UKIPT3 Dublin: Day 4, level 27 – 30 updates (blinds 50,000-100,000, ante 5,000)

May 21, 2012


7.50pm: Richard Evans wins UKIPT Dublin (€75,500); Stephen McGrath second (€60,000)
It’s all over here in Dublin, Richard Evans has won UKIPT3 Dublin, pocketing €75,500.

Here’s how the final hand went down… Stephen McGrath limped from the small blind and Evans checked his option. On the flop of 5♠6♣4♥ Evans checked, McGrath bet 300,000 and Evans made the call. The 9♥ fell on the turn, it was checked to McGrath who moved all-in for 1,350,000, snap call from Evans.

McGrath: 6♥2♥ – second pair and a flush draw
Evans: 9♦3♣ – top pair and an open-ended straight draw.

With one card to come Evans was a 70% favourite to take the title, the river was the A♣ meaning that we have a Welsh winner of a UKIPT3 Dublin, commiserations to Stephen McGrath who finishes as runner-up.

A full wrap of today’s final table action will be on its way shortly, the next UKIPT event takes place in Newcastle September 6th-10th. — NW

ukiptdublin_day4_richard evans.jpg

Evans – UKIPT Dublin champion

7.45pm: Evans in charge
The Welshman is grinding Stephen McGrath down, Evans has roughly 6,800,000 to McGrath’s 1,800,000 now. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000-100,000

7.35pm: Evans wins a chunky pot
The first real chop swing has gone in Richard Evans favour. He raised to 180,000 on the button and Stephen McGrath called. On the J♣10♣10♠ flop McGrath led for 175,000 and Evans called.

The A♠ fell on the turn, McGrath fired 500,000, call from Evans and this pattern repeated itself on the 3♥ turn, McGrath mucked his hand and Evans showed A♣3♦ to win the pot. He’s got 6,300,000 to McGrath’s 2,200,000 now. — NW

7.25pm: Two big pots
It’s been mostly small pots so far although each player has won one bit pot each meaning chip stacks haven’t swung dramatically.

The pattern in both has been that Richard Evans has raised to 180,000 on the button, McGrath has made it 500,000 from the small blind and Evans has called. On the first McGrath bet 500,000 on the 7♣5♠7♠ flop and Evans passed.

In the second on a 6♦J♠8♥ flop he again bet 500,000 but passed when Evans made it 1,200,000. — NW

7.20pm: Heads-up chip counts
Heads-up play is about to start, Richard Evans has 5,000,000 whilst Stephen McGrath has 3,580,000. — NW

7.12pm: Seamus Birt eliminated in third place (€60,000)
Seamus Birt had dwindled to 1,015,000 when he opened on the button to 215,000, Richard Evans moved all-in, Stephen McGrath folded what he said was ace-king and Birt said: “Go on then I’ll give you a spin,” before calling all-in.

Birt: K♣Q♣
Evans: A♥5♠

The flop of 3♣9♣2♦ gave Birt a boatload of outs, but he missed them all on the 9♦ turn and J♥ river.

Had McGrath called he would’ve taken down the tournament as he had both players covered, he looked sick as a parrot when he saw the two hands turned over so it’s fairly believable that he did indeed fold ace-king. — NW

7.05pm: Evans doubles through Birt
Seamus Birt opened to 200,000 and Richard Evans moved all-in from the big blind for 1,590,000. Quick call.

Birt: Q♠10♣
Evans: A♦8♦

The board ran out 7♣4♠3♥8♥8♠ to give the pot to Evans, now back up to 3,200,000. McGrath holds 3,700,000 and Birt is behind on 1,500,000. — RD

7pm: Birt owns McGrath
Stephen McGrath played this monster starting hand cute. It soon turned ugly. McGrath limped the small blind and Seamus Birt raised 230,000. Call.

McGrath then led 200,000 into the 3♦9♠10♦ flop. Birt raised to 700,000 and McGrath passed A♠Q♠ face-up. — RD

6.55pm: As tells go…
…it’s a pretty easy one to spot. Stephen McGrath has stood up out of his chair twice at this final table; once with aces and once, just now, with ace-king.

Seamus Birt opened for 200,000 on the button, Richard Evans called in the small blind and McGrath said: “It’s 200, and you just called? 500.”

He pushed the raise out and got up out of his chair.

Birt passed and Evans passed but not before he said: “What’s the standing up thing? Fold.”

