Exclusive VPP race: the more you earn, the more you win!

Ring game players, start your engines! From November 19-December 9 we’re hosting an exclusive VPP race for players in Bulgaria, and to win a share of $15,000, you’ll need to speed your way to the top of the Bulgarian Ring Game Leader Board .

To opt-in for this exclusive VPP race, you’ll need to register for an unplayable dummy tournament, open from November 12-26 under ‘Tourney’ > ‘Regional’. To locate the tourney, type ‘opt’ into the tourney filter. Once registered, start playing your normal cash games to collect VPPs.

There’s $15,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won, with $10,000 shared between the top 100 place finishers on the Bulgarian Ring Game Leader Board, and an additional $5,000 split between those who finish in the top 15!

How to Play the Bulgarian Ring Game League

The Bulgarian Ring Game League is exclusive to players in Bulgaria, but you must register for the opt-in tournament to take part. Players must opt-in from November 12-16, and can then collect VPPs towards their Leader Board total by playing ring games from November 19-December 9.

You must register for the dummy tourney under ‘Tourney’ > ‘Regional’ in the PokerStars lobby before 23:59 ET on November 26. Additional players will not be accepted after this date

How to Earn Leader Board Points

Earning Leader Board points is simple. Just play ring games on PokerStars and build up enough VPPs to finish in the top 100 players for free prize money. The Leader Board takes into account only VPPs earned at the ring game tables, and players will receive cash rewards based on their proportional contribution to the total number of VPPs earned by all 100 players.

For example: if the total number of VPPs earned by the top 100 players on the Leader Board is 200,000 VPPs, and you earn 2,300 VPPs, the formula for how your winnings are calculated is as follows:

(Player VPP/Total VPPs of top 100) x $10,000 = Prize
(2,300 VPPs/200,000 VPPS) x $10,000 = $115

To increase the amount of VPPs you can earn during the qualifying period, you need to play as many hands as possible. Try playing multiple tables or the fast-paced Zoom poker for the best results.

Learn more about earning VPPs here.

What Can You Win?

There’s $15,000 up for grabs for the top 100 place finishers on the Bulgarian Ring Game League Leader Board, with $10,000 shared between all players, and an additional $5,000 shared between the top 15 finishers.

PlaceExtra Prize ($)
1 1,000
2 750
3 600
4 500
5 400
6 350
7 300
8 250
9 200
10 150
11-15 100

The Bulgarian Ring Game Leader Board will be updated two times a week throughout the promotion, with the top 500 players displayed at all times. Prizes will be distributed up to 72 hours after the promotion has finished.

Please Note: Only VPPs earned at ring game tables will count. Any VPPs earned through Home Games, Heads-Up or Team Play events will be exempt. This promotion is exclusive to players in Bulgaria.

If you have any questions about the Bulgarian Ring Game League, or any other PokerStars promotion, contact support@pokerstars.com.

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