Weekly Dose: Topless world record by JoeIngram1

December 08, 2009


So, the other day, we wrote a piece here about a Russian gentleman who did something fairly significant. He played more than 40,000 hands in less than 24 hours.

We gave the accomplishment its due applause, and then started hearing, “Well, I can do that!” from a lot of people.

One of those people was a guy named JoeIngram1, a man who bet he could play more than 50,000 hands in less than 24 hours. It turns out, we here at the PokerStars Blog provoked him.

“What made me decide to break the record was that I saw the article you wrote last week how innerpsy played 40,000 hands and I was confused because I actually played a 41,150 session in July,” he told us.

Well, damn. Look what we started.

At the time, we were going with the best information we had. Now, we had had JoeIngram1 not only saying he’d done it before, but he was going to do it again–and better–just to stick it to us.

Well, not just that.

“Also, I wanted to do a big prop bet so I could potentially make a large amount on the side just for achieving it,” he said. “I am known for my ability to play a large amount of volume and I felt doing something like this would further show my ability to do so.”


In the end, he played 50,470 hands in 20 hours and two minutes and won a little more than $800.

Oh, he also picked up $33,350 in prop bet action from the bets he made with fellow players on the forums.

“I will definitely do it again sometime soon just to see the max number of hands I can achieve in the time span,” he said. “For my next prop bet I am either going to do one where I have to win 10k at NL25 or play 1.1 million hands in a month’s time.”

If you’d like to see how he looked in the middle of it, here’s the new record-holder–topless, no less–at the moment he hit the halfway point.

Now that we have atoned for that, here’s a couple other top videos we’ve seen this week.

In this video, we’re barely sure what’s happening, but we’re pretty certain it’s cool. If we’re reading it right, it’s a PokerStars player getting into about three billion tables at once while grooving to new age music. The upshot of all of it? He makes it to the SilverStar level of the PokerStars VIP Club.

Note: you might enjoy this more if you’ve recent been on contact with certain tribes in the deeper parts of the Amazon rain forest.

Finally, if you’ve been dying to know how this week’s Sunday Million played out, but can’t be bothered to read about it in our wrap-up reports, we have the solution for you. Each week, the good folks at PokerStars.tv produce The Online Poker Show, a wrap-up of the big Sunday Million action from the past weekend.

So, how did the Sunday Million turn out this week? Just have a peek below!

Watch Online Poker Show: Sunday Million – December 6th, 2009 on PokerStars.tv


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