UKIPT4 Nottingham2 Day 1B: Level 5-10 updates (600/1,200, ante 200)

May 08, 2014

12:20am: Day 1B is in the books
The second starting flight of UKIPT4 Nottingham2 has come to an end and it looks as if Jude Ainsworth is the overall chip leader with a massive 238,600. That’s some way ahead of the average stack of 70,300. Roughly 118 players made it through the day. A wrap of the day’s events is on the way. Day 1C starts at noon and we’ll be back with all the action then. — NW

12:05am: Last 4 hands
The clock was paused and each table will play 4 more hands before bagging up for the night. –MC

12am: Andros the giant
Andros Spyrou is up to 205,000 after making a good river value bet versus Lawrence Bayley.

Bayley was in the small blind and check-called a 6,300 bet to see the river of a 2♥8♦3♦9♦6♥ board. Spyrou bet 12,500 and his opponent tank called but mucked upon seeing J♦9♠.

Richerd Kellet is also at the table and has gotten his stack up 220,000. — MC

11:50pm: Tournament Snippets
– Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder is finishing the day strongly, he’s up to 86,000.
– There are 126 players left and the average stack is 60,500
– Ashley Fawcett ducts might have sprung a leak as right now as his A♦J♥ lost out to Sam Onion’s pocket jacks for his final 15,000. — NW

11:40pm: Aqua man
Neil Raine has got a couple of the 25k Aqua coloured chips and he’s very happy about it as it’s the first time he’s ever been in possession of them. He’s got other chips too. In fact, he’s up to 130,000 after winning a battle of the blinds.

Martin Hogarty completed from the small blind and called after Raine bumped it up to 3,200 from the big blind. The flop fell 9♥5♠10♠ and both players checked to the 2♣ turn. Hogarty led for 3,600 and Raine called before both players checked the 3♦ river. Raine opened 4♠4♦ and took the pot as Hogarty mucked. — MC

11:30pm: He shoots he scores
Whilst Lawrie Sanchez might not be the only footballer (or ex footballer) in the field today he is the only one who’s scored the winning goal in an FA Cup final. And he just hit the back of the net again as he doubled up in a hand against Winston Cotgreave.

The latter raised to 3,200 with A♣K♥ and called when Sanchez shoved for 15,000 with pocket tens. The 7♦Q♣Q♦9d]4♠ board meant there was no dirty outdraw and Sanchez doubled. — NW

11:20pm: Ainsworth continues his ascent
Jude Ainsworth continues to add chips to his stack…

11:15pm: Jamie Siiiiiighkes
Jamie Sykes had 70,000 with two levels to go. Less than an hour later and he’s a tilting mess of a man at the bar. He vented to the blog as many souls do.

He lost a couple of pots before the pot that really irked him and left him with 5,000.

He bet 8,000 on the turn with the board reading [3][4][6][3] and his opponent called, leaving only 10,000 behind. The river fell as an eight and Sykes’ opponent moved all in. Sykes called with pocket sevens and was shown ace-eight!

Sykes then picked up pocket eights soon after but failed to hold against ace-king.

Here he is in happier times:

Blinds up: 600/1,200, 200 ante

11pm: Last break of the night
That’s the end of level nine and the players are on their last 15 minute break of the day. 136 of 419 players remain. — NW

10:59pm: Chattha crippled in set up
Chaz Chattha has just been on the rough end of a cooler, raising pocket threes and betting 4,000/8,000/18,000 across all three streets of a 10♥7♠3♦K♣A♦ board.

Emanuele Pani was the man who called every street, turning up pocket sevens for a superior set to shatter Chattha’s hopes of winning a big pot.

Chattha down to 12,000 just before the break, whilst a rampaging Pani rises to 140,000. — RS

10:58pm: A few chip counts

John Conroy – 49,000
Kevin Allen – 62,000
John Williams – 48,000
Joeri Zandvliet – 40,000
David Gent – 54,000
Dermot Blain – 44,000
Dean Clay – 26,000
Jonas Luack – 290,000
Duncan McLellan – 50,000
Richard Milner – 155,000


Lauck – chip leader

10:50pm: More fun with Finlay
Robert Finlay loves to be in the action, it didn’t work out well for him second time around though.

