Warning: Chris Moneymaker unbeatable in NJSCOOP

May 01, 2018

Picture the typical poker Twitch Streamer. Fresh faced, energetic, a vast range of top line equipment and a carefully orchestrated performance.

Then there’s the a-typical Twitch Streamer.

Say… early-forties, a two-day beard, hair a little out of place. And a World Series Main Event bracelet laying around somewhere.

Chris Moneymaker might not fit the standard Twitch job description, but he’s been busy, rocking the Twitch world from his Atlantic City hotel room this past week, and scoring some fantastic results.

It started last Saturday when he finished first in Event 33-H ($200 NLHE Final Weekend Kick-off) for $5,445.55

To that he added another first place in in Event 34-H ($200 Stud Hi/Lo) for $2,631.98 after a heads-up deal.

There was more.

Moneymaker finished second in Event 35-H ($50+R NLHE 3-Max) for another $2,485.27

…all while streaming on Twitch from a laptop.

streaming on Twitch from a laptop

And as if to prove he doesn’t always need an audience, yesterday he final-tabled Event 36-H ($200 Mixed NLHE/PLO, Progressive KO), finishing fourth. That was worth another $1,113.86 plus $947.44 in bounties.

He’s been busy all alright.


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