UKIPT5 Nottingham: Level 7-10 updates (blinds 600/1,200 ante 200)

April 15, 2015

8:35pm Done for the day
That’s all folks from Day 1B of the £1,000,000 Guaranteed Main Event, a wrap of the day’s play is on the way. — NW

8:20pm Power poker
Kuljinder Sidhu had fired out 4,500 after the 7♦ river completed a A♣3♦10♠7♦ board, before Rhys Jones turned up the aggression with a raise to 18,500. Sidhu asked how much Jones had left before shoving his entire stack in the middle. The all in was not called, and Sidhu raked in a nice pot at the end of the day. He then showed an intriguing K♠ to the table. –JS

8:10pm: Big pot for Lightbourne
There was a huge pot building over at table 22, and we got there in time to work out there was more than 50,000 in the middle after the completion of the A♥J♣5♣Q♣3♦ board. Former chipleader Du Wang checked over to Iaron Lightbourne who had the button. It took Lightbourne some careful consideration when thinking of how to act, but he eventually checked behind, turning over 10♥K♣ for a straight. Wang mucked his hand, which obviously did not contain the two clubs Lightbourne was worried about. –JS

7:53pm: The tables have turned
We’re now in the last level of the day and yet another stacked table has broken, scattering talent around the room. Simon Higgins rejoins his tablemates from earlier in the day, Jack Salter and Christopher Brammer, as well as Ben Dobson. Meanwhile, Jake Cody and Leo McClean now sit with the chipleader at the break, Max Ladbrooke. –JS

Ukipt5_nottingham_main_event_day1b_simon_higgins. jpg

Simon Higgins

7:50pm: High Roller chip counts
There are still five players left in the High Roller. Blinds are about to go to 3,000/6,000 ante 1,000 and this is how they stack up:

Tom Hall, 160,000
Thiago Nishijima, 285,000
Matas Cimbolas, 470,000
Ivan Luca, 220,000
Mitch Johnson, 64,000

Blinds up: 600/1,200 ante 100

7:45pm: Hicks and Chattaway sent home
Nick Hicks and Billy Chattaway are two of the well known players who’ve been knocked out during level nine, they may well be back tomorrow though. As for today, just 61 players remain. — NW

7:40pm: Cody and Higgins tangle
It didn’t take long for Simon Higgins to make his presence felt at his new…felt. Jake Cody had put out a bet of 4,500 with the board reading 4♠J♠7♥Q♣6♠. Higgins raised it up to what looked like around 25,000 and Cody made the call before mucking, his holding obviously not beating the Q♠10♠ flush of Higgins. –JS

7:30pm: The bluff gets through
After Krenar Hamiti bet 6,500 on a 10♣3♥2♦7♦J♦ board, there was only one move for Philippe Souki – shove all in. His 20,000-odd stack had enough fold equity to get Hamiti to lay down what was clearly the best hand, as Souki flashed both a smile and A♣8♣ for total air. –JS

7:20pm: Counts from the break
Max Ladbrooke has usurped Du Wang at the top of the chip counts whilst two Simon’s – Higgins and Deadman – are both handily placed.

Max Ladbrooke, United Kingdom, 148,000
Du Wang, United Kingdom, 130,000
Simon Higgins, United Kingdom, 110,000
Eirimas Livonas, Lithuania, 101,000
Simon Deadman, United Kingdom, 90,000
Ben Jackson, United Kingdom, 83,000
Keith Hawkins, United Kingdom, 73,000
Daniel Charlton, United Kingdom, 68,000
Jake Cody, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 67,000
Kuljinder Sidhu, United Kingdom, 54,000
Iaaron Lightbourne, United Kingdom, 51,300
Leo McClean, United Kingdom, 48,000
Richard Kellett, United Kingdom, 46,000
Ben Dobson, United Kingdom, 42,000


Max Ladbrooke leads

Craig McCorkell, United Kingdom, 38,000
Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 38,000
Richard Blacklock, United Kingdom, 33,000
Stuart Fox, United Kingdom, 31,500
Rhys Jones, United Kingdom, 31,000
Phillipe Souki, United Kingdom, 28,800
Billy Chattaway, United Kingdom, 28,600
Jack Salter, United Kingdom, 26,000
Chris Brammer, United Kingdom, 23,000
Keith Johnson, United Kingdom, 21,500
Yucel Eminoglu, United Kingdom, 16,400
Chris Sly, United Kingdom, 14,000
Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, 11,100

7:10pm: Deadman alive and well
We haven’t heard too much from Simon Deadman today, but towards the end of the day’s play we found him involved in a large pot with Eirimas Livonas. The board read 5♣J♣10♥7♥K♦ and Livonas had bet 11,500. Deadman raised it up to approximately 30,000, which didn’t seem to please his opponent. After some deliberation, Livonas made the call and both players turned over queen and nine for the second nut straight. –JS

7pm: From one ridiculous table to another
One of the most stacked tables in the room has now broken. Christopher Brammer and Jack Salter have joined Ben Dobson’s table, while Simon Higgins is butting heads with Jake Cody, Leo McClean and Rhys Jones. –JS

Blinds up: 500/1,000 ante 100

6:47pm: Break time
The players are now on their final break of the day, they’ll return to play two more levels before play ends for the day. — NW

6:45pm: No gold for Silver
Max Silver has just busted and made a swift exit from Dusk Till Dawn. After raising to 4,000 on the button and with 3,200 in the middle already, Simon Higgins made a big raise to 16,000. Silver then shoved over the top and was snap called by Higgins. It was [JH]K♦ for Silver and a dominating [AH]K♥ for Higgins. The A♣Q♣6♠5♦4♦ board was no help for Silver. –JS

6:40pm: Cody doubles Laio
On a 4♣9♣2♦ flop, Jake Cody put out a bet of 3,500. Zhung Ming Laio made the call, not leaving himself much behind. The turn was the 6♥ and Cody bet enough to put Laio all in. He made the call and his 3♦9♦ was trailing Cody’s 7♣9♠. However, the river was the 3♠ and Laio managed to double up. –JS

6:40pm: Five alive
He came back with the chip lead today but Felix Stephensen has just been eliminated in sixth place in the High Roller, that’s good for £9,660.

