 £5,970
15 and 16 £4,480
17 to 24 £3,730
25 to 32 £2,985
33 to 40 £2,610
41 to 48 £2,240
49 to 64 £1,870
65 to 88 £1,640
89 to 112 £1,420
113 to 144 £1,200

There were 1,099 runners and a prize pool of £746,221. — HS

12.45am: Bye bye
Our final batch of fallers for tonight include: Andrey Gulyy, Nick Hicks, Oliver Fabian, Julian Schultheis, Rhys Jones, Vera Lynn Kelleher, Robert Price, David Sonelin, Elchin Rustamov, Andrew Bell, Yoni Basin, Anton Wigg, Griffin Benger, Atanas Gueorguiev, Andrew Boccia, Warwick Brindley, Robert Tinnion, Grzegorz Mikielewicz, Michael Jones, Garcia Fernandez, Gurdev Millan, Dennis Camille, Panu Heikki Miettinen, Christopher Grant, Nikola Kolega, Mads Amot, Sam Onions, Samir Patel, Mantas Visockis, Craig Burke, Radoslaw Wielewicki, Mark Roovers, Romain Paon, Frank Williams, Peter Landgren, Tamas Novak, Kirit Patel, Matej Kalcic, Frank Romanello, Louis Silver, Roel Van Gestel, Joep van den Bijgaart, Roberto Romanello, Ramin Hajiyev, Kelly Peters. Night, night to them. — HS

12.35am: English only
“You’ve got to blog about this,” Kevin Finnie – a man with a thick Scottish accent – told me as I wandered past his table.

The Scot, who had an excellent UKIPT Cork, winning a side event and finishing 18th in the main event continued, “When I was on a table upstairs I’ve leaned round to talk to my mate on the rail and asked him to order me a gin and tonic and the dealer’s gone to me ‘English only at the table.'” After establishing that it was OK for me to print that a Scotsman was after a gin and tonic (type of tonic not established) he got back to playing poker. He’s doing pretty well too as he has 120,000. — NW

12.20am: News in brief
A few snippets from around the room…
– Liv Boeree flatted an open from Gianluca Escobar and they saw an interesting A♥10♦K♥ flop, Escobar led for 2,800, Boeree made it 6,000, Escobar made it 13,000 and Boeree, sensing the game was up, released her hand.
– PokerStars Team Online’s Grzegorz Mikielewicz is out, he kindly came all the way to the press room to tell us just how. He made a bad bluff to slop to 6,000, then three-bet all-in over a min-raise with pocket eights, his opponent was priced in with Q-10 and duly turned a queen to eliminate the Pole.
– Oliver Price fans, your man is a modern day Lazarus. We’d earlier reported him as being out, but had erroneously been handed his ID card.
– 130 players remain. — NW

12.05am: We’ve seen this fella before
We’re deep into the last level of the day, the last level of all the day ones, in fact. Michael Tureniec, who enjoyed the first eight levels from heaven, has seen his stack dwindle of late, pegging him back to about 90,000. But there’s another very familiar face taking his place at the summit of the counts: Wojtek Barzantny, this year’s UKIPT sensation.

In case you forgot, Barzantny won the UKIPT online tournament, with the final table in Bristol. And then a few days later, he won the UKIPT Bristol main event. That’s two UKIPT tournaments back-to-back. He is this year’s Nick Abou Risk and is currently sitting with about 185,000. — HS

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200 ante 100

11.55pm: Break time
The players are now on their last 15 minute break of the day. — NW

11.45pm: Felted
Like a meteor hurtling through the atmosphere these players have burned bright, but ultimately crashed to Earth: Joe Roberts, Jukka Becklof, Karl Cosby, Julian Hirt, Christopher Ahrens, Roy Rimmer, Bruno Pereira, Benjamin Winsor, Wes Farrell, Jan Josef Curylo, Cosimo Sabatini, Richard Milne, Christopher Brown, Concepcion Tacoronte, Marius Lietuvninkas, Predrag Kecojevic, Guy Tomaselli, Darius Zapolskis, Antti Maatta, Ramey Shaio, Lasse Aastad Kjøs, Justin Sevilla, Dhanesh Chainani, Milorad Dobrijevic, Vytautas Milvydas, Justas Semaška, Benjamin Raven, Richard Chadwick, Peter Veale, Andrew Phouli, Nicholas Crisp and Mohammed Ashfaq are all out of UKIPT London.

Roughly 150 players remain. — NW

11.35pm: Mad Marvin making moves
Of all the difficult to reach spots in two rooms full of difficult to reach spots, Marvin Rettenmeier occupies the most difficult of them all. For any other player, it wouldn’t be worth the hassle in seeking him out, but this is Marvin Rettenmeier we’re talking about, the reigning Bluff Player of the Year.


