Turn your cents into big prizes in our newest tournament festival

How would you like to turn your cents into a share of $250,000? From October 5-11, take part in our latest online tournament festival for as little as $0.01.

Each of the 14 Common Cents tournaments scheduled comes with a guaranteed prize pool, ranging from $2,500 up to $100,000. To kick off the series, the very first event, on October 5 at 14:05 ET, will have a $100,000 Guaranteed prize pool, and only a one cent buy-in. Don’t miss out as the tournament winner will turn as little as one cent into a $10,000 first prize.

And by taking part, not only will you qualify for the Common Cents Leader Board and a shot at $1,000 in extra prizes (click here for more), but you could win a Main Event ticket for free!

For the first hour of each Common Cents tournament we’ll chose a random table every minute to receive free tickets to the $25,000 GTD Main Event. Over 500 players will receive a free ticket in each event and these players will compete for a first prize of $2,500. Want to buy into the Main Event instead? That’ll be less than a dollar - $0.99 to be exact.

Whether you’ve got a few cents lying around in your PokerStars account or you’re new to poker, Common Cents tournaments are the perfect way to win big for less!

Common Cents tournament schedule

All Common Cents tournaments can be found in the PokerStars client by searching for ‘Common Cents’ in the ‘Find a tournament’ text filter, under the ‘Tournaments’ tab. To register, just click on your chosen event, pay your buy-in, and get ready to challenge for thousands in guaranteed prizes.

Common Cents tournaments take place at the times listed below.

EventDateTime (ET)Buy-inGuarantee
Common Cents Kick-Off $100K GTD October 5 14:05 $0.01 $100,000
Common Cents 02 $2.5K GTD October 5 15:00 $0.11 $2,500
Common Cents 03 $5K GTD October 6 12:00 $0.22 $5,000
Common Cents 04 $5K GTD October 6 15:00 $0.22 $5,000
Common Cents 05 $7.5K GTD October 7 12:00 $0.33 $7,500
Common Cents 06 $7.5K GTD October 7 15:00 $0.33 $7,500
Common Cents 07 $10K GTD October 8 12:00 $0.44 $10,000
Common Cents 08 $10K GTD October 8 15:00 $0.44 $10,000
Common Cents 09 $12.5K GTD October 9 12:00 $0.55 $12,500
Common Cents 10 $12.5K GTD October 9 15:00 $0.55 $12,500
Common Cents 11 $15K GTD October 10 12:00 $0.66 $15,000
Common Cents 12 $17.5K GTD October 10 15:00 $0.77 $17,500
Common Cents 13 $20K GTD October 11 12:00 $0.88 $20,000
Common Cents Main Event $25K GTD October 11 15:00 $0.99 $25,000

Climb the Common Cents Leader Board

Every time you take part in a Common Cents tournament you have the chance to earn Leader Board points, and be one step close to winning your share of $1,000. At the end of the festival, the top 100 players will share the prize pool as follows:

PlaceCash Prize
1st $100
2nd $90
3rd $80
4th $70
5th $60
6th $50
7th $40
8th $30
9th $20
10th $11
11th-20th $9.90
21st-30th $8.80
31st-40th $7.70
41st-50th $6.60
51st-60th $5.50
61st-70th $4.40
71st-80th $3.30
81st-90th $2.20
91st-100th $1.10

Are you top of the current Leader Board? Hit the button below to find out.

Leader Board points structure

To earn Leader Board points, you’ll need to make the money in a Common Cents tournament. Here’s how points will be awarded.

Tournament Champion 100
2nd 80
3rd 70
4th 60
5th 55
6th 50
7th 45
8th 40
9th 35
10th-18th 30
Remaining Cashers - Top 10% 25
Remaining Cashers - 2nd 10% 20
Remaining Cashers - 2nd 20% 15
Remaining Cashers - 3rd 20% 10
Remaining Cashers - Bottom 40% 5

How Can I view the Common Cents Leader Board?

PokerStars desktop users: Log-in to the PokerStars client and choose ‘Leader Boards’ from the menu bar on the right side of the Main Lobby.

iOS devices: Log-in to the PokerStars app and press the ‘More’ menu at the bottom of your screen, then select ‘Leader Boards’.

Android™ devices: Log-in to the PokerStars app and access the extended menu on your Android™ device, then choose ‘Leader Boards’.

Special Offer Details and Rules

  • In the event of a tie on the Common Cents Leader Board, the total amount won will be used as the tie-breaker. Common Cents Leader Board points are not transferable in any way, and have no value outside of the Common Cents Player of the Series.
  • All Leaderboard cash prizes will be credited to the winning players account before October 16.
  • The added ticket prize in Common Cents tournaments (excluding Main Event) is a free ticket to the Main Event valued at $0.99. The table on which players have won a ticket prize will be announced every minute for 50 minutes after the start of the tournament and between 10 minutes past and 20 minutes past the hour following the first break, via messaging on the tournament tables.
  • All added ticket prizes will be paid out automatically to winning players’ accounts, and to be eligible for the ticket prize you must have been seated at the winning table and dealt into the hand at the time of the prize announcement.
  • All added tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or for a ticket into another tournament. If you win multiple tickets they will be exchanged for T$ that will be credited to your account by October 19 at the latest.
  • Click here for general PokerStars terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about the Common Cents offer, contact support@pokerstars.com.

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