Collect PokerStars Dream Team Collection puzzle pieces for your chance to win up to $1 Million

How would you like to become a millionaire at PokerStars? From August 17-September 17, you can collect pieces for the Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Ronaldo Nazário puzzle and win up to $1 Million!

There are three puzzles to complete - one for each star - all with nine pieces. For every piece you collect, we’ll give you a guaranteed random reward - ranging from a $20,000 All-in Shootout ticket, up to a maximum of $7,911 in cash plus a Golden Ticket which grants you entry into an All-in Shootout, with an amazing $1,000,000 first prize.

Thanks to the Golden Ticket not only will you be in with a chance of becoming a millionaire, but you could also win one of eight signed shirts from Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.

How to collect puzzle pieces

To start collecting puzzle pieces and follow your progress, create a PokerStars account (if you haven’t already done so) then open your Challenges window - available in the PokerStars desktop client and/or Mobile app.

As soon as you have opted in by clicking ‘Start’ you can begin collecting your puzzle pieces and rewards. The Challenges you need to complete to earn puzzle pieces are as follows:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Puzzle - Play 7 real money Spin & Go’s to collect a puzzle piece for the Cristiano Ronaldo puzzle
  • Ronaldo Nazário Puzzle - Play 9 real money Sit & Go or Multi Table Tournaments to collect a puzzle piece for the Ronaldo Nazário puzzle
  • Neymar Jr Puzzle  - Win a real money Hold’em cash game hand (including Zoom) with J-J (jack, jack) to collect one puzzle piece for the Neymar Jr puzzle

Puzzle piece rewards - what you can win

Every time you collect a puzzle piece, you will win a randomly allocated reward - ranging from a $20,000 All-in Shootout ticket, up to a maximum of $7,911 in cash plus a Golden Ticket which grants you entry into an All-in Shootout, with an amazing $1,000,000 first prize.

Your random prize will be credited to your account instantly, and you can view any prizes won in the Challenges window, and cash rewards will be yours to keep, with no restrictions, and no earning requirements.

If your reward is an All-in Shootout ticket, you don’t need to be present to be in with a chance of winning, as all players who have registered for the tournament in advance using their ticket will be all-in every hand until there’s a winner. That means that if you win a Golden Ticket you could become a millionaire in minutes!

The chances of getting each random rewarded prize are as follows:

Prize% chance of winning
$7,911 cash + Golden Ticket to $1 Million All-in Shootout * 0.00158%
$1,000 cash 0.0025%
$50 cash 0.05%
$25 cash 0.1%
$10 cash 1.125%
$5 cash 8.75%
$20,000 All In Shootout Ticket ** 89.97092%

* The cash reward will be credited into your account immediately. The Golden Ticket will be manually credited into your account by September 18 at the latest. The All-in Shootout with the $1,000,000 first prize will be played at 13:47 ET on September 27. You must manually register for the All-in Shootout using your Golden Ticket. Registration opens on September 19.

** There will be 27 $20,000 All-in Shootouts in total, and they will run at 00:47, 01:47, 02:47, 03:47, 04:47, 05:47, 06:47, 07:47, 08:47, 09:47, 10:47, 11:47, 12:47, 13:18, 13:47, 14:18, 14:47, 15:18, 15:47, 16:47, 17:47, 18:47, 19:47, 20:47, 21:47, 22:47, and at 23:47 ET, on September 19. Each comes with $20,000 added in cash prizes, including $2,000 awarded to the winner.

You can find the tournaments in the PokerStars client by searching for ‘All-in Shootout’ in the ‘Find a tournament’ text filter, under the ‘Tournaments’ tab. Tip: register for an All-in Shootout with the least amount of players to increase your chances of winning.

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Special Offer Details & Rules

  • This promotion will run from 10:00 ET on August 17 to 23:59 ET on September 17
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Puzzle pieces can only be collected by playing Spin & Go’s with a real money buy-in.
  • Ronaldo Nazário Puzzle pieces can only be collected by playing Sit & Go’s or Multi Table tournaments with a real money buy-in.
  • Neymar Jr Puzzle pieces can only be collected by playing real money Hold’em cash games or Zoom cash games. You need to be dealt jack, jack (J-J), in any suit, and win the hand - either at showdown or when all opponents fold. Any combination of your hole cards can be used to win the hand (for example, your pocket pair can make straights, flushes, three of a kind, and so on).
  • You must opt-in to this promotion by hitting the ‘Start’ button in your Challenges window to have your progress measured. Any hands or tournaments played prior to opting-in will not count towards puzzle piece progress.
  • Random reward prizes will be displayed in your Challenges window. Cash and All-in Shootout ticket rewards will be credited instantly.
  • Golden Tickets will be manually credited into winning players’ accounts by 23:59 ET on September 18. Players need to manually register for the All-in Shootout using their Golden Ticket. Registration will open on September 19, and the All-in Shootout will start at 13:47 ET on September 27.
  • No late registration is available for All-in Shootouts.
  • All-in Shootout tickets are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Unused All-in Shootout tickets will be forfeited.
  • The winners of the Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr signed shirts will be contacted by PokerStars before end of September to confirm shipping address, and will receive their package by post within 60 days of confirmation of the address.
  • Click here for general PokerStars promotional terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about the PokerStars Dream Team Collection, contact

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