Marvin Rettenmeier, in more accessible times

True to form, Rettenmeier rewarded our persistence in tracking him down. Not only was he sitting with one of the biggest stacks in the room (of course), but he was involved in a pot, which he won (of course). It wasn’t a big one – his c-bet on a king high board was enough to shake the two-pre-flop callers – but the additional chips built his stack to 136,000. That’s a lot, and they are in dangerous hands. — HS

11.30pm: Levy dry
Adam Levy is another big name player to fall by the wayside today, but his elimination hasn’t made table three any softer as he was swiftly replaced by table didn’t get any easier as he was replaced by EPT6 Copenhagen winner Anton Wigg, he’s two seats to the left of Juan Manuel Pastor and three to the left of Grzegorz Mikielewicz. The Pole is rapdily sliding downwards, he’s got just 8,000. — NW

11.20pm: Two EPT winners sat in a row
The quality of players in the Day 1C field is potentially the highest we’ve ever had on a UKIPT, with many players commenting on the tough table draws that they encountered. One such tough table right now is table seven.

In the 10 seat sits Toby Lewis, winner of EPT7 Vilamoura, he’s playing a stack of 34,000 and to his direct left sits Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree, winner of EPT6 San Remo, Boeree’s fortunes continue to go upwards, she’s now on 45,000. With the aforementioned ‘raise happy’ David Sonelin also at table seven we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. — NW

11.10pm: Nunes rises and falls
Joao Nunes began his trip to London this week by entering the Vertical Rush charity run up Tower 42 in the City. We’ll have more about that later in the week. He has not scaled any great heights with his chip stack today, though, and every time he seems to be adding a few storeys, he gets pegged back down again.

No sooner had he got his chips past 30,000 (double his starting stack) than the following pot occurred. It cost him a chunk, which he gave to Michael Jones. Nunes opened to 1,700 from early position and Jones called. It was only those two.

They went to a 7♥2♣Q♦ flop and both checked. The A♥ turned and Nunes check-called Jones’s bet of 2,600. The 6♠ rivered and now Nunes check-called Jones’s bet of 6,300.

Jones took a while to reveal his hand: 7♠7♦. It was good, unsurprisingly enough. — HS

ukipt_london_day 1c_joao_nunes.jpg

Joao Nunes has had an up and down day

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000 ante 100

11.05pm: Sonelin plays is fast and loose
Without fail, every time I have looked at table seven this afternoon, David Sonelin has been raising pre-flop. And without fail, he has then been three-bet off it. Either this is a very anomalous coincidence or, more likely, he really has been opening an enormous percentage of pots.

Just recently, true to form, he opened from the button and then Christopher Brown, who has sat two to Sonelin’s left all day, shoved from the big blind. It was only about 6,000 or so, so Sonelin called.

The Swede showed J♣4♥, going some way to prove the theory that he is opening fairly light. Brown, who obviously knew this, had A♦2♦.

But the best hand couldn’t hold. The flop came J♣10♠10♣7♠6♣ and Brown went broke. Sonelin soldiers on. — HS

11pm: Spinning
Jamie Sykes had 9,800 at the start of this level, he’s now got considerably more than that

10.55pm: Young, talented and British
Three very talented young British players are sharing a table in one of the few tables still in use on the upper floor. Both Ben Jackson (7th UKIPT Online) and Jamie Dale (3rd UKIPT2 Edinburgh) have finalled a UKIPT before and Rick Trigg is the number one ranked online tournament player in the UK. They’ve got 71,000, 37,000 and 60,000 respectively. — NW

10.50pm: Liv vs LivB
Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and Olivier ‘LivB’ Busquet are sat at the same table, just two seats apart in fact, with the American having position on Boeree.

It’s not the first time they’ve shared a table, Boeree got the better of heads-up specialist Busquet in the NBC Heads-Up Championship a couple of years ago and as things stand she’s getting the better of him again (not that we can put this down to any pots that they’ve clashed in). Both though are below average, Boeree on roundabout 30,000 and Busquet on 22,500. They’ve also got Jonathan Prested at their table, he’s got 47,000 and the ability to run up stacks as we saw at UKIPT Bristol this season. — NW

ukipt_london_day 1c_olivier_busquet.jpg

Busquet is bobbing along nicely

10.35pm: Wigg doubles
After Onur Dag opened to 1,600 from the button, few will have been surprised to see the ultra-aggressive Anton Wigg make it 3,200 from the small blind. That bunch included Romain Paon who smelled a good opportunity for a four bet from the big blind. He made it 11,000.