He raised to 3,000 before EPT London finalist Kuljinder Sidhu three-bet to 9,000 out of his 54,200 stack. Finlay wasn’t having any of it though and four-bet jammed. Sidhu snap-called all in and the cards were flipped up.

Sidhu: K♥K♦
Finlay: J♠9♠

The flop came J♥8♦8♠ and it caused Sidhu to rise out of his chair. His ending was happy though as the board ran out 4♥Q♦. Finlay dropped to 15,000. — MC

10:42pm: Carnage at the felt
It’s bad enough when variance conspires against you, but sometimes it just feels like the world and his wife want to see your nose rubbed in the dirt.

Emrah Yildiz just experienced that hopeless feeling.

The hand in question was pretty amazing.

It opened with Stuart Macdonald raising to 2,200, re-raised by Robert Finlay to 5,500 on the button.

Emrah Yildiz flat-called from the blinds and Macdonald elected to muck his hand.

Here’s where the controversy began.

Described by Finlay as “a ninja muck,” his cards were thrown so fast across the table, they collided with Yildiz’ cards.

The tournament director was called and Yildiz hand was declared dead, enabling Finlay to win the pot uncontested.

Yildiz was not happy.

He complained bitterly about the situation and a mischievous Finlay now threw fuel on the fire by pretending to be upset at missing the chance to play out the hand…before exposing ten-eight offsuit with a laugh!

Yildiz exploded, banging the table, knocking his chips over before storming away from the table.

“He beat my KK with AQ earlier,” Finlay said with a smile, explaining his decision to needle his opponent.

Finlay rises to 70,000, Yildiz drops to 54,000, though given his current disposition, he may be firing these into the middle sooner rather than later. — RS

10:35pm: Ainsworth’s Law
Jude Ainsworth is up to roughly 200,000 after eliminating Chun Law in a pot worth around 55,000. Law opened to 2,100 from early position and Ainsworth called on the button. On the 6♦8♠J♠ flop Law checked, Ainsworth bet 3,600, Law shoved for 25,000 and Ainsworth snap called.

Ainsworth: 8♣8♥
Law: J♣9♣

The K♥ turn and 10♠ river kept Ainsworth in front and as a result he’s one of the front runners. — NW


Ainsworth – always a danger with chips

10:25pm: Sykes slipping
Jamie Sykes is a frustrated fellow. Not only did he not get an invite to Jamie Burland’s wedding, he also lost two pots in a row to slip to 25,200.

He just shook his head when he lost a pot to Roston Drenthe, who rose to 60,000 and then he had to fold on the turn in a hand.

He and Lewis Swift were heads-up to the turn of a Q♦2♠6♦4♠ board. Swift bet 4,400 and Sykes called. On the A♦ river, Swift led for 7,000 and Sykes folded. Swift opened pocket eights and raked in the pot. — MC

10:15pm: Blind luck
From the expression on Terry Carter’s face when he turned his hand over he hadn’t looked when he shoved for eight big blinds from the small bind. He had 8♠8♣ and had got looked up by Chun Hao Man from the big blind with Q♠10♥.
The 2♣5♥9♦7♣J♠ board mean Carter wasn’t got and he doubled up, much to the chagrin of Steve Watts who wanted to get involved from the button and would’ve spiked a jack on the river. — NW

10:10pm: The beautiful game
Professional footballers have an all-too-short career before knee injuries, accumulated fatigue and just plain old father time catch up with them and the final whistle is blown.

What next? Well for some it is management, others become pundits whilst a healthy proportion flock to the poker tables to take part in an equally competitive, if less physically demanding challenge.

There are at least three high-profile ex and current footballers in the field here. Let’s compare their progress:

Steve Watts. Watts has followed a successful career at a number of clubs including Sutton United and Leyton Orient by turning his hand as a poker professional following his retirement.

