UKIPT5 Nottingham Day 1B: Level 1-6 updates (250/500 ante 50)

April 15, 2015

4:55pm: Tea time
Players have now gone on break as we’ve reached the end of level 6. You’ll find level seven updates in a new post shortly. –JS

4:45pm: Geilich straight back at it
As we alluded to below Ludovic Geilich is now playing the Main Event, and in true Ludo style has wasted little time getting involved.
He opened in early position and then called when Antoan Katsarov three-bet to 3,000 from the small blind. The flop was an interesting 4♦K♦Q♦, Katsarov c-bet 2,500 and Geilich smooth called. No one bet the 8♦ turn but Geilich bet 2,500 on the 9♠ river and Katsarov released his hand. — NW

4:40pm: A pretty ridiculous table
The latest wave of entrants include Max Silver, Jack Salter, Craig McCorkell and Ludovich Geilich, all of whom are fresh off Day 2 of the High Roller. There’s an interesting dynamic developing at one table, with Silver, Ben Vinson, Salter and Christopher Brammer all sat in a row. Throw Simon Higgins into the mix as well and that’s not a table we’d like to sit at any time soon. Salter agreed, calling it “a pretty ridiculous table”. –JS

4:20pm: High Roller in the money
The High Roller is now on the bubble as they’ve gone from 12 players to eight in short order. Craig McCorkell, Ian Simpson, Keith Johnson Max Silver and Ludovic Geilich are those who’ve lost their chips.

Geilich was kind enough to tell us about how he bubbled. “Mitch (Johnson) opened, I jammed about 50,000 (20 big blinds) with pocket nines and he’s got kings,” Geilich went on to bemoan his bad track record at Dusk Till Dawn, “I’ve never cashed here, it’s my bogey place. I’ve bubbled three tournaments here, I should have just walked away on the bubble.”

So now just seven remain and this is how they stack up, everyone is now guaranteed £7,800

2 1 Tom Hall, 287,000
2 3 Thiago Nishijima, 170,000
2 4 Matas Cimbolas, 340,000
2 5 Ivan Luca, 170,000
2 6 Mitchell Johnson, 140,000
2 7 Bryn Kenney, 64,000
2 8 Felix Vincent Stephensen, 98,000


The high roller final table during the bubble

Blinds up: 250/500 ante 50

4:05pm: All is not what it seems
After flopping two pair, Chirac Thanki was probably feeling pretty good about his hand. His A♦8♦ certainly looked good on the 8♥9♥A♣ flop, enough for him to raise Valentin Svilenov’s 1,600 bet up to 4,500. The 6♦ turn was a little scary, though. After the river bricked any further straight or flush draws, Thanki called Svilenov’s all-in shove, only to find out that he’d turned the straight with 10♥7♥. As it happened, it was a fantastic flop for Svilenov too, as his straight and flush draw would win almost 49 per cent of the time. With that call, Thanki is eliminated from the tournament. Will he re-buy? We’ll find out. –JS

4pm: Cody climbing
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody is already up to 60,000 and the PokerStars Blog saw him win a pot to climb to that peak.
In the first hand Philippe Souki raised to 900 from early positon, Cody flat called on the button and from the big blind David Turofsky did likewise. The action checked to Cody on the J♥5♠10♣ flop, Cody bet 1,600 and Souki was the only caller. The UKIPT3 London final tablist called another 2,900 on the 3♦ turn and the 9♠ completed the board.

This time Souki changed tactics, leading into Cody for 5,900, the triple-crown winner considered his options for a decent amount of time before raising to 20,000 and Souki instantly released his hand. He’s dropped to 17,800 as a result. –NW


Cody is off to a great start

Blinds up: 200/400 ante 50

3:45 pm: Exits
A few more exits to tell you about with the following players all having busted…for now. This is a re-entry tournament after all. Alex Goulder, Martin Hughes, Niall Mcaleer, Sacha Brookes, Van Tuan Phan, Haoran Cai, Carlos Citara and Stewart Jones are all out. –NW

3:30pm: No rest for the High Rollers
An increasing amount of players who came back for Day 2 of the High Roller are hopping straight into the main event. Ben Dobson and Niall Farrell are now starting to try and spin up their 25,000 starting stacks, with Farrell taking down the first pot he played.

