Latin American Poker League


Thank you for your participation in the Latin American Poker League tournaments. This promotion is coming to an end, with June 2015 being the last month that the LAPL League tournaments will run. We hope you have enjoyed playing in the LAPL and thank you for your continued play. 

The Latin American Poker League gives you POINTS and PRIZES.

Play in the Latin American Poker League tournaments and you can win great cash prizes while collecting League points every month. If you’re from LATAM this is the contest for you. The more points you collect, the more cash you can win – every month.

The Leagues

Three leagues will be played throughout the region. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues give something for all levels of play. Play in one or play in all three. How does it work? When you take part in the LAPL tournaments you can win cash plus you are also awarded league points. And the further up the field you finish in the tourneys, the more League points you get. The top 100 players at the end of each month from all the leagues will share in a total monthly prize pool of $1,750.


LAPL Freerolls – top 100 receive entry to LAPL Bronze tourneys.
LAPL Bronze - $0.11 buy-in.
LAPL Silver - $0.55 buy-in.
LAPL Gold - $1.10 buy-in.

You’ll find all these tournaments under the Tourney > Regional tab.

LAPL Freerolls

There is 1 LAPL Freeroll every day, starting at 20.15 ET. The tournament ends as soon as we’re down to the final 100 players – when all those remaining will receive entry to an LAPL Bronze tournament. No points are awarded here (and there is no Freeroll League), just entry to LAPL Bronze tourneys.

LAPL Bronze

There are 5 LAPL Bronze tournaments every day, starting every hour on the half hour from 18.45 until 22.45 ET. The buy-in is $0.11 or free through the LAPL Freerolls. The Bronze League’s monthly top 100 will be awarded a total of $250 in additional cash.

1 $50
2 $40
3 $30
4 $25
5 $20
6-10 $15
11-20 $12
21-50 $3
51-100 $1


The LAPL Gold tournaments will take place every Saturday & Sunday at 20.00 ET. The Gold League’s monthly top 100 will be awarded a total of $1,000 in additional cash.

1 $75
2 $60
3 $55
4 $45
5 $40
6-10 $20
11-20 $15
21-50 $7.50
51-100 $5
LAPL Freeroll Free Daily 20:15 until 22:15 ET The top 100 gets entry to the LAPL Bronze
LAPL Bronze $ 0.11 5 x Daily 18:45 until 22:45 ET $250 monthly league prize pool
LAPL Silver $ 0.55 Daily 19:00 ET $500 monthly league prize pool
LAPL Gold $ 1.10 Saturday & Sunday 20:00 ET $1,000 monthly league prize pool

Here are the points you receive from playing in any of the tourneys:

Tourney PositionPoints towards League
1 100
2 90
3 80
4 70
5 60
6 50
7 45
8 40
9 35
10-19 30
20-29 25
30-49 20
50-69 15
70-100 10
Any other cashed 5
Participation 1 *
* PLEASE NOTE: Only those players who did NOT finish in the top 100 or who did not make a cash finish will receive the 1 participation point .

The league tables of the LAPL will be updated daily, so check them regularly to see how well you’re doing. The monthly prize payouts are also shown here.

If you have any questions about the Latin American poker league, please contact

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