UKIPT Nottingham: Day 2, level 16-18 updates (3,000-6,000 500 ante)

April 14, 2012


8.20pm: Done for the day
Play is done for the day, roughly 76 players remain and the chip leader, as has been the case for most of the day is, Iqbal Ahmed who has 1,580,000. You can click right here, to see the counts of the chip leaders, full comprehensive chip counts will be uploaded as soon as we receive them.

A full wrap of the day’s play is on the way. — NW

8pm: Last four hands
Time is a ticking, just four more hands until play ends for the day. — NW

7.55pm: Chip counts
As time ticks down these are by my reckoning the big stacks out of the 81 remaining players. Iqbal Ahmed (1,500,000), Grant Pirie (900,000), Devron Hasselnook (800,000), Chris Brammer (600,000), Jason Herbert (590,000), Jack McDermott (580,000), Sean Byrne (565,000), Jamie Dale (530,000) and Craig Burke (500,000). — NW

7.45pm: More action from the action table
Yet another monster hand from table 74, it’s almost like it’s a monster hand factory.

The simple facts are this: three players went all-in pre-flop, both Máni Elmarsson (shortest stack) and Shean Smith (middle stack) had pocket queens, whilst David Hughes (the biggest of the three stacks) had A♣K♣. The board ran 4♣J♦2♠5♠6♠ and Elmarsson celebrated like he’d won the tournament. All three stacks are still short, Hughes has 70,000, Elmarsson is on 80,000 and Smith is up to 160,000. — NW

7.35pm: Ahmed continues to crush
Iqbal Ahmed is simply unstoppable. He has now knocked out Kevin Allen for another pot of about 400,000. There was goodness knows how much already in the middle when Allen bet on a board of A♥10♠4♣6♠5♦. Ahmed responded by setting him all in and after absolutely ages, and the clock being called, Allen called. Ahmed turned over A♦K♥ and Allen mucked.

He is just the latest player to be sent packing by Ahmed today. I have rarely seen such an utterly dominant single day at any poker tournament. Ahmed now has about 1.5m, which is more than twice as much as anyone else. — HS

7.30pm: Action table
It seems five minutes doesn’t go by without there being an all-in and call at table 74. This time the action was between Shean Smith and Mukesh Morjaria. The latter was all-in with pocket kings for his last 59,000, Smith had made the call with pocket fours and clearly looked disgusted with his own play when he saw Morjaria’s cowboys. “It’s not even a race,” he sighed.

The best hand held on the 5♣5♠Q♥10♣A♥ board and Smith is now doen to 90,000. — NW

7.25pm: Last level
Tournament staff have just announced that level 18 will be the last level of play today. That’ll bring the total number of levels played today to seven, one less than the scheduled eight. As it stands there are 91 players still in with a chance of making Day 3. – NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000 500 ante

7.15pm: The rush is over
Earlier we reported how Scott Kenyon was playing his rush (see 6.25pm post) sadly that rush has now come to an end at the hands of Ben Dobson.

From under-the-gun+2 Dobson raised to 10,000 with A♣K♦, it passed to Kenyon and he moved all-in for 120,000 with pocket sevens. When it passed back to Dobson he made the call and got there on the 9♦A♦5♥8♥J♠ board. Dobson now up to 290,000. — NW

7.05pm: Herbie goes bananas
Some good stuff from Jason Herbert on the table nearest to media row. After Huang Guoxun opened to 11,000, Herbert made it 25,000 on the button. Guoxun four bet to 53,500 and Herbert called. Suffice to say, it was just these two.

The flop came 5♦Q♦4♥ and Guoxun continued, betting 48,500. Herbert wasn’t slowing down either and he made it 105,000.

This put Guoxun deep into the tank. A call here was about half his stack. Herbert said: “You were never ahead. I’ll definitely show you.” And then Guoxun folded.

Herbert got his iPhone out his pocket and apparently took a picture of his squeezed cards. But it took a suspicious amount of time before he threw the camera-phone face up onto the table, revealing a picture of two aces.

Herbert didn’t take much persuading to reveal that the aces were an archived picture. “I had to scroll through about 500 pictures to find it,” he said.

He then claimed to have had pocket eights, but I’m not totally convinced by that either I’m afraid. Either way, Herbert is up to about 540,000. — HS

6.55pm: Adebayo adegonno
It’s all over for Adebayo Odetoyinbo, who looked like he was expecting more than a double up but ended up hitting the rail. He was one of four players in a raised pot looking at a flop of Q♣2♠6♣. Odetoyinbo checked, as the two players to his left, but Adrian Nunez bet 22,000.

Odetoyinbo asked, “How much is it?” and before he got an answer said, “Raise.” The two other players got out the way and Nunez announced that he was all in. This covered Odetoyinbo.

Odetoyinbo called, but immediately asked, “Have you got a set?” as he turned over his A♦Q♥. Nunez didn’t have a set, but he did have K♥K♠ and the over-pair was good enough to take this one down.

