Exclusive Asia Tournament Leader Board Challenge

Important Announcement:

The Asia Weekly MTT Challenge will finish on Friday, July 10. PokerStars would like to thank all players who have participated in this promotion over the past few years.

PokerStars will continue to bring new and exciting promotions to our players and we invite you to get involved! To see all available promotions, please click here.

The Asia Weekly MTT Challenge the perfect way to test your tournament skills and win a share of thousands of dollars in cash! It’s a weekly Tournament Leader Board (TLB) that runs every day from Sunday-Friday, with a schedule that includes 10 nightly tournaments that offer more than $50,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

In addition to a share of the cash, you’ll also be playing for TLB points in each tourney. The top 15 highest-scoring players at the end of each week take a share of an additional $500 prize pool, including $125 for the player who comes out on top!

Asia Weekly MTT Challenge buy-ins range from just $1.10-$5.50 which means that everyone can take part. Don’t miss out on your chance to prove your skills and become one of Asia’s highest ranked tourney players.

How to Play the Asia Weekly MTT Challenge

Tournaments included in the Asia Weekly MTT Challenge run from Sunday-Friday every week at the times listed below. To find them and register, open the PokerStars lobby and go to ‘Tourney’ > ‘All’.

$1.10 NL Hold'em [$1K Gtd] $1.10 19:00 CST (07:00 ET) $1,500
The Hot $4.40 [Turbo, $10K Gtd]* $4.40 19:30 CST (07:30 ET) $8,000
$2.20 NL Hold'em [Ante Up, $400 Gtd] $2.20 19:45 CST (07:45 ET) $1,000
$1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, $1.5K Gtd] $1.10 20:00 CST (08:00 ET) $2,500
$2.20 + R NL Hold'em [500 Cap, $2K Gtd] $2.20 20:45 CST (08:45 ET) $2,000
The Big $5.50 [$20K Gtd]* $5.50 21:00 CST (09:00 ET) $20,000
$2.20 + R NL Hold'em [$5K Gtd] $2.20 21:30 CST (09:30 ET) $8,000
$3.30 NLHE [6-Max, $2.5K Gtd] $3.30 21:45 CST (09:45 ET) $3,000
$2.20+R NL Hold’em [$5.5K Gtd] $2.20 22:30 CST (10:30 ET) $8,000
$5.10 NL Hold’em [6 Max, Hyper-Turbo] $4K Gtd $5.10 22:45 CST (10:45 ET) $4,000

* Please Note: The Big $5.50 [$20k GTD] and The Hot $4.40 [Turbo, $8k GTD] will have their prize pools doubled on Sundays and will be referred to in the PokerStars client as The Bigger $5.50 [$40k GTD] and The Hotter $4.40 [Turbo, $16k GTD].


The 15 players who earn the most Leader Board points at the end of each week will be awarded prizes as follows. You can find the latest player standings on the Rankings page.

1 $125
2 $75
3 $50
4-10 $25
11-15 $15

Please Note: Points for the Asia Weekly MTT Challenge are calculated based on the regular PokerStars TLB system. See the page for more. Cash prizes will be paid the following Monday after each completed weekly league.

If you have any questions about how to take part in the Asia Weekly MTT Challenge, contact support@pokerstars.com.

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