McGrath tabled A♠K♦ and took the pot down. — RD

6.50pm: Birt bashes up Evans
So, after Stephen McGrath folded (see below), Seamus Birt completed from the small blind, Richard Evans made it 280,000 to play and Birt made the call. The flop came 10♥7♣2♠ and Birt check-called a bet of 350,000. On the 4♠ turn card Birt moved all-in for around 1,450,000 into the pot of 1,275,000 and Evan ruefully folded, he’s down to 1,400,000 now. — NW

6.45pm: Five alive
The first five hands after the break were all won by Stephen McGrath, one walk, one raise and take and three post-flop c-bets got the job done. He only lost the sixth because he open-folded the button, however that allowed the other two to play a big pot, news on that coming right up. — NW

6.40pm: Chips
Seat one: Stephen McGrath, 3,505,000
Seat two: Seamus Birt, 2,585,000
Seat four: Richard Evans, 2,490,000

6.39pm: Deal!
A deal has been hammered out during the break and it’s a three-way even chop of €60,000 each and the winner takes the remaining €15,500. Congratulations!– RD

6.27pm: Break
The players are now on a 15 minute break. We’ll be grabbing chip counts during it. — NW

6.25pm: Big Birt
Over the last half dozen hands Seamus Birt has found the all-in button and pulled off a couple of big moves, his stack has gone upwards as a result of these.

He opened to 150,000 and Stephen McGrath defended from the big blind. The flop came 2♥8♣A♣ and McGrath check-called a bet of 125,000. The turn was the Q♠, McGrath stood up and then checked. Almost instantly Birt announced all-in, it was a large overbet of around 1,700,000 into a pot of around 600,000.

After about 30 seconds thought McGrath uttered just the word ‘no’ and mucked his hand.

Then two hands later Richard Evans opened to 140,000 on the button, McGrath made it 380,000 and Birt quickly announced all-in, this time it was for around 2,250,000. Evans folded quickly, but McGrath tanked before he too folded. “I had a small pair,” said McGrath as he and Birt had a post-match discussion about the pot. — NW

6.20pm: Chips
Seat one: Stephen McGrath, 3,900,000
Seat two: Seamus Birt, 1,900,000
Seat four: Richard Evans, 2,600,000

6.10pm: Crazy three-handed action
There’s some extraordinary action going on here at UKIPT Dublin. Stephen McGrath opened the button for 150,000 and Seamus Birt jammed all-in from the small blind for 1,900,000 and McGrath open-folded A♥Q♠.

The next hand McGrath had another monster. Richard Evans was in the small blind, McGrath was in the big. Evans led 175,000 into the K♠4♣3♠ flop and McGrath raised to 350,000 and then got up out of his seat. Evans made the call.

The 9♠ hit the turn and Evans checked to McGrath who sat back down, looked at his cards and announced that he was all-in. Evans passed and McGrath triumphantly tabled A♠A♥. — RD

6pm: Three-handed chip counts
The chip counts as three-handed play gets underway are as below:

Seat one: Stephen McGrath, 3,000,000
Seat two: Seamus Birt, 2,000,000
Seat three: Richard Evans, 3,500,000

5.55pm: Vincent Buis eliminated in fourth place (€26,800)
And then there were three…

Stephen McGrath opened to 250,000 from under-the-gun, Vincent Buis moved all-in for 965,000 and after the dealer confirmed the amount of the all-in McGrath said: “I call.”

McGrath: 9♥9♣
Buis: A♥K♦

The board ran 6♣Q♦4♥10♣8♦ and despite picking up some more outs on the turn Buis couldn’t pull off the treble-double and had to settle for a fourth place finish. — NW

ukiptdublin_day4_vincent buis.jpg

Buis – bust in fourth

5.50pm: Buis doubles again
Shortly after doubling up with aces Vincent Buis was at it again. Action was started by Seamus Birt who raised to 140,000, Buis moved in for 465,000 and after getting a count Birt made the call.

Birt: A♣8♦
Buis: Q♠Q♦

The Dutchman had found another premium and despite a sweat it held up on a board of 7♦9♦4♣5♦10♣, “Back to a million,” said Buis as he stacked his chips. — NW

5.40pm: Aces and aces
There’s some scared money at this final table and given the money jumps it’s understandable. The play has become incredibly passive, there’s been a number of three- and four-way limped pots, including this one:

Stephen McGrath limps the cut-off, Seamus Birt calls on the button, short stack Vincent Buis made up his small blind and Richard Evans checked his option.

McGrath blasted what looked like 500,000 – around twice the pot – into the K♥2♥8♠ flop and showed aces after everyone passed.

Aces appeared three hands later when Birt jammed the small blind with J♠3♦ and Buis made the call with A♣A♦ for his last 300,000. It held up.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Buis.

This final table is here for the taking, someone just needs to seize the initiative and break the passive cycle that has been settled into since Padraig O’Neill bust in 5th. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000 ante 5,000

5.20pm: Comeback king
There was a brief pause in play whilst players tried to negotiate a deal, Richard Evans was the first to return to the table and during that time we learned that Evans, who was down to two big blinds at one point yesterday, is lucky to have qualified to this tournament in the first place.

“I was down to one big blind in the satellite that I won,” he told me. I also learned that the ex-chef who lives in Portmeirion now works in the accounts office of the village where The Prisoner was filmed. — NW

5.10pm:The Birt and Ernie McGrath show
We’re not heads-up just yet but we might as well be as play in the last 15 minutes has been a private battle between Stephen McGrath and Seamus Birt.

Round One: McGrath raised to 125,000 but folded swiftly when Birt moved all-in for 1,100,000.

