UKIPT5 Series 1: Day 1B Levels 7-12(1,000/2,000/300)

March 28, 2015

8:50pm: Rachael Costa Leads chip counts at close of play
The final counts have been tallied and it is Rachael Costa who finishes atop them by the smallest whisker of a margin – her 176,600 pipping Dutchman Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert’s 176,500.

“My table was crazy!” she said of what had been the most aggressive of the seat draws throughout the day. Her impressive accumulative exploits mean she will take the overall chip lead through to the final Day tomorrow.


Costa made hay while the sun shone

WSOP and WPT winner James Dempsey also made it through the day (on that same crazy table) with 85,900. “I’ve got a train to catch back to Brighton!” the bobble-hatted poker crusher yelped as he quickly bagged and tagged ready for his nightly commute to the south coast.

A full list of the 21 players who made it through the day, along with their final counts can be found here.

The combined survivors from Days 1A and 1B can be found here.

The table draw for tomorrow’s play will be made available at the casino on arrival and we will post this up to the blog then as well.

That brings today’s play to a close! It’s been aggressive, all-out, hardcore poker all day long and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed an entertaining day’s play. Tomorrow will see the two flights of survivors from day 1A and 1B combine to play to a finish.

We’ll be starting things off bright and early at 12:00pm (clocks go forward, shaving an hour off tonight’s partying/ tomorrow’s sleep – don’t forget).

Join us then as we play through to the winner! Thanks for following, we’ll see you tomorrow as we continue the bid to crown a UKIPT Series champion.

8.45pm: End of play
The final hand of the day has played out. 21 players remain of the 81 who started the day and with all the chips bagged and tagged the staff are just collating the chip counts so we will be able to give you the full picture shortly.

8:30pm: Van Den Bogert causing mayhem
The sole Dutchman in the field is causing havoc at his table and he may well be the chip leader right now.

Most recently he bet 20,000 on the river of a 7♣10♥J♥5♥4♦ board, eliciting a call from Colin Marks, who mucked when Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert showed his Q♥6♥ for a flush.

“I’m really surprised you called a raise with that hand,” Marks remarked as Van Den Bogert smiled and raked in a big pot.

Soon after, the Dutchman won a flip to send another unfortunate to the rail – his king-jack spiking a jack to defeat pocket fives.

He is up over 150,000 now, certainly contending the chip lead.

8:20pm: Restart tomorrow at 12:00pm
A quick reminder that tomorrow’s play will be kicking off at the earlier start time of 12:00pm. The clocks will also be moving forward so those late night drinks are going to be extra painful if they are extended. Be sensible remaining players!

8:18pm: Vanquished Warriors
22 remain as we approach the finish of the day. Here are the latest players who have been unable to swerve the evil machinations of the poker gods.

Well played all for making it so deep!

Gary Pearce
Mats Dag Rosen Pihl
Sameer Singh
David Alderton
Benyamin Abrishamchi
David Gasian
George Alexander
Mia Dac Liu
Allan Pike
Siavosh Ardabili
Dominic Wells

8:10pm: Final Furlong
It’s been an incredibly fast day’s play. Just 24 remain right now and we may even have time to consolidate the remaining players down to two tables if this incendiary knockout rate continues.

It will be an exciting finish to the day for sure. Keep them locked on this spot.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300

7:55pm: “My head is spinning”
Dempsey is struggling to come to terms with some of the plays at his table.

Most recently he saw three players go to war preflop – Colin Marks picking up some great action with pocket jacks versus two ace-sevens.

A big favourite preflop, the board run out kept him in front and he sends two opponents packing to the rail as his stack rises to an auspicious 95,000.

7:40pm: Big battle settled by the kings
The blinds have risen to a significant level now and the players are battling hard to steal and re-steal them.

Aneris Adomkevicius and Luca Gavazzi are the latest pair to go to war – a huge pot playing out button versus big blind as a series of raises eventualy saw Gavazzi move all-in for his 43,000 stack – Adomkevicius covered.

The Lithuanian had a long think about this before quietly announcing “I’ll call” and pulling out his phone to take a picture of his all-in stack.

“I’d move your chips over the line before they muck your hand if I were you,” advised a tablemate, Adomkevicius obliging before turning up A-Q to Gavazzi’s superior K♥K♠.

A board of J♥J♠8♦4♣9♠ saw the Italian send his foe to the rail – his stack now up in the 80,000 region.


Gavazzi’s kings secure him a huge pot

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600-200

7:30pm: Flushy flushed
Mark Thomas has just put a dent in Dempsey’s stack.

A family pot brewed with the pair in the blinds and 2 other limpers also partaking in the action.

A board of 10♣8♣6♥ saw Thomas check to Dempsey who fired out 3,100, called in one spot before Thomas check-raised allin for around 15,000.

Dempsey rubbed his bobble-hat-covered temple before raising to 35,000 and isolating the all-in player.

A♠10♥ for Dempsey, 6♣7♣ for Thomas.

“Oh I’m miles ahead,” said Thomas with his big draw, an impassive Dempsey watching on as the board completed A♣J♠ to give Thomas a winning flush.