Dag folded but Wigg shoved for what was something close to 20,000. Paon called before the chips could be counted fully and showed 9♣9♠. But he was behind Wigg’s J♠J♣ and never caught up.

Wigg gets the double up. He has about 56,000 now. He is dangerous to be around. — HS

10.25pm: There’s no easy way to say this…
But such is the sheer volume of spent player ID cards, representing every player who has bust in the past few minutes I can’t list them all. However, I can tell you that: Stavros Kalfas, Sebastian Gohr, Yann Dion, Lalit Khajuria, Daiva Barauskaite, Max Silver, Christian Andersson are Robert Gorodetsky are all definitely out of UKIPT London. — NW

10.10pm: Team Pro clinging on. To the bar
Jake Cody is propped at the bar, nursing a glass of whiskey. Actually, maybe it’s whisky. I can’t tell without tasting. Either way, he’s out, a fact confirmed by his recent Tweet:

Team PokerStars Pro haven’t received their usual blanket coverage this afternoon, mainly because each and every one of them has been wedged in a difficult to reach corner for long periods. Cody has now wriggled out of his, but Joao Nunes, Liv Boeree and Grzegorz “DaWarsaw” Mikielewicz are still in the tournament.

Nunes has 15,500, Mikielewicz 32,000 and a couple of hours ago Boeree tweeted that she had 22,000. She still does. — HS

10pm: Chip counts
UKIPT stalwarts David Docherty, Rupinder Bedi and Jamie Sykes are all still going, albeit with contrasting fortunes…


9.45pm: Take 15
Congratulations to everyone who has made it through level eight – the usual length of a UKIPT Day 1 – you’ve technically made Day 2. Take a 15 minute break, you’ve earned it. — NW

9.40pm: Zero sum game
What goes up must come down and whilst some players now have six figure stacks, others are wondering what happened to theirs. Some of those currently eyeing up the side event schedule are: Martin van de Poel, Marcin Wydrowski, Simon Deadman, Alain Bauer, Mo Muse, Max Greenwood, Russell Carson, Inda Bjornsdotter, Emma Jones, Ronnie Gustafsson, Richard Haile, Samir Tageldin, Daniel Jaszczuk, Andrew Stellos, Bogdan Kovacevic, Goran Mandic, Jorge Ufano, Adam Blakley, Mark Shepherd, Luis Rodriguez, Damase Verlinde…

Alan Wilde, John Eames, Loizos Protopapas, Joe Greenfield, Michael Aston, George Stewart, Diego Gomez, Vitor Pinho, Mike Ramsay, Stepas Tindžiulis, Kevin Iacofano, Samuel Gilbert, David Yan, Murad Akhundov, Steven Raeside, Thomas Butcher, Matthias Tikerpe, Ioannis Triantafyllakis, Martin Finger, Andrew Sweeney, Robbie Renehan, Walter Treccarichi, Paul Senter, Alistair Smith, JP Kelly, Imraan Ladak, Radoslav Lukaev, Stacy Coore and Jomeen Karim as they are all out. — NW

9.30pm: Some of the smaller stacks. (And one big one)
A few counts: Adam Levy: 24,000, DaWarsaw: 36,000, Joao Nunes: 19,300, Roberto Romanello: 13,500, Ismael Bojang: 78,000. — HS

9.20pm: Tureniec is unstoppable
Sometimes the big-name pros come to “smaller” tournaments like this and badly struggle. They either can’t find the motivation to play lower than their normal game, or they realise it’s not quite the cake walk they expected.

Michael Tureniec is no such character. Despite regularly playing the biggest tournaments in the world (and often winning them), he has come to UKIPT London this week and is destroying it. He has a stack of close to 200,000 already, which is more than either of the leaders from either of the earlier day ones managed.


Michael Tureniec: the silent destroyer

He is currently mixing it up with, among others, the Canadian pro Jason Duval. But even Duval (no stranger to the big games himself) can’t stop the Tureniec juggernaut.

This hand started when Duval opened to 1,200 from under the gun and Tureniec called from the cut off. Cheng-Wei Yin called from the big blind and they saw a flop of 6♣3♣J♦. Yin and Duval checked, and only Duval called Tureniec’s 2,200 bet.


Jason Duval: smiling now, but it’s not all plain sailing

The 4♥ turned and Duval checked again. Tureniec bet 4,800. Duval called. The river was 5♥ and after Duval checked, Tureniec tacitly checked by rolling over 9♣9♥.

