Turn $0.50 into $1 Million, or a supercar, plus other great Ronaldo prizes in minutes

Cristiano Ronaldo loves the finer things in life, and whether it’s his watch, his headphones, or his cars, each item is always high quality. Now, for a limited time only, you too can experience the Cristiano Ronaldo lifestyle by winning some amazing prizes in Spin & Go’s, including the chance to become a millionaire in just minutes!

Over the past year, PokerStars has created more than 12 millionaires from Spin & Go’s, and now you could be next!

Cristiano Ronaldo Edition $1 Million Spin & Go’s will start as soon as three players have registered to play, at which point a spinner in the middle of the table will reveal how large the prize pool will be. It could be anything from double your buy-in, or a great Cristiano Ronaldo prize, up to a staggering 2,000,000 times your $0.50 buy-in and a million dollar top prize.

Cristiano Ronaldo prizes ranges from Ronaldo DVD, ROC By Monster - Sport Black Platinum headphones, or TAG Heuer CR7 Special Edition watch, up to an amazing supercar.

Which supercar would you like to drive? A McLaren 650S, Ferrari California T, Lamborghini Huracan or Aston Vanquish? Play now, for only $0.50, for your chance to win.

Want to become a millionaire for free? PokerStars is giving away over 60 free $1 Million Spin & Go tickets every single hour, at XX:58 ET, until February 21, thanks to special ‘$1 Million Spin & Go All-in Shootouts’. It doesn’t cost you anything to participate, and you can register as many times as you want!

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Cristiano Ronaldo Edition $1 Million Spin & Go Prizes and Probability

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes you can win in Cristiano Ronaldo Edition Spin & Go’s, and the probability of hitting each prize tier.

1st Place PrizeItem ValueStarsCoin Value2nd & 3rd Place PrizeFrequency
$1,000,000 cash - - $100,000 cash 2 in 100,000,000
Your choice of supercar $450,000 45,000,000 $45,000 cash 4 in 100,000,000
TAG Heuer CR7 Special Edition watch $1,840 184,000 - 1,700 in 100,000,000
ROC By Monster - Sport Black Platinum headphones  $385 38,500 - 2,551 in 100,000,000
Ronaldo Documentary DVD $30 3,000 - 425 in 100,000,000
$3 cash - - - 6,000,000 in 100,000,000
$2 cash - - - 17,321,797 in 100,000,000
$1 cash - - - 76,673,521 in 100,000,000

How to redeem your prizes

If you win any of our great Cristiano Ronaldo prizes then you will need to redeem the item(s) won in the VIP Store, via the in-store category ‘$1 Million Spin & Go Prizes’ (available until February 25). 

To redeem the item(s) you will need a voucher code - which is listed in the item description text in the VIP Store - plus StarsCoin which will be issued to your account within 72 hours of winning the prize. The number of StarsCoin credited to your account is listed in the above table.

If you do not want to redeem any item(s), you can choose to spend your StarsCoin on anything in the VIP Store, such as PokerStars merchandise, cash or tournament tickets. For example, if you you win a supercar valued at $450,000 you can choose to use your StarsCoin and buy cash from the ‘VIP Cash Rebates’ category of an equivalent value.

Playing on Mobile? The VIP Store on our PokerStars Mobile App has differences compared to the full desktop version of our software. Due to these differences, VIP Store item purchases are not possible when using a mobile device and can only be performed using the desktop client. You will need to download and install PokerStars on your computer to make VIP Store purchases. Even if you cannot redeem your item, you can choose to use your StarsCoin to purchase cash and tournament tickets via our Mobile app.

If you have any questions about Cristiano Ronaldo Edition $1 Million Spin & Go’s, contact support@pokerstars.com.

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