WSOP November Nine: Ups and downs after dinner

November 07, 2010


Tournament poker has always been such that fortunes can fluctuate in a matter of minutes. One big hand, one cooler, one suck-out or one dastardly play and a zero can become a hero–or vice versa.

We’ve now returned from the dinner break, and the players have retaken their seats. The pre-prandial joustings were disastrous for Soi Nguyen and Matt Jarvis, who have both been eliminated, but others have flown up the leaderboard in their absence.

Here’s the list of the latest chip counts, and how they compare with their starting stacks. Here you can also see their current position, their starting position, their current stack size, their starting stack size and the difference between the two.

1 (7) Michael Mizrachi 50,525,000 (14,450,000) +36,075,000
2 (1) Jonathan Duhamel 47,500,000 (65,975,000) -18,475,000
3 (3) Joseph Cheong 30,350,000 (23,525,000) +6,825,000
4 (4) John Racener 25,675,000 (19,050,000) +6,625,000
5 (6) Filippo Candio 23,525,000 (16,400,000) +7,125,000
6 (9) Jason Senti 22,775,000 (7,625,000) +15,150,000
7 (2) John Dolan 19,250,000 (46,250,000) -27,000,000


Jason Senti, climbing the ladder


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