WCOOP 2011: Shane “shaniac” Schleger wins bracelet for Team Online in Event #34 ($320 2-7 Triple Draw)

September 16, 2011


Back when the poker boom happened the big game became No Limit Hold’em. Since then players have been moving towards the mixed games format. Over the past year the mixed games have moved to a full mix of low-ball games, one of which is Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball.

Event 34 kicked off with 354 players shelling out $320 to play this lowball format to generate a $106,200 prize pool that more than doubled the $50,000 guarantee.

As the money bubble approached two team PokerStars members were left battling it out for last one standing. Marcin “Goral” Horecki ended up being the bubble boy. Of the remaining 48 players Shane “shaniac” Schleger sat in the top 20 looking to pick up his first WCOOP title and become the latest member of Team PokerStars Online to pick up a bracelet.


Shane Schleger

By the time the field made it to the final table, Schleger had moved to the top position with over a 2:1 chip advantage over second place. Joining Schleger on the final table was Flying Smile, who won Event 22 a $530 No Limit Hold’em event where he collected the bracelet and $293,512.31.

Seat 1: Mikhaylo (323,260 in chips)
Seat 2: shaniac (765,561 in chips)
Seat 3: GJ1515 (227,657 in chips)
Seat 4: CKOTUHA (25,479 in chips)
Seat 5: Flying Smile (127,103 in chips)
Seat 6: O Crupie (300,940 in chips)


CKOTUHA falls short:

The short stacks managed to survive a little while while Schleger spread his chip lead out to his opponents before he finally got the best of CKOTUHA. CKOTUHA started the hand with just under three big bets at 7,000/14,000 limits. After raising and getting called by Schleger before the first draw CKOTUHA stood pat while Schleger drew 2. Schleger check called CKOTUHA’s bet and discarded one card while CKOTUHA once again stood pat. Once again Schleger check but this time he raised CKOTUHA’s bet. CKOTUHA called and was all-in. Both players stood pat and their cards were exposed. CKOTUHA’s 3♣4♥5♦6♠8♠ was not good enough against Schleger’s 2♣3♦5♣6♥7♣ eliminating him in sixth place for $3,982.50.

Flying Smile’s hunt ends:

With the rest of the field all above 200,000 the next elimination took a while to happen. Eventually though Flying Smile took his exit, at the hands of GJ1515. All the money got into the middle after the initial deal. Flying Smile discarded one card while GJ1515 discarded three. Each player then discarded one card followed by Flying Smile standing pat on the final draw and GJ1515 once again taking one. The players cards were exposed and Flying Smile showed 3♠4♥5♦7♠10♠. The 2♣4♦5♥6♦7♣ of GJ1515 had Flying Smiles hand out classed and sent him to the rail in fifth place for $6,106.50.

GJ1515 eliminates another:

GJ1515 was busy busting another player just four hands after eliminating Flying Smile this time sending Mikhaylo packing. After capping the bets to begin with both players discarded one card on their first draw. Mikhaylo check raised all-in and then discarded one card after getting called by GJ1515, who stood pat. Once again Mikhaylo discarded one card and GJ1515 stood pat. When the players cards were revealed Mikhaylo saw the bad news as his 2♠3♦6♠8♦Q♣ was no good against GJ1515’s 2♦4♣7♥8♣9♣ sending him out in fourth place for $8,230.50.

Chip lead shifts around:

Schleger maintained his chip lead up to this point and finally relinquished it to O Crupie, albeit for one hand. A bit later GJ1515 took the lead from Schleger, but the very next hand Schleger moved back into the lead. Once again the lead shifted back to O Crupie, who managed to hold onto it for more than just one hand though Schleger did regain the lead in short order. The players all continued to trade the chip lead as they battled it out for the WCOOP bracelet and their share of the remaining prize pool.

O Crupie eliminated:

After a long three-way battle O Crupie was eliminated in a pot that involved all three players. GJ1515 opened the action from the button. His raise was called by O Crupie, which put him all-in, and Schleger came along. O Crupie discarded three cards, Schleger two, and GJ1515 one. Schleger was the first to act and led out to 16,000. He was raised by GJ1515, who was re-raised by Schleger. GJ1515 called and then discarded one once again while Schleger stood pat and O Crupie took two. Schleger lead out to 32,000 and was called by GJ1515. On the third and final draw Schleger stood pat, GJ1515 took one and O Crupie took two. When Schleger bet out again GJ1515 released his hand leaving Schleger with the duty of going against O Crupie. The two hands were exposed with Schleger’s 2♥4♣5♠6♠8♥ beating O Crupie’s 2♣3♦4♥7♥8♣.

Heads Up Play:

When heads-up play began the players were almost dead even with Schleger holding a small chip lead of GJ1515. Just like with three-handed play heads-up play saw the chip lead shift between the two players with each having their opponent below 300,000 at one point but unable to close the deal.

After a long heads-up battle Schleger finally disposed of GJ1515. All the money got into the middle before the initial draw. Both players drew two cards on their first draw. Schleger only drew one card while GJ1515 drew two. On the third and final draw both players drew one card and then their cards were revealed. GJ1515’s 2♣4♣4♥6♦7♦ was unable to beat Schleger’s 5♦6♣7♥8♦Q♦ eliminating him in 2nd place and giving the bracelet along with $21,771 to Schleger.

Congratulations, Shane!

WCOOP Event 34 ($320 Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball) Results:

1: shaniac (Canada), $21,771.00
2: GJ1515 (Canada), $15,930.00
3: O Crupie (Brazil), $11,947.50
4: Mikhaylo (Russian Federation), $8,230.50
5: Flying Smile (Russian Federation), $6,106.50
6: CKOTUHA (Russian Federation), $3,982.50

While this event is now in the history books 10 days remain for the 2011 WCOOP. You can find information on what events remain on the Main WCOOP page. Also don’t miss out on the WCOOP Radio shows where you can win daily prizes or just listen to some of the WCOOP commentary with special guest.


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