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February 27, 2017

While it would be easy to find some sort of Oscar’s analogy to accompany this week’s results round up, I’m not really that clever, or tuned into popular culture in any way. Suffice to say that we’ll leave the dramatics to the professionals and stick to cold hard numbers in this week’s Weekend Review, headlined by a win for TheFan83 in the Sunday Million. There were other winners of course, and you can find out more by reading on…

Weekend highlights on PokerStars

TheFan83 wins the Sunday Million to collect $120,108 in a three way deal
digopapel and KasparovAKs share Best Supporting Actor award


Sunday Million

Do you immediately forget the pain of defeat the moment you put that right by winning a first Sunday Million title? TheFan83 might know the answer. As Jason Kirk reported table side, it was 2011 when TheFan83 was last heads-up for a major PokerStars title, that being for a WCOOP title worth $206,000. Well he put that right in the early hours of this morning, taking the top share of a three way deal and a first Sunday Million title.

Here’s the result in full.

Sunday Million ($215 NL Hold’em) results (Feb 26, 2017)
Entries: 5,218
Prize pool: $1,043,600
Places paid: 728

1. TheFan83 (Austria) $122,000*
2. digopapel (Brazil) $112,734.23*
3. KasparovAKs (Poland) $91,000*
4. tha_winnah (Norway) $51,304.41
5. 4rebmun (Canada) $36,003.88
6. djmib2 (Germany) $25,266.49
7. FeaNoR4eG (Ukraine) $17,731.18
8. #Naktro91 (United Kingdom) $12,443.15
9. J.C. “PrtyPsux” Alvarado (Mexico) $8,732.32
* denotes results of a three-way deal that left $20,000 for the winner

Weekend winners

As we said there were other winners, major, supporting, and otherwise, with the top ten results listed below.

$215 SUNDAY MILLION TheFan83 Austria $122,000.00
$215 Sunday Warm-Up IceFigure Sweden $57,140.53
$1,050 Sunday Grand NLHE berman As Bolivia $48,071.86
$700 Super-Sized Sunday [Progressive KO] disquesi! Slovakia $38,497.70
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo] farmjim United Kingdom $29,172.83
$1,050 Sunday Grand PLO [6-Max] Odd_Oddsen Norway $28,126.98
$11 Sunday Storm kcrommpz Canada $27,477.33
$22 Mini Sunday Million DanielT999 Ireland $25,646.29
$109 Sunday Cooldown [Turbo] Sasuke234 Sweden $22,222.75
$109 Sunday Kickoff Kennethmedh Sweden $19,466.67

Find all the results for the weekend of February 25 to 26, 2017 on PokerStars, by clicking here.

The road to Rozvadov

The next PokerStars Live event begins this week with the start of the PokerStars Festival Rozvadov, which kicks off at the Kings Casino this Thursday. Our team will be in place to bring reports from the tournament room. If you’re new to the Kings Casino and Rozvadov – a hidden gem of world poker – you can read more about what to expect here.

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