WCOOP 2017: OMGACEACEACE wins wins wins Event #25-H ($215 NLHE 6-Max, Prog. KO)

September 11, 2017

In return for a $215 buy-in, Event #25-H presented WCOOPers with another action-fueled tournament format — this one a six-handed no-limit hold’em affair featuring progressive knockout bounties, a special edition of the “Sunday Kickoff.” A huge turnout of 3,544 made up the field, and at the end of two days of play two players from Poland were left heads-up — OMGACEACEACE and Rafal1337.

Despite their deep stacks, it didn’t take too long for OMGACEACEACE to claim the victory, adding a WCOOP title to a SCOOP event won back in May. Between the first-place prize and bounties, OMGACEACEACE earned a total of $78,629.70 for the victory, an amount when compared to the $215 investment is probably worth an “OMG” or three.


That field of 3,544 meant a total prize pool of $708,800 (more than twice the $300K guarantee) — half reserved for the regular prize pool and the other half for bounties. After a day of poker Romanoff11 (who won a Sunday Million back in 2007) led the 65 players who were left.

They were more than three hours into Day 2 when the field had been carved down to just 12 players gathered around the last two tables, with Rafal1337 the leader at that point with nearly 40 million chips — more than 16 million clear of nearest challenger OMGACEACEACE.

bruster1983 next went out in 12th, earning $1,965.64 from the regular prize pool plus another $3,246.77 in bounties. Lokfable (11th) and M1TX3L3TY (10th) were the next to go, picking up $2,821.05 apiece from the regular prize pool plus extra dollars in bounties, then Mefestofel (ninth) and (eighth) followed to earn $4,048.73 each plus more for knockouts.

The final seven players were reseated around a single, unofficial final table. Pablos701 survived a dramatic preflop all-in with pocket nines against WhatIfGod’s pocket aces when the board made a straight to the nine. Then Romanoff11 did the same versus Rafal1337 with king-queen against ace-ten, with Romanoff11 thankfully seeing a couple of queens fall among the community cards to keep the game seven-handed.

Finally after about 45 minutes’ worth of seven-handed play it was WhatIfGod going out in seventh after running pocket fives into the pocket nines of Andre “AndreBusato” Busato. WhatifGod earned $5,810.67 from the regular prize pool and another $4,435.15 in bounties, and with Busato using that pot to move into first place the official six-handed final table was underway.


Seat 1: Romanoff11 (Sweden) — 22,748,572
Seat 2: Rafal1337 (Poland) — 37,774,949
Seat 3: OMGACEACEACE (Poland) — 36,483684
Seat 4: Pablos701 (Brazil) — 17,311,280
Seat 5: I Poison You (Russia) — 22,976,532
Seat 7: Andre “AndreBusato” Busato (Brazil) — 39,904,983

They were only a single orbit into the final table when the first knockout bounty was collected.

After an OMGACEACEACE open from early position, Pablos701 three-bet from the cutoff, OMGACEACEACE jammed, and Pablos701 called all in for just over 41 big blinds total. Pablos701 had A♣K♣ and a fighting chance versus OMGACEACEACE’s J♥J♣, but a runout of 3♦5♣4♠J♠5♦ made a full house for OMGACEACEACE, landing a knockout punch to send Pablos701 out in sixth.

Not quite a half-hour later, Rafal1337 cold four-bet from the big blind and only the three-bettor Romanoff11 called. The pair both checked the A♦J♣3♣ flop, then Romanoff11 led at the J♠ turn and Rafal1337 called. The 5♠ river then saw Romanoff11 lead, Rafal1337 raise-shove, and Romanoff11 call all in with 3♥3♠ for a full house, treys full of jacks. Alas for Romanoff11, Rafal1337 had A♣A♥ for a bigger boat, and Romanoff11 was done in fifth.

A little while later Rafal1337 was getting busy before the flop again with a button min-raise, and after I Poison You three-bet from the big blind to 4.2 million (seven BBs), Rafal1337 shoved and I Poison You called it off for 12.55 million total. It was Rafal1337’s K♥Q♣ versus I Poison You’s J♥J♣, and after a queen flopped and no further change came it was I Poison You being eliminated in fourth.

Just three hands after that, Rafal1337 again min-raised from the button, Andre “AndreBusato” Busato three-bet shoved from the big blind for 13,111,707 (almost 22 bigs), and Rafal1337 called. Rafal had but Q♦2♥ this time while Busato showed 7♦7♥, but again a queen came on the flop and no help came for hte at-risk player thereafter, sending Busato to the exit in third.

After winning that pot Rafal1337 had pulled nearly even with OMGACEACEACE to start heads-up play, with both players being very deep-stacked. OMGACEACEACE had almost 90.2 million chips to start their duel (about 150 big blinds), while Rafal1337 had just over 87 million (145 BBs).

However, an early hand between the pair resulted in a big chip swing in OMGACEACEACE’s direction, which in turn had the effect of hastening the tournament’s conclusion.

In that one OMGACEACEACE flopped two pair and Rafal1337 an open-ended straight draw, with OMGACEACEACE check-raising the flop then leading the turn. The draw didn’t come in on the river and Rafal1337 bluffed at it, and OMGACEACEACE called to win a huge pot and assume a nearly 7-to-1 chip lead.

A little later Rafal1337 had chipped back to 47.1 million (a healthy 67 BBs) when a hand arose that saw OMGACEACEACE raise the button, Rafal1337 three-bet, OMGACEACEACE reraise back, Rafal1337 five-bet all in, and OMGACEACEACE call.

Rafal1337: 6♣6♠

OMGACEACEACE had the big edge, although after the 7♣Q♥4♥ flop and 5♠ turn Rafal1337 had added straight outs to survive. But the river was the K♠ and it was all over — OMGACEACEACE had won.

Congratulations to OMGACEACEACE for topping a big field of more than 3,500 runners to collect more than $78K (including bounties) and a WCOOP title!

WCOOP-25-H: $215 NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff SE)
Entries: 3,544
Prize pool: $708,800 ($354,400 regular, $354,400 bounty)
Places paid: 443

1. OMGACEACEACE (Poland) $50,780.12 + $27,849.58 in bounties
2. Rafal1337 (Poland) $35,380.81 + $12,225.86
3. Andre “AndreBusato” Busato (Brazil) $24,652.38 + $4,314.06
4. I Poison You (Russia) $17,177.13 + $3,053.14
5. Romanoff11 (Sweden) $11,968.58 + $3,229.30
6. Pablos701 (Brazil) $8,339.38 + $6,655.07

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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