Vicky Coren: Easter Bunny

April 10, 2012


Ben “DoobieFish” Kett has learned a valuable lesson, one that could end up being worth a big share of UKIPT Nottingham’s $1 million guaranteed prize pool: sometimes all you have to do is ask.

It starts like this: over the weekend, Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren decided to hold a couple of Easter PokerStars Home Games tourneys. She invited her Twitter followers for the $20 and $30 events. She picks up the story from there:

“At one point, a chap called DoobieFish was doing well in both, and he cheekily asked me: if he wins both, will I put him in UKIPT Nottingham?” she said.

Now, take note: these tournaments were not big affairs. In fact, if Kett won both tournaments, the prize money still wouldn’t get him enough money to get into Nottingham this week. If Kett was going to sit down on the UKIPT, it was going to be on Coren’s dime.

That’s when something funny happened. Kett won the $30 tournament and got heads-up for the $20 tourney. Not only that, he got his chips in for the win with jacks versus king-jack.

That last part didn’t turn out very well. The jacks didn’t hold and Kett went out in second. So much for the Coren freeroll, huh? Well, not exactly.

“The bad beat was too cruel, so I’ve said I’ll put him in anyway,” Coren said. “So, on top of the $603.40 he won for his $50 investment in my Home Games, he’s got a £770 seat at UKIPT Nottingham.”


Vicky Coren: Poker player, writer, presenter…Easter Bunny

And so this week, Kett will be sitting down for the big event in Nottingham. He’ll meet Coren there, and he’ll have a chance to thank her for the freeroll.

He told her via Twitter, “It still feels like a bit of a jackpot in that I’ve got twice as much chance with you in my corner!”

Good luck this week, Ben. We’ll be watching to see how you do.


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