Pick the best hockey team and win cash!

Calling all hockey fans! Pick which team you think will make it furthest in the playoffs and you could win up to $1,000 in a special $10,000 freeroll! It’s your chance to win big just by rooting for your favorite team, or whichever one you think has the strongest chance of winning. Choose wisely, and the cash prizes could be coming your way.  

How the Hockey Playoffs Last Longer works

There are 16  tournaments available for registration in the PokerStars client, each named after the teams in the playoffs.  Simply register for the tourney named after the team you think will last longest.

The tourneys will disappear if the team is eliminated, which means there will eventually only be one left. This will then play out as a $10,000 freeroll on June 15 at 19:00 ET, with $1,000 for the winner!

Please Note:

  • You have until  April 19 to make your team selection (ie before any team has been eliminated). The relevant $10,000 freeroll will take place after the playoffs have ended.
  • This promotion is only open to players in Canada.

Contact support@pokerstars.com if you have any questions about the Hockey Playoffs Last Longer promotion.

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