Zhukvlad takes down Twitter Poker League main event final

January 27, 2011


The Main Event Final was a freeroll with over $10,000 worth of prizes, for anyone who had cashed in the Twitter Poker League in 2010. 1,486 players turned out for the event 200 of whom would receive WBCOOP Main Event Tickets and 100 of whom would receive at least $7.50 Step 1 tickets, some seriously good value for a freeroll.

Eventually, our final table was formed, much to the dismay of “naijapokerer” (@apokerlypse) who finished the event in 10th place. Everyone was now guaranteed at least a $700 Step 5 ticket, and so the battle commenced for 1st place and that $2,100 Step 6 ticket. “Evolnomar” was the clear chip leader going into the final table with over 1million in chips. There was talk of trying to make a deal, or chop up the prizepool when play started at the final table, but this wasn’t possible as tickets cannot be split in the same way as a cash prizepool.

“K_llunga” was the first to play an all in pot, making a correct call from the big blind with A♣10♠, sadly for him though it didn’t hold up against the A♥7♣ of “Zhukvlad” on a board of 7♦4♠J♦ 4♥ 5♠. “wilsonII85” (@mistergwilson) made his move with just under 10 big blinds with 10♣10♦ sadly only snapped called by “fiethor”‘s K♣K♠, after having no luck in the regular Twitter Poker League game on the same night despite being a bounty player, I’m sure that the 8th place and $700 Step 5 ticket here will allow him to forget all about that.

In hand 15 of the final table “Flush_King73” was pretty much pot committed in the big blind and rather than fold his way to certain elimination he called with 9♠8♥ as a 40% underdog to the A♦J♣ of “fiethor” the flop came K♥9♥4♥ giving him a flush draw and a pair, and putting him way ahead. No luck for “fiethor” on the turn 2♠ or river 10♠ and so “flush_king73” had a much needed double up. But it was short lived, as two hands later he ended up all in with Q♠10♠ vs Q♦10♦ – surely to be a split pot. Wrong, with a heart wrenching flop of 2♦5♦8♦ he was left drawing dead and finished in 7th place.

tpoker ME 7th.JPG

Next to go was “Tarani”, nobody can fault his play calling the increasingly aggressive “Zhukvlad” with A♥Q♦, however when the board ran out; 9♦8♦3♥ 6♠ 10♠ the straight “Zhukvlad” made with J♠7♠ was good and “tarani” left in 6th place, again taking a $700 Step 5 ticket with him. Things got quiet for bit before “fiethor” shoved his A♣2♠ into the big blind of “psich85” who called with Q♦10♣, an uneventful board where Ace-high was good eliminated “psich85” in 5th place.

Three of the four remaining players were pretty much even around 750,000 in chips at this point, and “Evolnomar” was still the chip leader with 1.45million. This soon changed when “Zhukvlad” woke up with kings on the button, called by “Evolnomar” who held Q♥10♥. No flopped flushes this time and on a board of J♦6♠10♦ 4♠ 3♣ “Zhukvlad” doubled up and gained a healthy chip lead.

tpoker ME 3rd.JPG

A♦6♠ was the last hand that the generally quiet “H20_911” saw as he shoved from the small blind, only to run into the A♠J♥ of “Fiethor”. Trip jacks for “Fiethor” and we were down to three players. A raise from the button by “Evolnomar” in hand 50 was quickly shoved over by “Fiethor” who held J♣J♦, called by A♥K♣. With an ace on the flop and another on the turn just to be sure we were now heads up. “Evolnomar” had a 4:3 chip lead going into the heads up match, which lasted an impressive 25 hands considering how short stacked both players were. The defining hand of the match was when “Evolnomar” got his A♠6♦ all in, dominated by by “Zhukvlad”‘s pocket Aces. “Evolnomar” wasn’t able to recover and the match was all over four hands later.

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