Odetoyinbo offered pleasantries and wandered to the cash desk. — HS

6.50pm: The Poker Gods part two
Perhaps the line to the Poker Gods was engaged as Jorg Wilms just lost back what he took from Andrew Jeffrey and then some.

Again it was all-in pre-flop this time, Wilms had pocket nines and again was up against two overcards as Nick Woodward had A♦10♠.

The board ran K♦[KS]10♥A♣K♥ and Woodward climbed to 250,000 whilst Wilms slipped to 150,000. — NW

6.45pm: The Poker Gods
I don’t know if Joerg Wilms often prays to the Poker Gods, but he was visibly thanking them after a miracle river for him knocked out Andrew Jeffrey.

It was an all-in pre-flop affair (about 80,000 each) Jeffrey held A♥Q♣ whilst
Wilms had 10♣10♥. The A♠Q♣6♣ vaulted Jeffrey into the lead, he stayed there on the 4♣ turn, but Wilms hit a two outer on the 10♠ river to eliminate Jeffrey.

After the hand was done, Wilms clasped his hands together and offered thank you’s to the heavens. — NW

6.40pm: Calm before the storm?
I think that’s the first time I’ve been out in the tournament room and not heard and all-in and call shout. The average stack is currently 44 big blinds which is about the norm for this stage of a UKIPT so it could be that the whirlwind part of the day is now done and the action will slow a little.

One man perhaps wishing he’d slowed down a little is Jon Young, who went out in 115th place. He told me, “My exit was a bit stupid, a guy on my table had been raising loads, I thought he was at it and moved all-in with queen-four. He had pocket nines and snap called me!” 115th place is good for a £1,480 pay day. – NW

6.35pm: Not much to shout about
The noise in any tournament room usually depends on how many chips are in front of Adebayo Odetoyinbo. At the moment, Odetoyinbo has less than the average of 221,590 and is markedly less vociferous than usual. He just lost a small pot to Danny McHugh after Odetoyinbo raised the button to 10,500 and only McHugh called.

The flop came 6♠A♠2♣ and after McHugh checked, Odetoyinbo bet 25,000. McHugh counted out a raise and Odetoyinbo passed instantly. “I’ve got a pair but I don’t have an ace,” he said.


Adebayo Odetoyinbo

Give him chips and he will say a good deal more than that, we can be certain. — HS

6.30pm: Berry burst
Sarah Berry is out. She was a short stack and got it in with K♥9♠ but ran into Calvin Anderson’s A♦K♠. An ace on the flop only made it worse. — HS

6.25pm: Kenyon continues the rush
Remember the story of Scott Kenyon? He’s the man who played through Thursday night on PokerStars, winning one of the new $16.50 “HOT” tournaments, for a bit more than $7,000. He then decided to play the rush and tear up to Nottingham from London for the UKIPT Main Event. Even though he had no hotel room booked and had had no sleep, he got in day 1C as an alternate and played all 11 hours.


Scott Kenyon, a good advert for Premier Inn

Kenyon then went and found a room at the Premier Inn at about 4.30am and had “the best sleep of his life”. He returned to day to a short stack, span it up a bit, and now he has about 130,000 and is in the final 114 players.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you play a rush. And it’s not over yet. — HS

6.15pm: Big stacks
Players are back in their seats and level 17 is under way. Here’s a list of the current chip leaders:

Iqbal Ahmed 1,100,000 (just won another 300,000 with kings against Ingimar Einarsson’s ace-king)
Craig Burke, 650,000
Jack McDermott 550,000
Chris Brammer 525,000
Paul Nunes 500,000

Ahmed is well out in front, but Burke has the nicer looking tower. — NW


Craig Burke, with a chip or two


5.50pm: There’s no getting away from this
Sometimes poker hands begin innocuously and turn into something quite dramatic, and the hand that just played out on table 13 has just squeezed its way in to that category.

Josh O’Connor opened to 11,000 from early position and picked up Lee Dixon in mid position and Tim Clark on the button. The three saw a 3♠Q♣6♥ flop. O’Connor checked, Dixon bet 16,000 and Clark got out the way. But O’Connor’s call took them to a 6♠ turn.

And then mayhem. O’Connor checked, Dixon bet 21,000, O’Connor moved all in, and then without even requesting a count, Dixon called. Good reason. Dixon had 6♣6♦ for quads and O’Connor could only look on stunned as his Q♠Q♦ were behind to the only hand that could beat them.

“Are you %*&!-ing serious?” bellowed one of O’Connor’s rail. We were. The 8♠ was not the miracle single out that he needed and that was that for O’Connor.

Dixon has in the region of 350,000 now. — HS

5.45pm: Brammer back over 500,000
Chris Brammer has been one of the front-runners for most of the day (and most of yesterday), more recently though he’d slipped back into the pack but he’s just doubled through and is one of the chip leaders once more.

