Uruguay’s marcelodalto wins $150,000 in $15 Spin & Go, Spraggy rails and streams on Twitch

February 22, 2019inNews

Imagine firing up a $15 Spin & Go and seeing a 12,000x multiplier show up. Not only are you guaranteed to win a minimum of $15,000, but if you can beat the other two players you’ll walk with $150,000.

That’s exactly where Uruguay’s marcelodalto, Moldova’s richyxxx123, and the United Kingdom’s xiksa777 found themselves this evening. And as they fought to see who would walk with a mere 1,000 times their buy-in and who would earn 10 times that much, PokerStars Ambassador Ben “Spraggy” Spragg stumbled onto their game and streamed it to the world on Twitch.

The early levels didn’t go rickyxxx123’s way. The Moldovan player took a stand on the 20/40 blind level and moved in from the button for less than three big blinds with K♥6♦. marcelodalto called with Q♥9♣ and made a pair of nines on the river to make rickyxxx123 the table’s first $15K winner.

That left marcelodalto and xiksa777 less than one big blind apart as heads-up play began. xiksa777 fell behind and eventually called all-in on the 40/80 blind level with K♦9♠ after marcelodalto jammed with T♠T♥.

The pair held and xiksa777 settled for $15K, while marcelodalto took down the $150,000 top prize. “I guess they’ll be a little disappointed not to win $150,000,” said Spraggy. “At least as disappointed as you can be when you buy in for $15!”

Congratulations to both xiksa777 and rickyxxx123 on grabbing some hefty consolation prizes, and to marcelodalto for taking down the bankroll-boosting big prize!


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