Meanwhile, one player who busted the high roller yesterday faced a tough river decision. Rhys Jones was contemplating calling Zhung Ming Lao’s 2,650 river bet on a K♥8♠5♠K♠2♣ board. It clearly wasn’t an easy decision for Jones, but he ultimately put the chips in the middle. Lao showed A♠3♠ for the nut flush and scooped the pot. –JS

They’re down to 12 players in the High Roller, with seven getting paid there’s plenty of short stacks looking for a double up, whilst it’s Thiago Nishijima who leads with 230,000. Tom Hall (210,000) and Matas Cimbolas (195,000) are also well placed.

Table 13:
13 1 Craig Mccorkell, 17,200
13 4 Ivan Luca, 175,000
13 5 Felix Vincent Stephensen, 31,000
13 6 Mitchell Johnson, 35,000
13 7 Max Silver, 141,000
13 8 Thiago Nishijima, 230,000


Thiago Nishijima

Table 14
14 2 Tom Hall, 210,000
14 4 Matas Cimbolas, 195,000
14 5 Ian Simpson, 37,000
14 6 Ludovic Geilich, 72,000
14 7 Keith Johnson, 46,000
14 8 Bryn Kenney, 58,000


Keith Johnson

To get to this stage some players had to be eliminated of course, below is the list of who’s finished where so far today.

13 Jack Salter
14 Ben Dobson
15 Niall Farrell
16 Iaron Lightbourne
17 Marius Wolmarans
18 Rapinder Cheema
19 Olivia Boeree
20 Christopher Brammer
21 Elior Sion

3pm: Cody in the house
We’re up to 102 players in the Main Event and Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody is among them. He suffered a brutal exit in the High Roller yesterday, but given the cards involved he thankfully was able to see the funny side of it.

2:55pm: A cruel river and the number of the beast
We picked up the action at table 23 following a raise to 800 pre-flop from David Williams. It was called three times and a flop of 10♥5♣Q♠ fell. Williams continued for 1,000 and Olov Jansson looked it up. The 4♠ turn was checked by Williams, prompting Jansson to take a 2,000 stab at the point which was called. The board was completed by the K♦, completing any up/down or gutshot straight draws that were out there. Jansson’s 3,600 river bet was called and Williams turned over A♥K♥ for a rivered pair of kings. It turned out that king helped Jansson’s hand too, but his K♣J♣ was no good.

Meanwhile, there were some wicked things going on at another table where we saw a 6♥6♣6♠ flop. The run-out wouldn’t be too evil on any player, however, as one small bet from Mark Karoullas was enough to take it down. –JS

2:50pm: Gone but never to be forgotten
Regardless of what happens here in the next few days we just had the most important moment of the week. As the players returned from their break Simon Trumper took to the microphone, paused the tournament clocks and the entire room fell silent for a minutes silence for Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott who sadly passed away last week.

It was impeccably observed by all inside Dusk Till Dawn as poker players paid their respects to a man, who quite likely, got many of them interested in the game. He was a legned, a pioneer, the king of the one liner and one of the few poker players simply known by just one name. Here’s to you Devilfish, you will never be forgotten and poker owes you a massive debt of gratitude. — NW


2:40pm: Chip counts from the break
Below are selected chip counts from the start of level four. It’s Du Wang who’s jumped out to an early lead, whilst Chris Brammer, Ben Jackson and Keith Hawkins have also made good starts.

Du Wang, United Kingdom, 71,000
Khadam Hussain, United Kingdom, 55,000
Chris Brammer, United Kingdom, 39,700
Ben Jackson, United Kingdom, 37,725
Thomas Postlethwaite, United Kingdom, 37,500
Kuljinder Sidhu, United Kingdom, 35,000
Keith Hawkins, United Kingdom, 34,750
Daniel Charlton, United Kingdom, 34,525
Chris Sly, United Kingdom, 34,200
Rhys Jones, United Kingdom, 33,600
Leo McClean, United Kingdom, 30,700


Rhys Jones

Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, 27,800
Billy Chattaway, United Kingdom, 27,300
Simon Deadman, United Kingdom, 26,300
James Browning, United Kingdom, 23,625
Richard Blacklock, United Kingdom, 22,625
Yucel Eminoglu, United Kingdom, 19,600
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 18,700
Simon Higgins, United Kingdom, 18,000
Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 15,350
Richard Kellett, United Kingdom, 6,525
Alex Goulder, United Kingdom, 2,000


Alex Goulder

Blinds up: 150/300 ante 25

2:20pm: First break of the day
It’s the end of level three and players have gone on a 20 minute break. –JS

2:15pm: Chips are flying
With players settled in, chips are certainly beginning to move around, and we were around from the early stages of what turned into a very large pot indeed. Four players had called Antoan Katsarov’s 2,250 pre-flop bet, leading to a dry 2♣7♦5♠ rainbow flop. It’s not the kind of board you’d usually expect to see a lot of action, but with so much in the pot already it’s hard not to put up a fight.

