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February 28, 2012

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If you thought the contest for best blogger was over, we have news for you today. There are now two more wildcard spots open from the PokerStars Blog team. More on that at the end of this post. But first, a little background.

WBCOOP Best Bloggers By: Donnie Peters On Thursday, February 23, the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP) kicked off. On this year’s schedule are 31 events stretching until Sunday, March 4. The submissions for the WBCOOP are now closed and plenty of players have gotten in on the action. In order to qualify, bloggers were asked to send a 500-word blog post or short video telling what you would do with $5,000 if you won the WBCOOP’s Best Blogger prize.

On PokerNews, a contest was held where various bloggers would submit blog posts and people would vote for the best blogger. There were plenty of submissions, but not everyone could get voted to the top. With 311 votes on his blog post titled, “WBCOOP 2012 The epic beginning of our poker blogging journey!” Radostin Minchev is sitting number one.

Right at the beginning of his post, Minchev states that “this is the very beginning of his blogging journey” and goes on to say that the blog is aimed as “A way for me to show you that the more you believe the bigger you can be.” From there, Minchev gives a little background on how his poker career and outlines a few of the things it takes to be a successful player.

After the introduction, Minchev opens up with honesty and says that the main reason he started this poker blog was for the WBCOOP. As for the $5,000 he’d earned for winning WBCOOP Best Blogger? Minchev sites some hardship with being able to land a successful, full-time job in his country, but says he’s been able to always find time for his first love — poker. Working on his game throughout the years and saving some of his salary in order to build a small bankroll, Minchev eventually made his first real-money deposit and claims, “my life turned 180 degrees.”

Unable to consistently move up limits due to regular withdrawals in order to sustain himself, Minchev claims winning this $5,000 would, “help me be the person I know I’m supposed to be , the player I’m supposed to be.” He also goes on to be very thankful of all that PokerStars has offered him and allowed him in his life, saying, “PokerStars gave me the hope and did what my home country couldn’t, it turned my potential in profit.”

Along with the over 300 votes, Minchev’s blog post has 21 comments. Much of them are wishing him good luck in the competition along with other positive comments. Reading the comments section truly shows the camaraderie within the game of poker and especially within the world of poker blogging. You can find Minchev’s blog HERE..

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The person with the second most votes comes in at 195, which is still a ways off of Minchev. This blog comes from a man named Ernestas, who is originally from Lithuania, but now resides in Edinburgh where he is studying. Known on PokerStars as “Wernestas” and “WeRnIS” to most people, his blog can be found HERE.

In his WBCOOP blog post, Ernestas states that “shock” would be the first thing that would pop into his mind if he won the Best Blogger prize. That’s very understandable as $5,000 is a good chunk of change for most people. “If I won such prize, I could barely speak for several days and it would be such a big honor for me. When I would actually understand what happened, I would start thinking what to do.”

So, what would he do? First, Ernestas says he would withdraw some of the money in order to pay for some of his study expenses, which we believe is the smart thing to do. From there, he’d spend the rest of the money he left online for poker, where he prefers online tournaments to cash games. He also mentioned that he’d like to purchase some poker books in order to better his game and also invest in a poker chip set so he could play with his friends.

Then there are live tournaments, which Ernestas mentions that he’d like to be able to play a bit more of. Winning $5,000 could certainly allow him some room to buy-in to some smaller events and hopefully go on to become a star.

In the end, Ernestas is very genuine in everything he says. He finishes the post by saying, “My expectations are not big, I am just a simple man, but if I won any award in this competition, I would see it as a trophy. And I really value such trophies, they show what you have made that others did not, it shows what skills you have, and it shows your strengths. I would like to thank PokerStars for creating such competitions, it helps you to show your creativity, share your ideas.”

Siting in third with the most votes is Paul and his blog can be found HERE. He has 118 votes, which is a good way off of the top two, but still a very respectable number. Closely behind him is Arkly with 110 votes and his blog can be found HERE.

All together there have been tons and tons of blog posts made about the WBCOOP and the series is now running. Every tournament awards Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) tickets to the highest finishers, and everyone who cashes will also be invited to play the 2012 WBCOOP Main Event. On top of having a shot at the Best Blogger award, PokerStars is giving away a second award for $1,000 to the Best Live Tweeter. That’s a reminder for the playing bloggers to be sure they are sticking to their social media duties while grinding the events on the schedule.

Now, a special announcement: we here at the PokerStars Blog have just been asked to keep our eyes open for a couple of bloggers who are doing exceptional work while WBCOOP is running. Over the next few days, we’ll be picking two wildcard bloggers who will join the top ten from PokerNews to go on to the finals and PokerStars WBCOOP judges.

So, keep writing, and make sure we know you’re writing!


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