He hasn’t managed to build any momentum here – his stack hovering around his 20,000 stack, though he’ll be looking to score a late goal and take a larger stack through to Day 2.

Royston Drenthe. Drenthe is still plying his trade on the grassy felt at Reading, having played for Feyenoord and Real Madrid during his heyday.

He played Day 1a here, but wasn’t able to survive the day, though his second bite of the cherry has proved sweeter – up to 45,000 as we approach the final levels of the day.

Lawrie Sanchez. Perhaps best remembered for scoring the winning goal in the 1988 FA cup final versus Liverpool, Sanchez followed a successful playing career with a stint in management and as a TV pundit.

He has 40,000 chips here, aided most recently by flopping a set in a three-bet pot versus Zigmantas Jockus, who held queens. — RS

10:05pm: When your Lauck’s in
Chip leader Jonas Lauck has further strengthened his position after eliminating Timotheos Timotheou. The latter committed his final 17,000 chips with A♠9♥ but ran smack bang into Lauck’s pocket aces. The 3♥2♠K♠10♥3♠ board was as safe as they come. 182 players remain. — NW

Blinds up: 500/1,000, 100 ante

10pm: So long, farewell
An awful lot of big-name players have departed today so tomorrow could well be packed with sharks if they re-enter. Some recently departed:

Nick Hicks, Sunny Chattha, Riche Allen, Sebastian Saffari, Jack Salter, Alex Goulder, Andrew Seden, John Eames, Matt Davenport, Pieter de Korver, Albert Sapiano and Jamie Burland. — MC

9:50pm: Williams folds to Kellett aggression
James Williams made a confident looking river bet in a hand versus Richard Kellett but looked pained when he was check-raised and eventually folded.

Around 27,000 sat in the middle and the board rested as 8♥J♥7♦5♦K♣. Williams bet 13,000 and was raised enough to cover his remaining 38,000.

“You’ve either played this ridiculously well or I’ve got the best hand,” commented Williams.

He folded and Kellett blew air through his lips as he raked in a pot that got him up to around 90,000. — MC

9:40pm: An orbit with Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder
The PokerStars Blog decided to stop by the last remaining Team Pro in the field and spend an orbit watching his progress. He started the orbit with a little over 30 big blinds and EPT Champion Pieter De Korver for company. This is how the table looked at the start of the orbit:

1.Neil Slade – 37,000
2.Andy Young – 33,000
3.Nick Bemmel – 53,000
4.Mark Gardner – 75,000
5.Peter Charalambous (from hand three) 10,100
6.Pieter De Korver – 55,000
7.Mathis Rose – 50,000
8.Gordon Goodall – 33,000
9.Christophe De Meulder – 20,000


De Meulder is the last remaining Team Pro in action today

The blinds for this orbit start at 300/600 ante 75 and the button begins in seat seven.

Hand one: Andy Young opened to 1,300 from early position, Pieter De Korver three-bet to 2,600 from the cut-off but folded when Young four-bet to 6,000.

Hand two:
It passed to Mathis Rose in the cut-off and he opened to 1,200, Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder then three-bet to 3,400 from the small blind and Rose made the call.

The two players then cautiously took it in turns to check all the way down on a 10♥7♥8♣6♥4♥ board and De Meulder was a little surprised to see that his J♠10♠ was the winner.

Hand three
: Action folded to EPT5 Grand Final champion Pieter De Korver and he opened to 1,400 from middle position, De Meulder three-bet to 3,400 and De Korver smooth called with a high chip toss into the pot.

Both players checked the K♣6♠J♠ flop and the 5♠ fell on the turn. De Korver threw out a bet of 3,000 and De Meulder made the call. The 7♦ completed the board, both players quickly checked and De Korver’s pocket queens were no good against De Meulder’s K♦9♦.

Two in a row for the Team Pro.

Hand four: De Meulder made it a hat-trick of hands as he raised to 1,300 and then called a three-bet of 3,600 from Andy Young who was the small blind. On the Q♠9♥8♠ flop Young check-folded to a bet of 4,025 from De Meulder.