Round Two: The next hand McGrath made it 125,000 again and Birt continued the pattern by moving all-in. This time though McGrath asked for a count (1,245,000), he then dwelled, tapped his cards on the table like he was about to fold and then he started reasoning the hand out.

“If you had a nice hand you wouldn’t have bet that much,” he opined. “I think you’ve got ace-king or ace-queen so I’m going to fold,” showing the A♦ as he did so. If the other one’s marginally better I snap call.” To which Birt replied, “I wish you had.”

Round Three:
It passed to McGrath in the small blind and he completed, Birt tapped the table and the two of them saw a 6♠4♣A♠ flop. Check from McGrath, bet of 100,000 from Birt, check-raise to 300,000 by McGrath, call from Birt. Interesting.

The turn was the K♥, bet of 250,000 from McGrath, call from Birt, this pot was now over 1,200,000. The A♥ completed the board, McGrath fired out a third shell, betting 300,000 and Birt quickly called and showed A♦8♣ and McGrath mucked his hand.

After those three clashes Birt is up to 2,400,000 whilst McGrath is down to 1,650,000. — NW

5pm: Four remain
Two stacks of 20 big blinds and two of more than 50. Birt and Buis are the players that need to make a move.

Seat one: Stephen McGrath, 2,800,000
Seat two: Seamus Birt, 1,100,000
Seat three: Vincent Buis, 1,000,000
Seat four: Richard Evans, 3,900,000

Evans and McGrath haven’t been avoiding each other though. Evans opened from the small blind and McGrath defended his big blind. Evans led 275,000 into the 6♥9♣Q♠ flop and McGrath called. Evans led 600,000 into the 8♥ river and McGrath passed. Is Welshman Evans pulling away here? — RD

4.50pm: Buis continuing to ladder
It’s hard to tell how he’s done it but Vincent Buis has somehow laddered himself into a minimum fourth place payout. He’s been mixing curious short stacked limps with all-in shoves and the occasional showdown but, despite starting starting as the second shortest stack, he’s still in it with 1,150,000. Seamus Birt has given him a couple of walks at least which has certainly helped his survival. How far can he go? — RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_vincent buis.jpg

Vincent Buis

4.40pm: Padraig O’Neill eliminated in fifth place (€20,700)
From the small blind Richard Evans limped in and Padraig O’Neill checked his option, innocent enough so far. The flop fell A♠J♠3♥, Evans bet 80,000, O’Neill raised to 210,000 and Evans made the call.

The 4♦ hit the turn, Evans checked, O”Neill bet 460,000 (leaving himself around 200,000 back), Evans moved all-in and O’Neill said call.

Evans: A♥8♠ – top pair
O’Neill: 6♠3♠ – a pair and a flush draw

“Any spade, six or three,” said Dara O’Kearney who let the rest of O’Neill’s rail know what their man needed. But the river was the 9♣ meaning the 23-year-old Irishman was out in fifth, although I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of him on the UKIPT. — NW

ukiptdublin_day4_padraig o'neil.jpg

O’Neill (left) out in fifth

4.30pm: Birt loses two on the bounce
Not a good start to level 27 for Seamus Birt, he’s lost two sizeable pots in the last 15 minutes.

In the first he raised to 125,000 from under-the-gun and Stephen McGrath defended from the big blind. The two of them saw a flop of 6♣4♣Q♦ on which McGrath led for 125,000, call from Birt. The 4♦ fell on the turn and McGrath fired out 250,000 which forced Birt to pass. However it was the second of the two that did the real damage…

From under-the-gun Richard Evans made it 115,000 to go, it folded to Birt who slid out a raise, making it 315,000 in total, call from Evans. The flop came 6♥7♠10♥ Birt c-bet 315,000 only for Evans to move all-in for around 1,550,000.

Despite tanking for around two minutes Birt elected to fold his hand, he;’s down to 1,150,000 whilst Evans is up to 2,350,000. — NW

4.20pm: McGrath leads, five remain
Stephen McGrath is our chip leader with five remaining. Everyone is now guaranteed €20,700 but the top three spots are where the big money lies. There’s €100,000 for the winner, €59,200 for the runner-up.

The final five
Seat one: Padrag O’Neill, 1,190,000
Seat two: Stephen McGrath, 2,910,000
Seat three: Seamus Birt, 2,035,000
Seat four: Vincent Buis, 786,000
Seat five: Richard Evans, 1,665,000

In the last few hands before the break Vincent Buis managed to win three of the last six pots; one shove, one raise and one walk. He is still the short stack on 786,000. Padraig O’Neill is also at risk with 24 big blinds but is unlikely to relinquish his seat without a fight. — RD

ukipt dublin_day 4_stephen mcgrath.jpg

Chip leader with almost three million: Stephen McGrath

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Dublin (and the first result of the 14th page of Google when you search for their name): Rick Dacey (‘London’s Finest Man with a Van’) and Nick Wright (‘Nick Wright Home & Garden’). Photos by Mickey May (‘Making Mickey Mouse Invitation Cards for Children’).


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