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Congratulations to player ‘bladsonpoker’ who has just won $1 Million in the special edition Spin & Go! Second and third place finishers, ‘hooomlesnurr’ and ‘ROliver ceo’, also both won big, taking away $100,000 each.

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You can win a cool million dollars for a buy-in of just $5 with special $1 Million Spin & Go’s! If you didn’t already know, Spin & Go’s are 3-max Hyper-Turbo tournaments that see all players start with just 500 chips. Before the fast-paced action kicks off, a spinner in the middle of the table reveals how large the prize pool will be, up to a million dollars for a limited time only. There are plenty of ways to become a millionaire with PokerStars, but none of them are as quick as this!

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Prizes and Probability

The majority of the $1 Million Spin & Go’s are played as ‘winner-takes-all’ tournaments, except for when your Spin & Go hits one of the three highest prize tiers. In these Spin & Go’s, the second and third-place finishers also receive a prize.

$5 Spin & Go’s feature a top prize of $1,000,000 for the winner, with $100,000 set aside for each of the runners-up in that millionaire-making tourney.

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes you can win in these special Spin & Go’s, and the probability of your Spin & Go getting each prize:

Prize Pool
Total Prize PoolFirst-Place PrizeSecond and Third-Place PrizeFrequency
240,000 $1,200,000 $1,000,000 $100,000 3 of 10,000,000 0.00003%
1,200 $6,000 $5,000 $500 400 of 10,000,000 0.00400%
120 $600 $500 $50 1,250 of 10,000,000 0.01250%
25 $125 $125 - 8,000 of 10,000,000 0.08000%
10 $50 $50 - 40,000 of 10,000,000 0.40000%
6 $30 $30 - 660,000 of 10,000,000 6.60000%
4 $20 $20 - 1,704,653 of 10,000,000 17.04653%
2 $10 $10 - 7,585,694 of 10,000,000 75.85694%

Promotional Terms & Conditions:

  • The $1 Million Spin & Go promotion is a temporary product offering, which will be available during special promotional periods only.
  • Only $5 buy-in Spin & Go’s are eligible to win the $1 million prize, all other Spin & Go’s will keep their standard advertised prizes, where players can win up to 3,000 times their buy-ins.
  • 7% of $1 Million Spin & Go buy-ins go towards rake.
  • Click here for general PokerStars promotion terms and conditions.

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