Hand five: Young immediately got some chips back in a hand that went all the way to the river. Pre-flop Gordon Goodall opened to 1,525 and picked up calls from Young (button) and Mark Gardner (big blind). Action was checked to the turn of a J♠2♠J♥6♦ board at which juncture Goodall bet 2,100 and Young was the only caller.

The 7♥ completed the board, Goodall fired out a bet of 6,000 and despite faking to move all-in he folded when Young check-raised to 15,000.

Hand six: The blinds were now 400/800 ante 100 and the first hand at the new level produced the biggest pot of the orbit. De Korver raised to 1,800 from under-the-gun and called when Nick Bemmel three-bet to 4,200. On the 6♣K♣3♥ flop Bemmel c-bet, De Korver check-raised small and Bemmel called.

There was now roughly 25,000 in the pot as the Q♦ fell on the turn, De Korver slowed down, checking to Bemmel who bet 12,000, call from De Korver. On the 7♣ river Bemmel moved all-in for 20,500 and sent De Korver deep into the tank. It was Dutch on Dutch action and it would cost De Korver roughly two thirds of his stack to call. He looked back at his hand a number of times before folding A♥K♠ face-up.


Did De Korver make the right de-cision

Hand seven: Rose was involved once again, raising it up to 1,600 from under-the-gun, Mark Gardner three-bet to 3,500 from the button and Rose called the 1,900 extra. On the Q♠4♥7♣ flop Gardner bet 3,300 but folded when Rose made it 7,800 to go.

Hand eight: Bemmel raised to 1,700 from late position and Rose called from the big blind. A c-bet of 1,900 on the 9♠J♣8♦ flop was enough to earn Bemmel the pot.

Hand nine: On the last hand of the orbit we had another showdown and it was an all-in to boot. Action folded to Peter Charalambous and he moved all-in for 6,500 with A♣10♣ and he got a call from Rose with pocket tens. The board was a rollercoaster as it came K♣4♣4♠2♣4♥ and after going ahead on the turn Charalambous was felted by the river card.

So a good orbit for Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder, a painful one for Pieter De Korver and a very profitable one for Nick Bemmel. — NW


De Meulder – orbiting upwards

9:30pm: Blind wars
The blinds now represent juicy chunks of many of the players stacks. The wars to claim them are becoming increasingly vicious – a slew of players falling in their bids to claim those uncontested chips in the middle.

Already half the field has been shorn – just 207 players now remain from the 419 who entered. — RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Tournament Room_M3DM7484.jpg

War has broken out in the cardroom

9:25pm: Pure Lauck
Jonas Lauck has risen from the pack to lead the charge – having accumulated an incredible 246,000 chips.

This puts him some way clear of his fellow players and although there are still 2 levels to play out this evening – he is the current favourite to head the field come the end of the day.

Lauck is one of those who exercised his option to re-enter the tournament having been eliminated yesterday, showing the interesting permutations this format can throw up.

In another tournament he would be just another name on the roster of also-rans. The re-entry system means his hope of UKIPT glory lives on. — RS

9:10pm: Allen Downes Isaac
Kevin Allen moved up to around 80,000 chips after Isaac Downes emptied the clip in a semi-bluff and bluff move.

Downes opened from under the gun and was called in two spots, including Allen in the cut-off. The board ran out 10♣K♠5♦8♠5♠ and Downes bet 2,200, 6,500 and all in for 21,000. Allen was the only caller and snapped off the river shove with 10♥10♦ for a set.

Downes showed A♣Q♣, got up from his seat, shook Allen’s hand and made his exit. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400/800, ante 100

8.45pm: Take a break guys
The end of level seven signals the penultimate 15 minute break of the evening. Things are starting to get serious now – there are stacks rising from the pack like dinosaurs – looking to claw, chomp and trample their way to the top.

Come the end of the day who will be the T-Rex and who will be the small insect trapped in amber? Time will tell… see you all in 15.–RS

8:44pm: Brammer gambles, busts
Chris Brammer went for the lot but ended up with nothing. A few players have told the blog these past two days that they would play their draws aggressively as it’s a re-entry. That’s exactly what Brammer just did.

