We wish you a merry Spraggmas (and a happy new Benj)

December 04, 2019inPoker

It’s Christmas time. There’s no need to be afraid.

Unless your name is Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg, that is.

Spraggy: praying it’s not Spraggmas every day

The brains that brought you Arlie Shaban’s ‘12 labours of Arlie’ and Lex Veldhuis’ ‘WCOOP Adventure’ have devised a festive set of challenges for our Spraggy, and he’ll have to complete all of them if he wants to secure a spot on Santa’s good list.

He’ll be rewarded with some presents if he manages to complete each challenge within that day’s stream.

And there will even be some presents for you, too.

So, we wish you a merry Spraggmas (and, hopefully, when all is said and done, a happy new Benj).


Spraggy will stream at least 12 days in December, and each day he will get a new challenge to complete during that stream.

Think of it as his own special advent calendar, only with challenges instead of chocolate.

Spraggmas for Spraggy

If Spraggy fails to complete a challenge during his stream, there will be…consequences.

However, there will be a $215 PokerStars Ticket added to a freeroll for each challenge Spraggy completes. So it’s worth cheering him on.

Set this as your PokerStars avatar and you could win tournament tickets

PokerStars has also created a Spraggmas avatar that you can select in your PokerStars client.

We’ll be giving away an $11 ticket to the first five users that Spraggy meets at the table when he streams who have the Spraggmas avatar on their accounts.

That means you better tune in to his streams early to find out which tournaments he’ll be playing that day.

Make sure you follow @Spraggy on Twitter, and follow him on his Twitch channel for the latest stream info.

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