Ronaldo Is Back

Would you like to take on soccer superstar Ronaldo at the PokerStars tables, in a multi-table tournament or even heads-up? Now is your chance, because this month Ronaldo is back in the game, and we’ve got a whole load of special Ronaldo tourneys and challenges for you to play!

Nine ways to win every day!

To honor Brazil’s former number 9, we’ve got nine special ‘Daily Ronaldos’ running every day from March 6-27, with buy-ins ranging from just 9 FPPs to $9.90, plus freerolls!

These daily tourneys offer cash prizes (or tickets, for the FPP and freeroll tournaments - see table below), and Ronaldo will definitely be playing a few of them. If Ronaldo ends up playing your tourney, we’ll multiply the prize pool by nine. Not only that, but Ronaldo will also have a $900 bounty on his head!





Ronaldo Is Back 1

16:00 ET


Top 9 each receive 1x ‘Ronaldo Is Back 5’ ticket

Ronaldo Is Back 2

16:30 ET

9 FPPs

1x ‘Ronaldo Is Back 5’ ticket for every 50 FPPs in the pot

Ronaldo Is Back 3

17:00 ET


Cash prizes

Ronaldo Is Back 4

17:30 ET

99 FPPs

1x ‘Ronaldo Is Back 9’ ticket for every 500 FPPs in the pot

Ronaldo Is Back 5

18:00 ET


Cash prizes

Ronaldo Is Back 6

18:30 ET


Cash prizes

Ronaldo Is Back 7

19:00 ET


Cash prizes

Ronaldo Is Back 8

19:30 ET


Cash prizes

Ronaldo Is Back 9

20:00 ET


Cash prizes ($900 guaranteed)

To find the tournaments in the PokerStars client, search for ‘Ronaldo’ in the ‘Find a tournament’ filter, under the ‘Tournaments’ tab in the Main Lobby.

Player power!

If you want Ronaldo to play in your tourney - and us to multiply the prize pool by nine - then it’s up to you to try and persuade him! Get onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media and explain why you think he should play in your tourney. Use #RonaldoVoltou, and if he decides to play in your tournament it could be worth thousands of dollars!

Ronaldo will choose which tournament to play only after registration has closed - he will be the last player to register in any tournament he decides to play.

Complete your missions for even more chances to win

If all of the above wasn’t enough excitement for you, there are two more ‘Big Ronaldo’ tournaments available to those who complete their special missions.


Date & Time

Qualifying Mission


Ronaldo $9,000 Tournament

March 29, 19:00 ET

Play at least one of every ‘Ronaldo Is Back’ daily cash tournaments (not including freerolls and FPP tourneys)

$9,000 GTD (including $900 for the winner)

Ronaldo Heads-Up Qualifier Tournament

March 30, 19:00 ET

Win any ‘Ronaldo Is Back’ daily tournament (including freerolls and FPP tourneys)

A heads-up game vs. Ronaldo on April 23 at 19:00 ET

Please Note: Players can win only win one seat in each tournament, but can qualify for and play in both.

Deposit offer

Want a free bundle of tickets to the ‘Daily Ronaldo’ cash tournaments? Make a $50 deposit to your account before 22:00 ET on March 26 using the bonus code ‘BACK2015’and we’ll give you tickets to play all six.

Contact if you have any questions about the Ronaldo Is Back tournaments.

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