Kristian Linnell opened to 8,100 from early position, he was flat called in one spot and Brammer then three-bet to 32,000. Back on Linnell he four-bet to 62,600, the flat caller passed and it was back on Brammer.

After a think he announced all-in and Linnell insta-called. On their backs:

Brammer: 10♠10♣
Linnell: 9♣9♠


Chris Brammer, in blue hoodie

It was basically over on the 10♥3♥Q♦ flop and although the 8♣ turn gave Linnell outs he missed them on the K♦ river. Brammer’s all-in was for 251,300 and he’s now back over the half a million mark, Linnell down to 250,000. — NW

5.40pm: Linnell banks some chips
Gary Banks shake of the head said it all, he’d chosen the wrong time to three-bet all-in.

Kristian Linnell opened to 8,500 from the hi-jack, Banks then jammed for around 120,000 and Linnell snapped him off.

Linnell: A♠A♣
Banks: A♥J♥

Banks didn’t even get a sweat as the board came 4♣10♣4♥10♠6♠. Linnell is up to 450,000 and two seats to the left of Chris Brammer. — NW

5.30pm: Too much poker to notice the poker
I’m not sure when a flurry becomes a torrent, but we have certainly been swept away in whatever it is over the past few hours at UKIPT Nottingham. The tournament board shows that 128 players remain. We started with 346 and that’s a prodigious rush to the door by anyone’s standards.

It’s difficult actually to see a hand that isn’t an all in, which is why the following is so valuable. It features one of the day 1C success stories, Veronika Pavlokova, who has taken a small pot from Marc MacDonnell.

MacDonnell opened from the cut off to 8,000. That’s a standard min-raise. Pavlokova made it 22,000 from the small blind and MacDonnell called. They both checked the 3♠Q♦Q♣ flop, but then Pavlokova led 18,000 at the 10♣ turn. McDonnell called.

The river was J♥ and they both checked it. Pavlokova turned over K♠J♦ and that rivered pair was good as MacDonnell mucked. Pavlokova has the right side of 350,000. — HS

5.25pm: Chips
Here’s some chip counts: Jamie Dale (230,000), Veronika Pavlikova (330,000), Ben Dobson (330,000) and Scott Van Der Vliet (350,000). — NW

5.20pm: Herbert dents Ahmed
Jason Herbert is up to 350,000 after doubling through Iqbal Ahmed, with ace-king against pocket eights, a king on the flop doing the business. Despite that dent Ahmed is still the chip leader with 620,000. Click here to see selected chip counts. — NW

5.15pm: De Korver on his bike
He might have an EPT title to his name, but Pieter De Korver, who earlier this week told us he’s in training for a bike race, will not be adding a UKIPT title to his name just yet.


Pieter de Korver

Jack McDermott opened with A♣Q♥, De Korver moved all-in for 75,000 with A♦2♣ and McDermott made the call. The board ran 4♥3♥7♥K♥5♥ and De Korver laughed at the fact he’d rivered a straight despite the fact he was drawing dead after the turn.

After that hand McDermott is up to 400,000. — NW

5.10pm: Rollercoastering
Paul McTaggart has had an up and down day, most recently up. “88>66. Up to 190k,” he tweeted. — NW

5pm: Ahmed unstoppable
Iqbal Ahmed is going to need another table to fit his stack on. Either that or an urgent colour up. Ahmed is doing his level best to clear some space and has just knocked out two opponents on a single hand.

Martin Rottem Dahle had pocket sixes, Surindar Sunar had eights and Ahmed had jacks to send them both to the rail. They were either side of him as well.


The extraordinary stack of Iqbal Ahmed

And…holy moly…on the very next hand, he has just knocked out Arrash Zafari too! This time Ahmed had aces, Zafari had tens and it all went in once more. Ahmed now has about 850,000, which is so far in the lead it’s not even funny. — HS

4.55pm: Brammer takes a hit
Chris Brammer is down to about 225,000 after losing a pot to Jay Scott. I only saw the river action but with about 160,000 in the pot and a full board of 2♥8♥9♠K♦6♦ Scott fired out a bet of 65,000. This sent Brammer into the tank, for at least three minutes, before he eventually called. Scott rolled over 9♦9♥ for the flopped set and Brammer mucked. — NW

4.50pm: Payouts
I’ve been busy updating the payouts page. One of the recent fallers is Nikita Staroverov, who never recovered from losing that huge pot to Tim Clarke. Everyone left in is now guaranteed £1,480. — NW

4.45pm: Post National
Only on the UKIPT would you get a break to watch a horse race, and we’re very grateful for that. But now the National has been run, Neptune Collonges won at 33-1, and we can re-focus on this poker tournament.


Tournament room in Nottingham

Reporting team in Nottingham: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photos by Mark Gregory.


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