Katsarov put out a continuation bet from under the gun of 3,750 which was called in two spots by Oliver Classen and David Denny. The turn was the J♦, bringing a diamond flush draw. Katsarov opted to check over to Classen, who led out for 7,500. He found a caller in Denny, but not in the initial raiser who let his hand go. The river was the 9♥, missing the flush and not bringing much else. Both players decided to check, and Classen’s pocket kings were clearly more than enough to rake in a not-too-shabby 35,000 pot. –JS

2:10pm: Power poker from Brammer
Did Chris Brammer have it? We’ll never know but he just picked up a nice pot courtesy of a pre-flop three-bet. Soleiman Masud limped from under-the-gun, two seats along Stelian Alexandru Bot bumped the price up to 775, only for Brammer to then raise to 2,700. Chi Zhang briefly looked interested but he folded as did everyone else, Bot showing the A♥ as he did so. — NW

2pm: Win with the ace high
The PokerStars Blog arrived at table 35 to see Daniel Charlton giving Robert Malvasi a quizzical look. Perhaps he liked his face, or perhaps it was because Malvasi had bet 3,000 on the river of a J♣10♣2♥4♦9♥ board.
Charlton then turned his attention back to the board itself and began working through the hand in his head, he eventually settled on calling and Malvasi showed A♣K♣, he’d pipped Charlton as he had looked him up with A♦Q♦. “That was the one I didn’t think you had,” said Charlton. — NW

1:50pm: Strong start for Cai
Haoran Cai just won a chunky pot in a hand against Liangsheng Lin. The PokerStars Blog only caught the river action but on a complete board of Q♠J♥Q♥4♥10♦ Cai bet 3,500 into a pot of 8,300 and Lin looked him up. Cai rolled over A♥ and Lin looked back at his cards before mucking. — NW

1:40pm: Not how you start, but how you finish
Poker isn’t just about being dealt a great starting hand, as Richard Blacklock just proved. With 1,025 in the middle, Blacklock called a bet of 450 from Adam Owen after a 2♦10♥7♥ flop. The turn was the 6♦, which saw another bet from Owen, this time of 1,025. After making the call, the river was a seemingly insignificant 4♠. This time Owen slowed down, and checked over to Blacklock who put out two yellow chips and one red for 2,500. Owen made the call and saw the bad news – Blacklock showed his 6♥4♦ for runner runner two pair and the winning hand, as Owen mucked. The float on the flop turned out very well indeed. –JS


Richard Blacklock

1:35pm: From the high roller to the main event
Chris Brammer has been knocked out of the High Roller and has immediately decided to hop into the Main Event. He’s been seated at the same table as Ben Vinson. The latter played the High Roller yesterday but failed to make Day 2 another player who that applies to is Simon Higgins and he too is playing the Main Event today. — NW

Blinds up: 100/200 ante 25

1:25pm: One out
We’re up to 76 entries in the Main Event but only 75 players are left in, as Richard Norfolk is the first player to have been eliminated today. — NW

1:15pm: Some more familiar faces
Players are continuing to take their seats for Day 1B, including some familiar faces from the UK poker scene. Leo McClean, who had his breakout tournament at EPT London in October 2013 where he finished third for £249,850, has pulled up a pew at table 35 alongside one of the UK’s best online tournament players, Rhys Jones. Playing under the screen name ‘floppinhel’, Jones has amassed more than $1.7million in PokerStars tournament winnings, most recently taking down the Bigger $162, $160K Gtd at the end of March for $29,952. We’ll keep an eye out and see if the pair tangle in any pots throughout the day. –JS

1:05pm: High Roller resumes
Day 2 of the High Roller has just started. A total of 21 players returned, the top seven will get paid and the winner will collect £46,800. Felix Stephensen is the current chip leader, with Ivan Luca, Rapinder Cheema and Ludovic Geilich also well placed. We’ll be providing occasional updates on this as the day progresses. Below though is the start of day seat draw.

