EPT Grand Final to be grander than ever

February 17, 2009

Over the past several years, it has been clear that the European Poker Tour’s Grand Final was the biggest thing going in European poker. The Grand Final has been growing every year. Every time we go back, it gets more luxurious and and rich.

Apparently, we haven’t seen anything yet.

PokerStars and the EPT have just announced the details of this year’s EPT Grand Final. Ambitious doesn’t begin to describe the efforts we’re about to see at the end of April. The EPT is planning to run 14 tournaments and satellite tournaments over a seven day period. Some of those events are brand new and will be world-wide destination tournaments.

The two newest and exciting additions are the European High Roller Championship and the European Pot Limit Omaha Championship. The High Roller Championship is a €25,000 + €500 monster of an affair that is sure to draw the biggest names in poker to the Monte Carlo tables. This will also be the first time the EPT has run a PLO event. There is no doubt how popular that will be.

Here are the big tourneys in which you’ll be able to compete:

  • 25,000 + 500 European High Roller Championship
  • 10,000 + 600 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event
  • 5,000 + 250 European Pot Limit Omaha Championship
  • 5,000 + 250 NL
  • 2,000 + 150 NL
  • 1,000 + 100 NL
  • 500 + 50 NL
  • 500 + 50 PLO – Unlimited Rebuys
  • In advance of these events, the EPT will be running a number of satellites for people looking to get in for a little less money. The satellites will include:

  • 500 + 50 + 1 Rebuy – Super Satellite to Main Event (2)
  • 550 + 50 – Satellite to High Roller Super Satellite (2)
  • 2,500 + 200 – Super Satellite to High Roller
  • 500 + 50 + Unlimited Rebuys – Super Satellite to Your Choice of Pokerstars Tour Destination
  • The EPT will also be running Battleship poker events every day from noon until 3am the next day. Unlike past events, Battleship will have tons of different options for the players. There will be multiple buy-in levels and player caps ranging from heads-up to 64-player fields.

    Finally, as if this wasn’t enough news to digest in one sitting, we feel compelled to announce the EPT is making some changes to its main event structure. The familiar 60-minute levels and 10,000 chip stacks will be changing to 30,000 stacks. What’s more, while Day 1 will still have 60-minute levels, Day 2 and on will be played with 75-minute levels.

    For full details on the new, grander Grand Final, check out the PokerStars EPT satellites page.

    See you in Monte Carlo!


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