Duval frowned and folded. — HS


Michael Tureniec’s stack

9.10pm: Chip counts
Some of the 260 players still alive and kicking here on Day 1C of UKIPT London are: Toby Lewis (40,000), Wojtek Barzantny (43,500), Roberto Romanello (12,500), Olivier Busquet (34,000), Jack Ellwood (55,000), Jamie Sykes (29,500) , Liv Boeree (12,600), Jake Cody (22,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (37,000), Grzegorz Mikielewicz (30,000), Joep van den Bijgaart (26,000), Marius Lietuvninkas (17,000), Rupinder Bedi (60,000), Adam Levy (26,000) and Anton Wigg (42,000). — NW

ukipt_london_day 1c_jake_cody.jpg

Jake Cody

8.55pm: Brotherly love
I spotted Christophe De Meulder sitting in a cash game, in the same seat that Barny Boatman was in yesterday no less, a sure sign he was out. His brother Matthias was down to just 6,500 and in trouble. I wandered over to watch the hand involving Craig Burke (see below) and by the time that had finished Matthias was telling his brother how he went bust.

He’ll no doubt be joining his brother in a cash game before long. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600 ante 75

8.40pm: The trials and tribulations of ace-jack
Ace-Jack can be a tricky hand to play and it was the unifying factor in two all-in hands that just occurred…

In the first Daniel Dodet got a treble up, he was all-in for four thousand with A♦Q♦ and got called in two spots. On the turn of a 10♥A♣9♥3♣ board Grzegorz Mikielewicz could wait no longer to bet, he led out and the third player folded, Mikielewicz showed A♥J♠ and didn’t get there on the 9♠ river. He’s back down to 30,000 now.

Meanwhile on the upper floor Gary Coulahan was all-in with ace-jack and up against the pocket fives of Craig Burke. The small pair held up and Burke, who’s third on the UKIPT leader board, is up to 18,000. He’ll need to finish in the top two here though to win the thing though. — NW

ukipt_london_day 1c_grzegorz_mikielewicz.jpg

Da Warsaw is stil in on 30,000

8.35pm: There’s no easy way to say this…
…but the tournament staff just handed us a pile of spent player ID cards, representing every player who has bust in the past few minutes. After comparing the numbers with our Excel spreadsheet of the day’s starters, we have determined that Ashley Patterson, Ben Jones, Pawel Keller, David Rawnsley, Paulius Mikaliunas, Florian Lehmann and Julian Adamson are out. — HS

8.30pm: Black aces lose, black aces win
Two hands on two different tables. Two different levels of the tournament floor in fact. But the unifying characteristic was two black aces, although there were differing outcomes for their holders.

First up, downstairs, Salman Behbehani opened to 1,000 from under the gun. Emma Jones called on the button and it was only those two to a flop of 4♣5♦4♦. Behbehani bet 1,100 and Jones called.

They both checked the 6♥ turn, and then Behbehani checked the 3♦ river. Jones bet 1,600 and Behbehani called. Jones then tabled A♦10♦ for the rivered flush, and Behbehani open-mucked his A♣A♠ just to prove he hadn’t been raising with air.

Then upstairs, Danny Samson opened to 1,050 from under the gun and it was only Elchin Rustamov who called in the cut off. The flop came 9♥5♠J♦ and Samson bet 1,500, which Rustamov called.

There was to be no more betting through a turn of 2♠ and a river of 10♥ however. Samson showed his A♣A♠ and they were good. — HS

8.20pm: 1,099
The total number of runners at UKIPT London has been confirmed at 1,099, the 491 runners from today, adding to the 414 from Day 1B and the 194 from Day 1C. We’ll bring you confirmation of the prize pool when we have it. — NW

8.10pm: Holden straightened out
There will be no second UKIPT final table of Season 3 for Sam Holden as he’s just busted from this tournament. He’ll be back for the EPT though later this week.

8pm: Déjà vu
For the second UKIPT in a row Inda Hronn Bjornsdotter has been knocked out of UKIPT in exactly the same manner, I mean the same pre-flop action, identical flop, same street suckout.

In this hand (as in Nottingham) she raised with ace-king, got re-raised pre-flop and just flat called. On the [A][K][9] flop she led out, her opponent shoved (with a similar stack to hers) and she called all-in. Her opponent showed [A][9] and duly hit a nine on the turn to melt the hopes of this Icelandic player and send her tumbling out of the tournament. — NW

7.45pm: 300!
Refreshed, fed and just over half way through the day, the remaining 300 players are now back in their seats for level seven of the allotted 11. And it seems Diego Gomez thinks he might get coolered at some point, that’s the only reason we can think of for him wearing ski googles.

ukipt_london_day 1c_diego_gomez.jpg

Reporting team in London: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Pictures by Mickey May.


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