WSOP Main Event: The latest from Vicky Coren

July 05, 2009


We’re not strangers to online information revolutions on the PokerStars blog. In fact the blog itself was at the forefront of a new kind of reporting when he began its work in 2005. So when twitter came along well, as you can imagine we jumped on board, with “tweets” emanating from PokerStars and the blog around the clock.

It’s not just us. A few players could today be seen bashing away at Blackberrys and iPhones. In the past this meant a good or bad news SMS to a friend or loved one on the virtual rail. Now it’s the same message sent to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people. Players of all calibres are at it, including a few Team PokerStars Pros.

Like Vicky Coren.

Vicky is something of a legend when it comes to texting fast with just her thumbs, so she’s ideally suited to the world of abbreviated 140 character messages. It’s also provides a great way of keeping tabs on her progress on day 1b, because frankly it’s been a rollercoaster one.

Main Event_Day 1B_IJG_4963_IMPDI.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren

It came from humble beginnings, the kind of chipperness you should feel at the start of your main event campaign…

“The Main Event! I’m not greedy: I’d be happy with $7m for 2nd place. Or to survive Day One. That would be an improvement on last year…”

Then, after a few knocks before the dinner break the stack suffered slightly but crucially not Vicky, whose spirits remained high….

“Dinner break. Had a nasty hand with straight (& nut flush draw) v made flush, but still alive, got 19k, should be plenty…

Then that change of fortune that Coren, like all pros, is no stranger to. Put short the wheels began to fall off…

“Wow – 3 people in a row flopped sets against me. They make it look so easy! Not sure this is going to be a lucky day.”

That was then. Now Coren’s stack measures something less than 10,000. But still – should be plenty.

Keep tabs on Vicky Coren’s progress yourself on her twitter and of course those of PokerStars and the PokerStars Blog.



All the chips so far today seem to have gravitated into one corner of table 38 in the blue section of the Amazon Room. Beside each other there sit the PokerStars qualifiers Craig Hopkins, from the United Kingdom, and Russia’s Vadim Gruzglin. Each has about 120,000 already, which is not far from the total amassed by yesterday’s end-of-day chip leader, as was noted by one of their table-mates. “One of you guys needs to double the other one up,” said another player on the table. “Or they could triple up and knock another one of us out,” said another.



We picked it up on a flop of A♦3♠3♣. Two people checked to Greg Raymer, who checked behind. On the 8♥ turn, the one-seat bet 2,600 and Raymer called. On the 2♣ river, the bettor checked, Raymer bet 3,500. His opponent called.

“Ace-king,” Raymer said, and nearly everybody at the table–including him–expected the FossilMan to rake in the pot. Then his opponent turned over 3♦6♦

“I did not put you that,” Raymer said. “My only question was whether you tie me or you lose.”



Peter Longmore of Melbourne, Australia (who we wrote about in this earlier post) was getting perilously close to his journey to the States being in vain. We picked it up on the river when he was all-in on a board of [6]hJ♦6♣9♠K♠ and up against Q♥Q♦. Longmore held the very fortunate 8♠6♠ and doubled up to just short of 20,000.



Today’s email from the World Series media director Nolan Dalla is in the mailboxes. It tells the world that 873 players played day 1B of the 2009 World Series Main Event.



“Hey, take your cushion!” — Railbird to Mike Schwartz as he was eliminated from the tournament.
“No. That’s an unlucky cushion. Makes my ass hurt. So long everyone!” Schwartz replies.



Main Event_Day 1B_IJG_4907_IMPDI.jpg



Vicky Coren… “Out. QQQ no good. That is as bad a day’s poker as I’ve had in quite some time. On plus side, was quite clearly NOT meant to be.”


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