Weekly Dose: Holy WCOOP!

September 15, 2009


Is it just us or is time flying while we’re having fun?

We did a little math this morning and, sure enough, by this time next week, the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker will be over, just a happy memory dancing on our tired synapses. All we’ll have left are the posts on this blog and the work of the good people over at PokerStars.tv.

With all that in mind, let’s revel in the present with the Weekly Dose, the best of online videos and poker.

First up is a look back at the second week of WCOOP through the eyes and virtual lens of PokerStars.tv.

Watch WCOOP 2009: Round-Up Show 2 on PokerStars.tv

And holy cow…I mean, seriously, HOLY.

As you you might have heard, PokerStars is auditioning qualifiers for the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge.

We have already seen some doozies, but this one has us getting all reverent. Ever sat across the table from this guy?


Check out this South Carolina priest who plays poker.

If the priest wins the casting call and gets on TV, he’ll be playing against Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu. It just so happens that Negreanu is featured on this week’s Inside Deal from ESPN.com.

Finally, we’re getting a couple weeks of rest before the kick off of the biggest EPT London event. We’re getting psyched up by watching some old videos of previous events there.

Wanna join us?

Watch EPT 5 – London, Episode 2 (Full Episode) on PokerStars.tv


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