Table 12:
12 1 Craig Mccorkell
12 2 Marius Wolmarans
12 3 Matas Cimbolas
12 4 Mitchell Johnson
12 5 Ludovic Geilich
12 6 Niall Farrell
12 7 Jack Salter

Table 13:
13 1 Felix Vincent Stephensen
13 2 Keith Johnson
13 3 Tom Hall
13 4 Ian Simpson
13 5 Iaron Lightbourne
13 6 Christopher Brammer
13 7 Ben Dobson

Table 14
14 1 Olivia Boeree
14 2 Elior Sion
14 3 Frank Lucas
14 4 Rapinder Cheema
14 5 Thiago Nishijima
14 6 Max Silver
14 7 Bryn Kenney


Felix Stephensen leads the High Roller

Blinds up: 75/150

12:50pm: Sly takes a big pot
Chris Sly is playing his second Day 1, he busted out in a huge coin flip late on Day 1A on Sunday and is back for more today. He’s off to a great start, winning a big pot against Richard Jones. It was actually Jones who was first to enter the pot, raising to 325 from under-the-gun, Chin Chai Koh called from middle position, Sly then three-bet to 800 and both players called.

So the pot was already big by the time the 8♣9♠2♠ flop hit the felt, it checked to Sly, he bet 1,000 and Jones was the only caller. The 6♦ fell on the turn, Sly bet 3,100 and Jones called again. The 9♦ completed the board, Sly bet 5,000 into a pot of 12,250 and Jones grimaced a little before folding his hand. — NW

12:40pm: Everyone loves a chop pot
The early levels of tournaments are normally rather timid affairs – nobody wants to bust after just half an hour of play, after all. But a big pot was brewing on Day 1B between Martin Hughes and Thomas Busst which saw them both putting more than a fifth of their stacks in the middle.

We caught up the action after the river, with the board showing K♥2♠J♥2♣2♥. Any pair would give the player a full house, whilst the case deuce would provide a winning hand of quads. With an already healthy amount of yellow 1,000 chips in the middle, Hughes threw out a blue 5,000 chip. Did he have quads? Busst didn’t think so, and made a pretty quick call. Hughes turned over K♠J♠ for deuces full of kings – his flopped two pair having turned into a boat on the river. Busst let out a smile and turned over his hand – K♣J♦. The pot would need to be split equally between the two players, and you know what they say… –JS

12:20pm: Hawkins versus Deadman
Two of the biggest names in the field are sat side by side at table 21 and it didn’t take too long for Keith Hawkins and Simon Deadman to clash in a pot.

There was 300 in the pot by the time they reached the turn of a 2♦10♠A♥K♠ board. Hawkins led out for 150 from the small blind, Deadman raised to 500 from the big, Niall Mcaleer folded the button and Hawkins flicked in the extra.
The 4♥ completed the board and both players opted to check, Hawkins, who has of course got a ton of poker experience, knew he had the winner and showed A♠6♣ to take the pot.

Both Hawkins (23rd) and Deadman (16th) went deep in the Irish Open earlier this month but despite all their live success both are still looking for their first UKIPT final table. Hawkins has a catalogue of deep runs with 21st, 23rd and 37th place finishes whilst Deadman has previously finished 20th, 32nd and 34th in UKIPT Main Events.


The vastly experienced Keith Hawkins

12:10pm: Go!
Play has started here at Dusk Till Dawn. — NW

12pm: Back for more on Day 1B
If Day 1A on Sunday felt more like an auxiliary Day 1 then that’s because it was. It was a chance for players who can’t get time off work during the week to be able to play a UKIPT Main Event without having to take a single day off work. Forty players took up that opportunity, but we’re expecting far more to show up today for the second of four starting flights in this £1,000,000 GTD Main Event.

The structure for today will, of course, be exactly the same as Sunday, 10 levels each of which is 45 minutes in length. Players will take a break after every three levels and begin with 25,000 in chips. Should the noon start time prove a little early then late risers can enter the fray until the start of the seventh level.


Players are being called to their seats and action should be under way shortly.

Key UKIPT5 Nottingham Facts:

– 25,000 starting stack
– Blinds starting at 50/100 for 250 big blinds
– Day 1B is today, Days 1C and 1D take place Thursday and Friday, the field will then combine for the first time on Saturday before playing down to a winner on Sunday. Cue quaffing of champagne and awkward posing for the winners photo whilst the runner-up wishes he (or she) was anywhere else.
-The UKIPT structure has been tweaked for Season 5. Levels on Day 1 are now 45 minutes, on Day 2 that increases to 60 minutes.
– Full UKIPT5 Nottingham schedule here
– Satellites to this event are still running. Tonight is the last chance to qualify online at PokerStars. There are also live satellites at Dusk Till Dawn. They take place today and tomorrow starting at 7pm and are all £100+£10 re-buys.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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