WCOOP 2017: power2prut powers through another Sunday Million in Event #50-H ($2,100 NLHE Sunday Million SE)

September 19, 2017

This wasn’t power2prut’s first Sunday Million final table.

Around 10 years ago, power2prut made the Sunday Million final table with the chip lead and powered through that field, staying up top and knocking out players to take the title. power2prut won $180,000 for that victory and now power2prut has done it again. This time our champion hauled in more than twice the prize money.

For winning today’s $2,100 Sunday Million Special Edition, power2rut took down a whopping $373,744.14. While power2prut dealt a lot of eliminations at the final table, it wasn’t an easy road to victory. A total of 1,236 players signed up for this special Sunday Million and it took two days to get down to a champion.

When players got down to the final table, power2prut was 5th in chips, but our champion quickly turned things around.

The final table


Seat 1: MASUR0N1KE – 9,764,566
Seat 2: EdenR – 10,626,952
Seat 3: LoneHixx – 5,692,274
Seat 4: XMorphineX – 7,927,871
Seat 5: molda79 – 1,762,089
Seat 6: ragAAAila19 – 3,427,894
Seat 7: Picasso25 – 11,598,822
Seat 8: germaxi – 3,582,366
Seat 9: power2prut – 7,417,166

power2prut came to the final table swinging.

In the first elimination, molda79 moved all-in for 1.4 million from under the gun and power2prut called from the hijack

The rest of the final table folded and power2prut showed 10♠10♦ to molda79’s A♠Q♥. The 5♠5♦7♠K♥10♥ board fell in power2prut’s favor and molday79 finished 9th.

Then power2prut got another.

ragAAAila19 moved all-in with pocket kings and power2prut called with pocket aces. The 3♣4♣8♥6♣Q♦ board brought a lone face card, but it wasn’t the one ragAAAila19 needed. ragAAAila19 finished in 8th place while power2prut’s lead grew to 12.5 million.

power2prut wasn’t involved in the next elimination, but it was also a pair-over-pair situation. Picasso25 raised to 308,000 from the cutoff, germaxi moved all-in for 2.5 million from the button and the blinds folded. Picasso25 called with Q♦Q♠, germaxi tabled J♠J♥ and the 5♦3♦4♠5♣2♣ board brought all low cards. germaxi was out in 7th and then the lead and title of eliminator passed to EdenR.

power2prut minraised from under the gun that hand and both MASUR0N1KE and EdenR called. LoneHixx moved all-in for 3.2 million from the button and only EdenR called. EdenR showed 2♣2♦ while LoneHixx turned over K♦Q♦. The 6♣9♣8♠7♠2♠ board gave EdenR a set of deuces and the elimination. LoneHixx became our 6th-place finisher and EdenR took over the lead.

But then power2prut was back to powering through with pocket pairs.


power2prut raised to 500,000 from the button and EdenR moved all-in for 3.7 million. power2prut called with K♠K♣ and EdenR showed 5♦5♠. The J♥7♣2♠A♥3♦ board kept kings in the lead and EdenR hit the rail in 5th.

Then power2prut did it again, but with the smaller pocket pair.

Picasso25 called from the small blind and power2prut jammed from the big blind. Picasso25 called with 6♠6♣ and was in pretty good shape against power2prut’s 2♠2♦. But that’s until power2prut hit another set of deuces on the 2♣A♣J♣7♠5♥ board.

Picasso25 was out in 4th while power2prut also dealt the next elimination and started the heads-up match with a massive lead.

XMorphineX raised to 848,000 and power2prut three-bet to 2.6 million. XMorphineX moved all-in for 15.7 million and power2prut called. power2prut showed another pair with 6♣6♦ and XMorphineX was flipping with A♣J♣. The board ran 3♥8♣K♥4♦Q♠ and sixes stayed in the lead. XMoprhineX finished 3rd while the tournament went heads-up.


power2prut – 48,945,774
MASUR0N1KE – 12,854,226

Players decided to strike a deal and the PokerStars MegaComputer came back with the following numbers:

power2prut: $325,263.88
MASUR0N1KE: $291,540.26

Players almost agreed with the numbers.

power2prut: i can make it 292500
power2prut: if you want
MASUR0N1KE: we can continue and we will see. I am such a nice guy to give 11k extra to you
power2prut: plus I sign up on tiltbook
MASUR0N1KE: haha
MASUR0N1KE: what a deal
power2prut: ok, lets rumble

The final deal gave MASUR0N1KE $292,500.00 while power2prut’s share dipped to $324,304.14. The deal also left $49,440.00 to play for, a sum that quickly got sent to power2prut.

power2prut took a chunk off of MASUR0N1KE and then both players went all-in with ace-queen. Players chopped that pot and then MASUR0N1KE called all-in for 4.5 million with K♠8♣ the next hand. power2prut showed A♠7♦ and paired an ace on the flop of an A♣9♦4♦K♥3♥ board.

That was it. MASUR0N1KE finished 2nd while power2prut powered through and won another Sunday Million 10 years.

Congratulations power2prut!

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WCOOP-50-H: $2,100 NLHE [Sunday Million SE]
Entries: 1,236
Prize pool: $2,472,000
Place paid: 161

1. power2prut (United Kingdom) $373,744.14*
2. MASUR0N1KE (Slovakia) $292,500.00*
3. XMorphineX (Belgium) $203,439.42
4. Picasso25 (Germany) $147,690.62
5. EdenR (United Kingdom) $107,218.55
6. LoneHixx (Mexico) $77,837.10
7. germaxi (Argentina) $56,507.20
8. ragAAAila19 (Romania) $41,022.34
9. molda79 (Canada) $29,790.92

*Denotes a two-way deal.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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