He raised from early position and called after Ronan Gilligan three-bet from the big blind. The flop fanned 3♥9♦10♥ and Gilligan led out into a 6,000-pot and called after Brammer shoved for about 26,000.

Brammer: K♥J♠ for overs and a gutshot.
Gilligan: Q♣Q♦ for an over pair that are blockers to Brammer’s draw.

Brammer picked up more outs on the 8♠ turn but the 2♦ river was a brick. — MC

8:42pm: Hey Jude, take a small stack and make it bigger
Jude Ainsworth is going along well, but he just hit a minor bump in the road, doubling up tablemate Hak-hyun Lee.

Having raised the button to 1,200, Lee shoved from the small blind for his small stack of 8,600. Ainsowrth looked a little frustrated but then put in the additional chips with A♦4♣.

It turned out he wasn’t in bad shape really, Lee showing down A♣5♣ with a chop the most likely outcome from the hand.

Those thoughts were soon scotched though as an A♠5♣9♦Q♠J♥ board peeled off to give Lee two pair and award him the 17,500 pot.

Ainsworth down to a still-respectable 34,000… –RS

8:35pm: Moneymaker’s cheesy dip

The man many give the credit to for the online boom in poker, Chris Moneymaker, has departed.

He’s never really managed to gain traction today. It’s been one long grind and his final move, a shortstack shove over the top of a David La Ronde raise, was to be his undoing.

La Ronde called with A♥J♥ leaving Moneymaker to table 6♣7♣ – behind but live and in with a shot.

“Watch me double up with this piece of cheese,” he told the rail.

The flop looked like it had a cheesy tinge to it, the K♠8♥5♦ giving Moneymaker an open-ended straight draw.

The turn however was devoid of dairy assistance, coming the 8♦ and the Q♦ on the river confirmed all the cheddar was heading La Ronde’s way (up to 55,000).

“See you guys tomorrow!” Moneymaker said cheerfully as he brie-zed away. –RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Chris Moneymaker_M3DM7521.jpg

Moneymaker’s exit is a feta-complis

8:30pm: Lucky David Lappin up chips
What’s better than flopping a set? An opponent flopping a smaller set is what.

David Lappin’s stack is touching 110,000 after he and Ben Winsor both flopped sets. The chips went in on a [7][2][a] flop and Windor saw the bad news. He actually turned a flush draw but the river bricked to send him to the rail and the 60k-plus pot went the way of the Irishman. — MC

8.20pm: Hemsworth out but looking to re-enter
“I got it all-in with jacks against ace-king,” Simon Hemsworth told me as he wandered towards the bar, player bag in hand. That was enough of an indicator that he hadn’t won this particular flip. “I flopped a set, but he (Phillip Corion) flopped a flush draw and go there.”

He intimated that he wanted to play tomorrow but wasn’t sure if the day was already full or not. The PokerStars Blog pointed him in the direction of the £50 re-buy satellite that’s just started at Dusk Till Dawn. Seats for the winners of that are guaranteed and there’s at least 20 guaranteed in the satellite. Late registration in that is open to 10pm so if you’re in Nottingham come on down. — NW

8.15pm: 419 come out for Day 1B
At the start of play we thought that the size of the Day 1B field might be roughly double that of Day 1A, which attracted 175 entrants. Well it smashed that number as 419 players showed up. Of those players 259 are still in their seats making the average stack 32,350. — NW

8:10pm: Chip counts for returning players
Level 7 has started for all players. Here are some counts from those returning:

Danny Laming – 19,000
Sunil Mistri – 12,000
Richard Milner – 41,000
Sunny Chattha – 23,000
Jamie Sykes – 63,000
Tom Hall – 14,200
David La Ronde – 41,000
Richard Kellett – 30,000
Brett Angell – 7,600
Richie Allen – 13,000
Jack Salter – 16,000
Steve Watts – 21,000
Sam Grafton – 43,000

