3-4 Defense or 3-4 Suited?


For the big game on February 7, we’ve decided to add one more tourney - on February 8 - with $5,000 in the prize pool. To take part, just choose from one of the 12 teams involved in the playoffs.

How to take part in the Football Frenzy Freerolls

There are three simple steps to qualifying for a Football Frenzy Freeroll:

  • Make a deposit using the relevant bonus code (see table below) to receive a Football Frenzy Freeroll ticket.
  • Use your ticket to register for one of the freeroll tournaments, each named after a football team. You’ll need to use your football knowledge to figure out which tournament to register for.
  • If you picked the right team, your tournament will play out with $5,000 added to the prize pool. Once you have your ticket, use it to register to the tournament that you think will be the answer to that month’s question (see below). For example, if the question is ‘Which team will score the most points this month?’ and you think the answer is Dallas, use your ticket to register to the ‘Dallas’ freeroll. Get the answer right and you’ll be playing for a $2,500 prize pool, only against players who also chose Dallas.

We’ll give you some time after each month’s games have started to make your decision, but make sure you register before the deadline.

Want more tickets? If you deposit $50 or more you’ll get three tickets instead of one, meaning you can register for three tournaments and increase your chances of winning! Just add a ‘50’ to the bonus code, as shown below, for your extra tickets. You can even use both codes to make two separate deposits (as long as one is for $50 or more), and receive four tickets to improve your chances of winning even more!

You’ll find the Football Frenzy Freerolls in the ‘Tournaments’ tab - just search for ‘Frenzy’ in the ‘Find a tournament’ filter.

Promotional DatesDatesDeposit and Registration Deadline*Tournament DateBonus Code**
Month 1 September 10-October 5 September 22 October 11 at 19:00 ET FOOT or FOOT50
Month 2 October 8-November 2 October 20 November 8 at 19:00 ET BALL or BALL50
Month 3 November 5-30 November 17 December 6 at 19:00 ET FRENZY or FRENZY50
Month 4 December 3-January 3 December 15 January 10 at 19:00 ET YARDS or YARDS50
FINAL BONUS January 5-9 January 9 at 16.30 ET February 8 at 19:00 ET BOWL or BOWL50

* This is also the expiry date of each month’s freeroll tickets. Tickets are only valid for the month in which they are issued. For example, tickets you receive for depositing during Month 1 cannot be used for entry into tournaments in Month 2.

** Deposit dates for each month take effect from the day after the previous month’s deposit deadline. For example, you can make a deposit and receive tickets for Month 2 between September 23 and October 20.

Can you predict the answers to these questions?

These are the questions you’ll need to answer correctly each month. The tournament named for the winning team will receive the $2,500 added prize pool.

Month 1: Which team will score the most points?

Month 2: Which team will have the most passing yards?

Month 3: Which team will have the most receiving touchdowns?

Month 4: Which team will have the most rushing yards?

Playoff Month: Which team in the final 12 will win the big game on February 7?

In the unlikely event of a tie between two or more teams, the prize pool will be split between the teams’ respective tournaments.

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It’s great to support your favourite team, but that won’t always win you the big bucks. It’s time to follow your head, not your heart!

Contact support@pokerstars.com if you have any questions about the Football Frenzy Freerolls.

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