WCOOP 2021: Final day — ‘CrazyLissy’ (High), ‘festen x’ (Med), ‘pagan_junior’ (Low) win Main Events

September 16, 2021inPoker

WCOOP 2021: Final day -- 'Crazy Lissy' (High), 'festen x' (Med), 'pagan_junior' (Low) win Main Events

It has been a busy month of World Championship of Online Poker events at PokerStars, so it only made sense the last day would be one of the busiest. No less than 18 events completed, highlighted by the three Main Events.

A long final day saw “CrazyLissy” of Russia take down the “High” Main Event to claim a huge first prize worth almost $1.5 million. Swedes won the other two Mains, with “festen x” taking the “Medium” for just over $549K and “pagan_junior” capturing the “Low” title for a little more than $180K.

Here’s the story of how each of the four-day Main Events concluded along with other final day results plus some WCOOP 2021 totals.

WCOOP 2021 Main Event (High): ‘CrazyLissy’ outlasts Pascal Lefrancois for title, almost $1.5 million

After three days of poker just nine remained from the 1,965 total entries in the “High” Main Event, each seeking the largest share of the tournament’s $10 million prize pool.

The last day started with Australia’s Stevan “random_chu” Chew playing from Indonesia and enjoying a healthy chip advantage. Chew had more than 147 million, close to double what his nearest challenger “necgaidziai” of Lithuania had to begin.

Chew kept the advantage well in hand over the first hour-and-a-half while all eight of his opponents continued the battle. Finally Canada’s Tyler “Juicy_J_93” Jardine, winner of a $2K PLO WCOOP a year ago, shoved a short stack with A♠4♠ and got isolated by “Rebel FishAK” of Romania who had A♣K♣. The flop brought a king and by the turn Jardine was drawing dead to finish ninth.

By the end of the second hour, necgaidziai’s stack had slipped somewhat before getting involved in a pivotal hand against Russia’s “CrazyLissy.” The flop brought necgaidziai a flush and CrazyLissy a set of nines. The turn then paired, which meant necgaidziai ended up losing a big pot to become short-stacked.

necgaidziai lasted a while longer before getting all in with ace-jack but running into Chew’s pocket kings, and when the board didn’t cooperate necgaidziai was done in eighth.

Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger entered the final table fourth in chips, though everyone watching the PokerStars TV livestream had their eye on the Swiss pro playing from Canada who had earlier led the event. Loeliger struggled on the final day, however, eventually falling into the danger zone before entering a three-way pot from the big blind with A♥J♣.

With the board showing 9♠3♣K♥8♥ and with less than two big blinds left, Loeliger check-called a bet from Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois. Alas, Lefrancois had A♦8♠, and after the river K♣ Loeliger was out in seventh.

Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger

Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger

Markus “playboy99999” Prinz of Austria would become short-stacked next, and after a late-position raise from Chew he would call from the big blind with 7♦6♦. The flop came 6♣K♣Q♦ to give Prinz sixes and a backdoor flush, and when he jammed his last four big blinds or so Chew called with A♣10♥. The J♥ then fell on the turn to give Chew a Broadway straight and leave Prinz drawing dead to finish in fifth.

Some time later Argentinian Marco “marcozevola5” Zévola had slipped to a below average stack when he watched Chew min-raise to 4 million from under the gun. Zévola three-bet to 10 million from the button, and after Chew called both watched the flop come 9♠[ Th]6♠. Both checked, then Chew bet small on the 6♣ turn and Zévola called.

The 2♥ river completed the board, and Chew bet 32 million, an amount that just covered what Zévola had behind. The Argentinian thought and then called with Q♠10♠, but Chew had 7♥6♥ for trip sixes and Zévola was out in fourth.

Marco "marcozevola5" Zévola

Marco “marcozevola5” Zévola

After a lengthy period of four-handed play, CrazyLissy was on the verge of elimination when all in with pocket treys versus Chew’s pocket nines. But a trey came to save CrazyLissy, and the four players continued onward into the day’s fifth hour.

From the brink of elimination, CrazyLissy chipped up into the lead with four players left before falling back again. But then CrazyLissy moved in front again after winning a flip with jacks against Rebel FishAK’s ace-king, making the latter the short stack.

Some time after that those two battled again after CrazyLissy open-pushed and Rebel FishAK called with just under 10 BBs left. CrazyLissy had jacks again while Rebel FishAK had ace-ten, and after the board came 5♠6♠6♦J♥8♣, CrazyLissy had a full house and more chips while Rebel FishAK was out in fourth.

Three-handed continued with CrazyLissy continuing to lead until Lefrancois won a big all-in to double up and even the stacks among the final trio. Chew had slipped back a bit to around 120 million while both Lefrancois and CrazyLissy hovered around 180 million when a big hand took place.