UKIPT4_Nott2_Alex Goulder.jpg

Alex Goulder – 11,300

Paul Zimbler – 37,000
David Gent – 46,000
Basharat Mahmood – 91000
Royston Drenthe – 56000
George Alexander – 55000
Jamie O’Connor – 55000
Chris Lang – 54000
Ross Logie – 52000
Christian Solvag – 52000
Iaron Lightbourne – 48000
James Williams – 48000
Leo Mcclean – 47500
Shu Cai – 45000
Greg Hayles – 43000
Tom McCready – 17000

7.50pm: Pot less
As you’d expect the pace of exits has increased in line with the blinds and a number of big names have fallen by the wayside. Renee Xie, James Morris, Simon Deadman, Rhys Jones and Nick Slade are among those to have been eliminated recently. — NW

7:35pm: Little victories
Another player to benefit from the breaking of ‘table Moneymaker’ is Simon Hemsworth. He’s finally got his head about water.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300/600 ante 75

7:26pm: Gryko and Adeniya depart
Richard Gryko and Martins Adeniya have both been eliminated.

Gryko got the last of his chips in with pocket tens but failed to stay ahead of Jack O’Neill’s ace-jack.

Adeniya was a little perplexed by his exit. Daniel Tighe raised from the hijack and called after Adeniya three-bet all in for 20 big blinds with king-five. Tighe found a call with 7♥8♥ and hit on an A♠3♣J♥7♦J♠ board. — MC

7.20pm: Money on the move
The table that Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker was on has broken and he’s now been moved to a new table. His new ‘on felt friends’ include Jude Ainsworth, Carlo Citrone and Kyriacos ‘Greek Jack’ Dionysiou. — NW

7.05pm: Bull’s Eye
UKIPT London winner Robbie Bull isn’t setting the tournament on fire just yet, but his dream of becoming a double UKIPT champ is still well alive.

It helps to make a hand or two of course.

Moments ago, he raised from UTG to 1,000 and was called by Andrew Seden in the big blind.

The flop fell 10♦8♥8♠, Seden checked and Bull led for 1,600. Call.

The turn was the A♠ check, 2,200 from Bull and again Seden called.

Come the rivered 2♠ the pattern continued. Seden checked, Bull pondered his decision in his usual quiet, deliberate fashion before firing out a further 3,600.

Seden threw out a 5k chip to call, only for Bull to table 8♠9♠ for flopped trips.

It was good for the pot – Bull rises to 28,000, Seden drops to 9,500. — RS

6:55pm: Gone for now, back tomorrow?
There’s no easy way to say this but we lost so many players (49 to be exact) during the last level that we can’t list them all. We can list some of them though and can tell you that: Rich Trigg, Matthias De Meulder, Jack Ellwood, Dean Lyall, Timothy Chung, James Tomlin, Alli Mallu and Iqbal Ahmed are all out. 297 players remain. — NW


Ellwood has been ejected

6:45pm: Tales from the hungry
Some snippets from around the room:

Kevin Williams once owned a very healthy stack. He has no stack now. A couple of nameless former table mates said of his demise:

“He gave them away!”

“He got a bit excited with nines.”

Sam Grafton is doing better. He bet 5,000 on the turn of a 9♠3♣2♣5♥ board and got an opponent to fold.

EPT Grand Final runner up Jack Salter also got an opponent to fold to move up to 26,000. He bet 9,225 on the river of a 9♠9♣A♣2♦10♥ board and showed pocket threes when his opponent folded.

“Showing my one bluff for the day. Get paid later!” added Salter. — MC

6:40pm: Switcharoo
Those who were on break are now back in their seats playing level six, whilst the half of the field that have just completed that level are forming a queue at the buffet. — NW

6:25pm: Big stacks and big names on break
The PokerStars Blog whipped round the tables of the players currently on break and got the counts of the names, notables and big stacks:

Chris Moneymaker: 15,300
Duncan McLellan – 56,000
Nick Slade – 3,600
Neil Raine – 42,700
Dara Davey – 33,700
Chaz Chattha – 43,525
Rhys Jones – 21,300
Simon Deadman – 14,000
James Browning – 27,500
Lefteris Stylianou – 67,700
Dominic Pierse – 66,000
Andros Spyrou – 58,175
Devraj Bhattacharya – 50,500
Steve Warburton – 9,000
Robbie Bull – 19,100
Andrew Chen – 43,400


Moneymaker has had an up and down day

Phillip Corion – 48,000
Dermot Blain – 6,600
Richard Gryko – 7,900
Jonas Lauck – 60,500
Martins Adeniya – 5,125
John Eames – 19,400
Pieter De Korver – 19,100
Ronan Gilligan – 43,800
Chris Brammer – 5,400
John Conroy – 51,300
Matti De Meulder – 3,700
Nick Hicks – 9,050
Patrick Lawless – 50,575
Jude Ainsworth – 23,000
Carlo Citrone – 36,100
Jamie Burland – 28,700


It’s not going Blain’s way

6pm: Things looking up for Burland
Jamie Burland is just on his one hour dinner break but he told us the day has gone reasonably well.

“I had a pretty tough table early on but made some better hands to get to 25,000. I’ve just been moved though – hopefully this table should be a bit better!”

Two other counts from the felt:
Paul Zimbler – 45,000
Alex Goulder – 8,000
— RS

5.50pm Davenport fights back with spiked club
Matthew Davenport was looking tired and lacking a little fight, his chip stack depleted just a few moments ago.

When he went to war preflop with Adam Topping with A♣9♠ and Topping turned over the superior J♠J♦, it looked as though his tournament may have run its course.

A board of 5♣Q♣6♦8♣ looked set to end his run – although crucially, he had picked up a club flush draw, giving him a plethora of outs to win the hand.

Naturally the J♣ arrived on the river to give Topping a cruel set but Davenport the nut flush.

Davenport appeared to have already been resigned to his fate however, shaking hands with his opponent and preparing to leave the table.

The vocal Renee Xie came to his assistance. “No! NO! NO! You have a flush!” she said gesticulating at the board wildly.

The truth dawned on Davenport and he retook his seat for the remaining 30 seconds before his dinner break – now the proud owner of a playable 18,000 stack.

No doubt some sustinance along with reflection on his fortune may give him renewed vigour when he returns for level six. — RS

5:50pm: Table of doom disrupted
The PokerStars Blog noted earlier that table 57, which contained Jamie Sykes, Martins Adeniya and David Gent, to name just three, was particularly tough. It’s just been broken and UKIPT regular Dean Clay had this to say on that event: “I’m definitely not upset about that,” no doubt in part because he’d just doubled up and fancied his chances of further building his stack at a different table. — NW

5.45pm: Howard’s way
Fair play to Michael Howard. He made a very hard call against Richard Trigg for all his chips, and in turn, left Trigg crippled.

Howard was out of position and checked across all three streets of an 8♣10♥K♥8♠10♣ board to the British pro who bet 1,700, 2,800 and all in for 13,100.

Howard check-called all the way, the river call all in took him a good bit of time though. “Good call,” said Trigg before following it up with, “Wow!” after he saw his opponent’s J♦J♥. Trigg could only muster A♥J♠ and dropped to 2,000 chips. — MC

5:40pm: Split Dinner Break
As per yesterday, half the field are now taking a break to enjoy the DTD buffet whilst the other half play out level six. They’ll swap places in one hour. — RS

Blinds up: 200/400, 50 ante

5:35pm: Some chip updates
More than 80 players have busted out so far, but here are how some of the 327 remaining players are getting on: Christopher Wood (34,000), John Eames (14,000), Jamie Sykes (30,225), Steve Warburton (9,500) and Simon Hemsworth (17,500). — NW

5:30pm: Fallen Warriors
The boulevard of broken dreams lies scattered with vanquished combatants. These men and women are the latest to see their hopes of UKIPT glory shredded to pulp:

337 Benjamin Jenkins
338 Darren Copus
339 Shahla Javadi
340 John Cozens
341 Matthew Townsend
342 Caicai Huang
343 Gordon Huntly

