Want to win a Platinum Pass? Fintan’s giving one away this “Easter with Aces”

March 12, 2020inPoker

Here’s yet another opportunity for one of you to win yourself a Platinum Pass to the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) 2020.

The first step? Simply impress Fintan “EasyWithAces” Hand.

The PokerStars Ambassador and Twitch streamer extraordinaire has been given a Platinum Pass worth $30,000 to give away to one member of his community.

The Easter with Aces Easter egg

Easter with Aces lasts for the next 30 days

For the next 30 days, Fintan will set a unique challenge for you all to complete. These range from winning a Spin & Go on PokerStars while playing with Fintan’s ATB avatar, to doing your best impression of a streamer (keep reading to see the full list of tasks).

Every entry should be tweeted to Fintan (@EasyWithAces) and should include the #EasterWithAces hashtag plus your PokerStars screenname.

To be an eligible participant, you must link your Twitch and PokerStars accounts (not sure how to do this? Find out how to link your accounts here).

Fintan will select one winner for each daily task, and that winner will then take part in a 36-player Sit & Go on PokerStars, the winner of which will win the Platinum Pass and will take part in the €22,500 buy-in PSPC.

When does the Sit & Go take place? Well, as this is Easter with Aces, it will, of course, take place on Easter Sunday (April 12).

The Sit & Go field will include 30 task winners, plus six wildcard spots for community members. He’ll announce those wildcards on April 11. Stay tuned to Fintan on Twitch to find out how you could take one of those seats.

Here’s some good news: if you want to be in with a shot, you can start preparing your entries for future tasks right now.

Easter with Aces kicks off tomorrow. Take a look at the tasks and their dates below.



13th of March Produce a Photoshop of you on your PSPC Adventure
14th of March Share your favourite EPT Barcelona moment
15th of March Win a Spin and Go with the ATB avatar
16th of March Clip yourself streaming a PSPC satellite (any buy-in)
17th of March Prepare a St Patricks Day roast of Fintan Hand
18th of March Share your favourite Twitch Poker clip of all time
19th of March Share your best Dad joke (on video)
20th of March Write a poem or rap about the PSPC (video, voice, text)
21st of March Take a photo of your best homemade fort
22nd of March Screenshot you winning with AA while using ATB avatar
23rd of March Share your funniest Boom Hand history with you on the table
24th of March Share a picture of your pet watching the stream
25th of March Share your favourite Twitch clip (any game) of all time
26th of March Do your best impression of a streamer (anyone but Fintan)
27th of March Create the Best Drawing of PSPC or a PokerStars streamer
28th of March Take Fintan on a video tour of your town and say your screen name
29th of March Win a cash game hand bluffing + ATB Avatar
30th of March Photo Caption competition
31st of March Non-Permanent ATB Tribute (snow, sand, made of cards, lego etc)
1st of April Eminem Godzilla challenge (good luck!)
2nd of April Do your best Impression of Fintan
3rd of April Best Barcelona fun fact or thing to do there
4th of April Best picture or video in ATB Merch
5th of April Create a fake ad for Vo5 Matte clay or any other beauty product
6th of April Fake inspirational Poker quote (e.g. Don’t fold, can’t be bluffed)
7th of April Your 6-man SNG dream line-up (dead or alive people)
8th of April Question sent via my email list (Fintan will announce later)
9th of April Photoshop of Spraggy in outfits that would suit him better than tracksuits
10th of April Things or people that would Mod better than Chris Martin
11th of April SGT (Stream’s Got Talent) Whatever you’d like, send it in.

Tweet to Fintan  |  Watch Fintan’s Twitch stream

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— General PSPC T&Cs apply.
— All participants must have a PokerStars.com/.eu/.ee/.bg/.ro/.sh/.uk account to participate in the final online tournament.
— All participants must link their PokerStars to their Twitch account.
— There are no deals allowed in the final online tournament.


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