Five left. — NW

6:35pm: Wang is number one
Du Wang has a massive chip lead over the rest of the field as he’s sitting on a stack of 180,000. Little is known about him, indeed he only has $1,854 in lifetime earnings. — NW


Wang leads the way

6:25pm: Clock calling controversy
The was a big pile of chips already in the middle of the table by the time Max Ladbrooke set Tony Milan all-in on the river of a 6♠10♣3♠5♣J♠ board. The latter had about 25,000 behind and the pot was already around 75,000 – including Ladbrooke’s river bet – Milan took his time, so much so that Craig McCorkell called the clock.

The floor was summoned and they decided that Milan had not had enough time yet to make decision. He didn’t take much longer though as finally he elected to call. Ladbrooke showed A♠9♠ for the nuts and scooped a huge pot to climb to 125,000. “I had aces,” said Milan. There was no animosity at all and he shook hands with Ladbrooke before leaving the table.

After he’d gone the clock calling conversation continued. “I was watching the clock, he’d had three and half minutes already, plus he then gets another minute,” said McCorkell. “We’re on a 45 minute clock, you can’t take 10% of a level on one decision on one street,” he added. Khoa Nguyen backed him up saying. “He only had about half pot back too.” — NW

6:10pm: Brammer doubles, Cody moves
Christopher Brammer may be sat on the ‘pretty ridiculous table’ we mentioned earlier, but that hasn’t stopped him from doubling up. Brammer, an elite player both live and online with over $3million in online earnings on PokerStars, doubled through Max Silver when his 8♥9♠ proved to be the best on a 3♥Q♠9♣6♦9♦ board. Brammer is now sitting with around 30,000.

Meanwhile, PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody has switched tables, and now sits alongside Leo McClean and Rhys Jones. –JS

Blinds up: 400/800 ante 100

5:55pm: Down to six in the High Roller
Bryn Kenney has been eliminated in seventh place, earning £7,800, Mitch Johnson the man who took him out. Kenney was gutted at just missing registration for the Main Event. “I’d have played today for sure,” he said. As it is he plans to spend his time wisely. “I’m going to go get some Nandos and then head to the gym. You don’t get much chance to exercise at these tournaments as they finish late and start early.”


Kenney – off to the gym

5:50pm: Slight setback for Higgins
We arrived at the action with the board reading 5♠9♦4♥4♣. There was a large amount of chips already in the middle – around 25,000 – and Khadam Hussain had fired a bet of 16,000 over to Simon Higgins. After thinking about it, Higgins made the call, and Hussain turned over A♥4♦ for a rivered set. Higgins flashed pocket tens and suffers a slight blow to his stack. –JS

5:40pm: Gone
With late registration now closed the number of players left in the tournament today can now only go down. Just 94 players currently remain as: Thomas Horton, Liangsheng Lin, John Engledow, Michael Cleare, Thomas Postlethwaite, Niall Farrell, Stelian Alexandru Bot, Mark Karoullas, Daniel Clark, Chirac Thanki, David Denny, Sean Randall and David Dring have all been eliminated. — NW

5:30pm: Jacks all round
Thinking he was under the gun, Max Silver went to fold his hand before realising he was in the big blind and putting out the 600. “I haven’t even looked at my cards yet” he joked, as it was folded around to Christopher Brammer in mid-position who min-raised to 1,200. Emran Hussain in the small blind then three-bet to 5,000. After Silver threw his hand away for a second time, Brammer wasted no time shoving his entire stack into middle, and was quickly called by Hussain. However, any big-pot nerves were soon quashed as both players flipped over pocket jacks. A safe board ran out and the two players chopped it up. –JS

5:15pm: Chip counts
Late registration has now closed there were 115 entries and 13 re-entries taking the total for today to 128. This is how some of those in the field today stack up as level seven gets under way:

Du Wang, United Kingdom, 160,000
Khadam Hussain, United Kingdom, 78,000
Simon Higgins, United Kingdom, 75,400
Jake Cody, United Kingdom, Team PokerStars Pro, 60,475
Kuljinder Sidhu, United Kingdom, 58,000
Simon Deadman, United Kingdom, 58,000
Chris Sly, United Kingdom, 52,400
Daniel Charlton, United Kingdom, 52,300
Keith Hawkins, United Kingdom, 52,000
Richard Blacklock, United Kingdom, 50,300
Ben Jackson, United Kingdom, 44,000
Yucel Eminoglu, United Kingdom, 42,500
Stuart Fox, United Kingdom, 35,925
Chris Brammer, United Kingdom, 27,400


Deadman is rising up the chip counts

Phillipe Souki, United Kingdom, 27,000
Leo McClean, United Kingdom, 27,000
Max Silver, United Kingdom, 26,600
John Kalmar, United Kingdom, 26,500
Rhys Jones, United Kingdom, 21,600
Keith Johnson, United Kingdom, 21,500
Richard Kellett, United Kingdom, 17,325
Ludovic Geilich, United Kingdom, 16,375
Jack Salter, United Kingdom, 16,000
Ben Dobson, United Kingdom, 15,300
Leon Louis, United Kingdom, 13,475
Nick Hicks, United Kingdom, 12,550
Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, 12,000
Billy Chattaway, United Kingdom, 7,500



PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 Nottingham: Jack Stanton and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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