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Ben Jenkins_M3DM7797.jpg

Jenkins: Suited, booted and uprooted

344 Armin Kleitsch
345 Patrick Clarke
346 Ronald Guevara
347 Dahe Liu
348 Kyle Maguire
349 Lee Dixon
350 Francois Goulet
351 Terry Jordon
352 John Haigh
353 Jimmy Cinquemani
354 Robert White
355 Jack Allen


5:25pm: Salter Passes Straight
Jack Salter was just faced with a tough decision on the river of a K♣2♥Q♠10♠J♥ board, having led out for 2,000 and been raised to 6,400 by tablemate Philip Duffey.

“Hmmmm. Can you be bluffing sometimes here?” he mused out loud. A 2 minute period of thought was followed with Salter passing J♦9♦ for the second nut straight – a decision that was instantly rewarded by his opponent showing down A♠K♣ for the nuts.

Salter’s accurate decision-making processes have yielded a stack of 33,000 so far. Duffey has around 31,500 himself. — RS

5:20pm: O’Kearney sees the funny side
It’s fair to say Dara O’Kearney – who’s on his second bullet in this tournament – is living up to the Irish reputation of looking on the bright side. His day so far was encapsulated by this hand against Leo McLean.

But he’s managed to find a silver lining:

5:20pm: Money follows money
Chris Moneymaker was as low as 1,600 one level ago but he’s back up to 14,500 now and it appears the biggest road block he’s faced this level is getting his lime successfully into his beer. — NW

5:10pm: Nuts after nuts for McLellan?
“Come on, show this hand!” yelled Peter Charalambous after Duncan McLellan raked in a pot to move up to 63,000.

The UKIPT Isle of Man champion opened A♠6♠ for the nut flush. “Nuts after nuts,” added Charalambous. McLellan just smiled.

The action had been three-way to a 4♠10♠2♠ flop and Richard Trigg saw his 1,200 bet called by both McLellan and Michael Howard.

On the 8♣ turn the action checked around to Howard who bet 2,800. McLellan raised it up to 6,075 and both opponents folded. — MC

4:53pm: Adeniya in the break
Full Tilt Poker Tour Ambassador Martins Adeniya was down to 11,000 in the second break. The blog caught up with him to find out about his day.

“My table’s quite tough actually. I late-registered and have David Gent, Jamie Sykes and Danny Lamming with me. So far, I haven’t been able to get anything going and have bluffed off half my stack. I’m slowly rebuilding at the moment but my timing has been a bit off so far.

“I feel like players are playing their draws a lot more aggressively because it’s a re-entry tournament. I put on the pressure a lot at the start as it is a re-entry but it didn’t work out. Now I’m playing it like a normal tournament.” — MC


Adeniya – has been changing gears throughout

4:40pm: Level four exits
A total of 28 players were eliminated during level four, amongst them were: EPT winner Zimnan Ziyard, WSOP bracelet holder Barny Boatman and Team PokerStars Online’s Vicente Delgado.

356 Zimnan Ziyard
357 Nicholas Athanasiou
358 Alan Brown
359 Danny Blair
360 Javed Ullah
361 David Orrin
362 Colin Tang
363 Alan Mansbridge
364 Leon Campbell
365 David Rawnsley
366 Sarah Hannan
367 Raimon Kruytzer
368 Glyn Cooke
369 Carl Boreham
370 Matthew Kirk
371 Vincent Campbell
372 Brandon Sheils
373 Thomas Dunwoodie
374 Amar Hussona
375 Tony Vu
376 Barny Boatman
377 Brendan Olidi
378 Aleksandras Voisnis
379 Graham Aimson
380 Paul Mctaggart
381 Nico Hutcheon
382 Thomas Zhang
383 Vicente Delgado

4:40pm: Some gassing with Grafton caught up with UKIPT stalwart Sam Grafton to talk about a busy live poker schedule, SCOOP and why he has so much fun at UKIPT events. He’s going well so far at UKIPT4 Nottingham2 as he’s up to 41,000. — NW

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham2: Marc Convey, Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.


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