CrazyLissy folded from the button, then Chew shoved from the small blind for close to 25 big blinds and Lefrancois called in flash. Chew had 5♣5♠ and Lefrancois 8♠8♦. The flop came A♦8♣3♦ to give Lefrancois a set, and after a jack fell on the turn Chew was drawing dead to finish in third, albeit with a nice consolation prize of over three-quarter million.

Stevan "random_chu" Chew

Stevan “random_chu” Chew

Heads-up began with Lefrancois at about 309 million to CrazyLissy’s 181 million. Lefrancois maintained the advantage, eventually cutting CrazyLissy down to less than half that stack when the latter shoved with ace-deuce and Lefrancois snap-called with ace-eight. The flop missed both, but a deuce on the turn held through the river to allow CrazyLissy to double up.

A few minutes later, CrazyLissy had chipped up into the lead. Lefrancois nudged in front again, then a huge hand developed resulting in a preflop all-in.

Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois

Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois

After a Lefrancois limp, CrazyLissy raised, Lefranchois shoved, and CrazyLissy called turning over 10♣10♥ while Lefrancois showed A♥J♣. The flop brought an ace but a ten as well, coming K♦A♠10♠. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 2♠, and suddenly CrazyLissy had about 485 million while Lefrancois was down to just under 6 million — i.e., less than one big blind.

Lefrancois got all in with Q♥10♠ on the next hand versus CrazyLissy’s J♦6♦. The board ran out 4♣4♥J♣7♠8♣, giving CrazyLissy two pair, the title, and the nearly $1.5 million first prize. Lefrancois meanwhile earned a seven-figure score as well, taking away nearly $1.07 million.

WCOOP-91-H: $5,200 NLHE Main Event
Dates: September 12-15, 2021
Entries: 1,965 (inc. 519 re-entries)
Prize pool: 

Final table results:

1st: CrazyLissy (Russia) $1,499,942.00
2nd: Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois (Canada) $1,069.210.00
3rd: Stevan “random_chu” Chew (Australia) $762,169.00
4th: Rebel FishAK (Romania) $543,301.00
5th: Marco “marcozevola5” Zévola (Argentina) $387,284.00
6th: Markus “playboy99999” Prinz (Austria) $276,069.00
7th: Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger (Canada) $196,792.00
8th: necgaidziai (Lithuania) $140,280.00
9th: Tyler “Juicy_J_93” Jardine (Canada) $99,997.00

WCOOP 2021 Main Event (Medium): ‘festen x’ feasts on final day, wins title, $549K

The “Medium” Main kicked off its fourth and final day with Brazil’s “Gabriellin” leading the way as the only player among the final nine with more than 200 million chips. Those nine were all that remained from a 7,783-entry field that created a prize pool of nearly $3.9 million, easily eclipsing the $2.5 million guarantee.

The first hour saw three knockouts, starting with Poland’s “dulek_jason” in ninth who lost with ace-queen versus the tens of Peru’s “Play4livin.” “Dieferson09” of Brazil went next in eighth after A-Q fell to A-K against “blowf1sh” of Ireland. Two hands later Romania’s “behindme93” shoved with ace-nine and was soon out in seventh after leader Gabriellln’s ace-queen held.

“festen x” of Sweden had moved into the chip lead before entering a preflop confrontation with Q-Q versus Austria’s “T0X16-“ who had 10-10. The board brought no ten, and in fact a queen on the turn clinched it to knock out T0X16- in sixth.

festen x added to the lead soon after when knocking out blowf1sh in fifth. In that preflop all-in the latter had ace-king and festen x ace-jack, but a jack and ace on the flop held and blowf1sh was done in fifth.

A little later after losing a big one to festen x, “PIPON777” of Latvia became severely short-stacked and would end up all in with king-ten versus Play4livin’s ace-queen. The board paired neither player, and PIPON777 was out in fourth.

When three-handed Gabriellln open-shoved just over 15 BBs from the small blind with K♣10♣ and Play4livin with about three times that to start called with 9♣9♠. The flop brought a nine and it was over by the turn, sending Gabriellln railward in third.

Play4livin had 513 million to festen x’s 264 million to start heads-up play, but a few hands in came one in which festen x flopped quads with pocket sevens to win a nice pot and claim the chip advantage. A couple of hands later festen x flopped a set with pocket aces to win still more chips, and Play4livin was down to fumes.

It wasn’t long after that when Play4livin called a preflop button shove with 7 or so BBs left with K♣5♦, festen x showed K♠J♣, and five cards later — 10♠3♥A♠A♥9♦ — it was all over, giving festen x the title.

