Weekly Dose: Firefighter in diapers ready for Kid Poker

December 15, 2009


It’s hard to be original these days. With so many people out there actively trying to be unique, most folks end up failing or copying their fellow aspirants-to-originality.

And so, it’s always nice when we spend our Tuesday mornings wading through the vast resource of internet videos and find something that makes us say, “Well, we haven’t seen that before.”

And so is this case on today’s Weekly Dose where we can present you with…several grown men in diapers.


What you see there is a screen capture from James Wheeler’s entry into the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge. You might remember, PokerStars, Fox Sports, and Daniel Negreanu are running this little show that requires online qualifiers to send in an audition video. Many of the videos are about what you’d expect. There are a few, however, that stand out for their originality.

The one below from James “jameswbreez” Wheeler, an Army base firefighter, is one of the latter.

Here’s one of the best audition videos we’ve found so far this week.

While we’re on the topic of televised poker, he’s one you might not have seen before. They call it the Bounty Stars of Poker. It’s amateurs versus pros and…a mystery guest!

Bounty Stars of Poker is a program out of the UK and looks to have some pretty big-name sports stars in the mix.

We found the episode below on the venerable PokerStars.tv.

Watch Bounty Stars of Poker: Episode 4 (Part 1/3) on PokerStars.tv

And while we’re on the topic of PokerStars.tv, the online video portal is back with another episode of the Online Poker Show.

This week brings us the PokerStars Sunday Million and this week’s final table. This episode was made for the small screen. It has the stars (and a Team PokerStars Pro) built right in.

Check it out below.

Watch Online Poker Show: Sunday Million – December 13th, 2009 on PokerStars.tv


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