Online Poker Ring Game Bonuses - PokerStars 10th Anniversary

The 10th Anniversary Ring Game Leaderboards promotion has now ended. Congratulations to everyone who took a share of the $1,000,000 awarded!

Play Poker Cash Games for a share of $1,000,000 in added prizes!

This special 10th Anniversary ring game celebration is awarding $1,000,000 across ten days of exciting action. Each ring game stake tab in the PokerStars game client is being given its own Leaderboard, which means that everyone can take part and win big. Simply play as many hands as you can in the qualifying period, as the players who earn the most VPPs win the biggest share of the cash!

Here’s how the 10th Anniversary Ring Game Leaderboards work:

There is a separate Leaderboard running for each of the following stake levels in the game client, from November 23-December 2:

 No Limit/Pot LimitFixed Limit
Micro $0.01/$0.02 $0.10/$0.25 $0.02/$0.04 $0.25/$0.50
Low $0.25/$0.50 $0.50/$1 $0.5/$1 $3/$6
Medium $1/$2 $3/$6 $5/$10 $10/$20
High $5/$10 $200/$400 $15/$30 $1,000/$2,000

Every ring game variation counts towards this promotion. It doesn’t matter if you play Hold’em, Omaha or Stud - there’s prize money to be earned across the board!

Each Leaderboard period lasts for 24 hours, after which the rankings are re-set. The players who earn the most VPPs in each stake level will win a share of $50,000 every day as listed below. Plus, any player who finishes in the top 1,000 in any of the Leaderboards will also be awarded a ticket to an exclusive freeroll with a prize pool of $500,000!

The freeroll will take place at 12:30 ET on December 11. Entry tickets will be awarded by December 8. Only one ticket will be awarded per player, regardless of the number of top 1,000 finishes achieved. Entry tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or sold. Unused tickets will expire after the $500,000 freeroll begins.

1 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $3,000
2 $400 $800 $1,250 $2,500
3 $320 $640 $1,050 $2,100
4 $260 $520 $900 $1,700
5 $220 $440 $800 $1,400
6 $180 $360 $700 $1,200
7 $160 $320 $600 $1,000
8 $140 $280 $500 $800
9 $120 $240 $400 $700
10 $100 $200 $300 $600
11-20 $80 $160 $250 $500
21-30 $60 $120 $200  
31-40 $40 $80 $150  
41-50 $30 $60 $100  
51-60 $20 $40    
61-80 $10 $20    
81-100 $5 $10    
TOTAL $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000

money will be split evenly between tied players.

Please Note: Any abuse of this promotion, including soft-play, collusion, pre-determined play, or failure to follow any of our other rules in an attempt to win Leaderboard prizes, may result in disqualification from the promotion and forfeiture of all accrued benefits, including VPPs and FPPs. Any other actions contrary to the spirit of the promotion, including repetitive folding, are also considered abuse.

The latest Leader Board rankings are listed below. They are updated frequently throughout the day, so keep checking back to see where you stand. Completed daily Leader Board Rankings will be available at approximately 05:00 ET on the day after the Leader Board has concluded.

Ring Game Leader Boards 10th Anniversary Timeline

PokerStars has produced some of the best ring game players the game has ever seen over the course of ten years, with millions of members competing in the widest selection of games across every different level. The high-stakes games meanwhile went into overdrive in early 2011 when online phenomenon Isildur1 was unveiled as a new member of Team PokerStars Pro. VIP Player Points are earned in every real money ring game hand played, giving players the chance to rise through the ranks of the VIP Club.

Contact if you have any questions about the 10th Anniversary Ring Game Leaderboards.

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