WCOOP-91-M: $530 NLHE Main Event
Dates: September 12-15, 2021
Entries: 7,783 (inc. 2,470 re-entries)
Prize pool: 

Final table results:

1st: festen x (Sweden) $549,007.73
2nd: Play4livin (Peru) $391,348.69
3rd: Gabriellin (Brazil) $278,966.45
4th: PIPON777 (Latvia) $198,857.20
5th: blowf1sh (Ireland) $141,752.55
6th: T0X16- (Austria) $101,046.29
7th: behindme93 (Romania) $72,029.33
8th: Dieferson09 (Brazil) $51,345.22
9th: dulek_jason (Poland) $36,600.72

WCOOP 2021 Main Event (Low): pagan_junior captures win, $180K after short final day

The “Low” Main’s final table also finished Wednesday afternoon after the last nine players from a 40,291-entry field reassembled and played down to a champ. That enormous field created a prize pool worth just over $2 million, well above the event’s $1.5 million guarantee.

The final day began with “pagan_junior” of Sweden sitting atop the counts with just over 240 million chips, a bit clear of Denmark’s “rickiolsen1998” in second position.

Poland’s “Tfete” started the day with the shortest stack, and after busting in ninth on the first hand to “sNap36484” of Belarus had the shortest tenure at the final table. Another short-stack, Russia’s “luily021,” soon followed in eighth after getting pocket aces cracked when fellow Russian “pr0_nl” flopped a set of tens.

Romania’s “benea29” next fell in seventh after king-jack failed against the ace-queen of Brazil’s “|Chompiras|0.” Two more knockouts swiftly followed. After winning with pocket tens before, pr0_nl lost with them in a race versus the ace-king rickiolsen1988 to finish sixth. Then “Castanella” of Russia went out in fifth when ace-five failed to catch up to pagan_junior’s ace-queen.

It would take less than an hour for the final four to be reduced to a winner.

rickiolsen1988 fell in fourth after four-bet shoving with pocket jacks against sNap36484 who called with ace-king, then watching an ace fall on the river. A short while later |Chompiras|0 was all in preflop with A♣8♣ versus pagan_junior’s K♣10♣, but the flop brought two tens and the latter’s hand held to knock |Chompiras|0 out in third.

pagan_junior had about a 2-to-1 chip lead over sNap36484 to start heads-up play. The pair made a heads-up deal to settle most of the prize money, after which pagan_junior built up a bigger advantage before sNap36484 got all in on the turn with the board showing 3♥10♦J♥7♠.

sNap36484 had a draw with Q♣9♠ while pagan_junior had turned two pair with J♠7♣. The river 2♠ sealed it, and pagan_junior took the title.

WCOOP-91-L: $55 NLHE Main Event
Dates: September 12-15, 2021
Entries: 40,291 (inc. 15,653 re-entries)
Prize pool: 

Final table results:

1st: pagan_junior (Sweden) $180,176.65*
2nd: sNap36484 (Belarus) $151,503.94*
3rd: |Chompiras|0 (Brazil) $98,390.42
4th: rickiolsen1988 (Denmark) $70,135.95
5th: Castanella (Russia) $49,995.08
6th: pr0_nl (Russia) $35,637.99
7th: benea29 (Romania) $25,403.97
8th: luily021 (Russia) $18,108.58
9th: Tfete (Poland) $12,908.22

*denotes two-way deal


In addition to the three Mains, 15 other events completed on Wednesday to round out the final day of WCOOP. Among the noteworthy finishes was PokerStars’ own Fintan “easywithaces” Hand taking sixth in Event #97-H ($2,100 NLHE, 8-Max, Super Tuesday SE) for a cash of just over $20,000.

Here are the winners of the non-Main Event tournaments that finished up on Wednesday:

*denotes deal
†inc. bounties


The WCOOP 2021 featured 306 total tournaments (102 each in the “low,” “medium,” and “high” tiers). In the end those events drew more than 1.4 million entries, with prize pools ultimately adding up to more than $122 million.

Here’s our last stack tracker, although stay tuned to PokerStars Blog over the coming days for still more WCOOP number-crunching.

Tournaments completed: 306
Entries: 1,428,869 (inc. 294,277 re-entries)
Prize pools: $122,340,165
First-place prizes: $18,342,344 (inc. $3,102,427 in bounties)



Even before the final day, Brazil had clinched the achievement of being the country producing the most WCOOP champions in 2021. Here’s how those title totals ended up:

57 titles — Brazil
37 — Russia
27 — UK
20 – Netherlands
16 — Austria
15 — Canada
14 — Sweden
11 — Poland
9 — Hungary
8 — Finland, Germany
7 — Belarus, Norway
6 — Mexico, Ukraine
5 — Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania
4 — Argentina, Lithuania, Peru
3 — Bulgaria
2 — Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Moldova
1 — Andorra, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, New Zealand, Panama, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Uzbekistan.

*with 1 tournament left to complete


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