For those interested in the statistics, Thomas was indeed a 59.3% favourite on the flop. He continued to tell all and sundry how pleased he was with the hand over the next five minutes. Dempsey quietly adjusted his bobble hat and his prospects – his stack down to around 50,000.


Down but still well stacked

7:15pm: Field schythed down
The field is thinning fast now. We have a swathe of elimination news to share with you. All the following will not be champions this year.

Thissa Desilva United Kingdom
Kelly Saxby USA
Peter Upton United Kingdom
Thomas Grundy United Kingdom
Michelle Bricknell United Kingdom PokerStars Player
Paul Allen United Kingdom
Tomasz Deptula Poland
Alexis Savvides Cyprus
Nilay Ganatra United Kingdom
Begoña Guedes Fernandez Spain
Deborah Worley-Roberts USA
John Sloat USA
Colin Chalmers United Kingdom
Richard Shiels United Kingdom
Munaaf Ghumra United Kingdom
Stefanos Moysidis Greece

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200-200

7:00pm: Leaders of the Pack
Here are the top ten chip leaders as we speak – Christopher Yong doing an excellent job of maintaining the momentum he created during the first four levels of the day:

Christopher Yong Malaysia 107 98300
Jan-Joost Van Den Bogert Netherlands 41 95000
Sandra Reid United Kingdom 135 91200
Gary Pearce United Kingdom 64 73300
Matthew Shiels United Kingdom 55 65200
James Dempsey United Kingdom 27 58500
Thissa Desilva United Kingdom 54 56800
Richard Heron Ireland 37 51800
Amirreza Davoudzadeh Iran 22 48000
Nicholas Stylianou United Kingdom 32 47800
Luca Gavazzi Italy 43 47000
Tim Hong Wong United Kingdom 58 46700
Rachael Costa United Kingdom 72 44000


Crusher Yong is the man setting the pace

6:50pm: Dempsey on the charge
It’s been a healthy second tranche of levels for James Dempsey who has chipped up to 60,000.

It could have been even better he revealed.

“I flatted ace-queen to an early position raise from a tight player and was three-bet behind me. I jammed it in and got called by ace-ten…but we chopped.”

Despite this, things are going his way and he is confident as we head into the last third of the day. “I could end up with chips by the close!” he claimed.

6:40pm: Run-in to the final
20 minutes of R&R will have done the players’ constitutions a world of good you’d have thought and they can now knuckle down and focus on finishing the day bagging up the maximum amount of chips their efforts and variance will allow. Good luck tigers.

6:20pm: Final Break!
It’s been a swift day’s play so far and the players are now taking their final break of the day before they return to plough through the last four levels.

We’ll have news of the current chip leaders on the resumption so see you shortly!

6:15pm: Worley-Roberts secures precious double through
It’s not been a good day for the bubbly Worley-Roberts, but she has made at least the first faltering steps back into the ranks of contenders with a much needed double-through.

Pushing her stack into the middle with 9♦5♦, she looked in trouble when she was looked up by a tablemate’s big slick.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” she announced confidently and the dealer duly obliged peeling off two diamonds on the flop and a third on the turn.

Worley-Roberts sprung up and covered her unfortunate tablemate’s eyes before retaking her seat with her chances given a boon.

6:02pm: Prizepool Information
The numbers are in! 160 players have contributed to a prizepool of £38,800.
18 places will be paid and the first prize will be a juicy £12,210.
A link to the full prizepool can be found here

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800-100

5:51pm: A Waterfall of Eliminations
What was once a thin trickle is gaining momentum and there is now a cascade of players hitting the rail at regular intervals. The blinds are really starting to bite.

Here are the latest victims of ill luck. Good games!

Camille Abram
Mike Lee
Benjamin Rogers
Conor Smyth
Ali Zihni
Haoran Cai
John Crouchley
Thomas Postlethwaite
Daisuke Mishima

5:30pm: Slick Zihni turfed out by cowboys
Ali Zihni’s tournament has drawn to a close. Facing three-way action, Zihni saw his raise with big slick three-bet by an aggressive player, and flatted in one spot.

He felt like this was a great opportunity to make some chips and four-bet to 8,000, the aggressive player laying it down before the flat-caller made a surprising move, shoving for an additional 12,000.

Suspicious action, but Zihni was priced in to call and did so, only to discover his foe had pocket kings. The flop was no help and that was that for Zihni.

“I may have played that hand badly,” he mused after his exit, although either way, it was a tough spot to escape from.

Good game sir.


The opulent Hippodrome Arena

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600-75

5:25pm: Gone, but not forgotten
The following players have seen their hopes of further progression halted by the steel curtain of variance. Enjoy your future Saturday endeavours people!

James Edgington
Dennis Sandmark
Dimitrios Patroklou
Chung Hoang
Roman Sokolovskij
Austin Gontier
Daisuke Mishima

Click here for updates from levels 1-6.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT5 Series 1 brought to you by Rod Stirzaker. Photos courtesy of Mickey May.


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