WSOP Event #27: Alex Kravchenko chipping up

June 15, 2009


Alex Kravchenko is a fighter at the poker table (and to be clear, I’m not sure many would want to take him on away from the table) and sticks around when the going gets tough.

In the final of the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low 8 or Better he found himself short-stacked and had his tournament on the line in this hand: the Russian Team PokerStars Pro raised from the cut-off and Scott Clements called from the big blind to see the Q♣8♦5♦ flop – when all the money went in.

Kravchenko: A♥A♦5♥3♦
Clements: 10♦4♣3♠2♦

The turn was K♦ to give Kravchenko the nut flush, and the 9♣ river ensured no low hand, allowing him to scoop the lot for a key double up.


Alex Kravchenko

A while later he flopped quad aces, but got no action from Anthony Lellouche, who must have sensed something was up and mucked before Kravchenko even reached for his chips.

Lellouche was then the first faller of the final, much to the dismay of the large French media contingent, who were desperate to record their first bracelet. It was Clements who accounted for the Frenchman, who collects $29,065 for his ninth-place finish. Each of the remaining eight are now guaranteed $32,105.

Armando Ruiz then busted in 8th, falling to Brett Richey.

Latest chip counts:

Scott Clements, 1,250,000
Roland De Wolfe, 600,000
Brett Richey, 400,000
John Racener, 250,000
Robert Campbell, 240,000
Alex Kravchenko, Team PokerStars Pro, 160,000
Andrew Black, 120,000
Armando Ruiz II, 8th
Anthony Lellouche, 9th


Congratulations to Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov, who just cashed in event #28, the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em. He busted in a four-way monster with 10-10 – but was up against K-K, Q-Q and 6-6. Rigged, I tell you. Russian Demidov got paid $2,988.


Ivan Demidov


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