Have you got what it takes to top the Ticket League?

PokerStars is home to some of the biggest online poker tournaments anywhere in the world. And if you want to get your hands on mammoth prize pools, but can’t afford the buy-ins, the brand new Ticket League is here to help.

From November 26-December 9, we’ll host daily free-to-play tournaments for players in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, awarding Ticket League Leader Board  points to everyone who plays. The top 100 players on the final Leader Board will receive free PokerStars tournament tickets, but that’s not all...

Each freeroll also comes with a guaranteed prize pool of $50. Plus, we’ll even double the money on offer each Sunday, meaning you can win a share of $400 each week for free!

Should you be knocked out of any daily tournament, you can also rebuy for just $0.20 to refill your chips. And with almost 350 big-money tickets to giveaway, it’s a good time to make your first real money deposit on PokerStars if you haven’t already done so.

Earn Ticket League Leader Board Points

Free-to-play tournaments will run daily at 14:00 ET (20:00 CET) from November 26-December 9. To register, look under the ‘Tourney’ > ‘Regional’ tabs in the PokerStars lobby.

You will be awarded five Leader Board points for each tournament you play in (no matter where you finish), with additional points awarded to the top 30 players in each event, depending on their final position.

The Ticket League Leader Board page will be updated daily to show the points tally of all players participating, with points awarded as follows:

1 500
2 450
3 425
4 400
5 380
6 360
7 340
8 320
9 310
10 300
11 275
12 250
13 225
14 200
15 175
16 150
17 125
18 100
19-30 50

Don’t forget: all players who participate in Ticket League freerolls will receive five points just for taking part.

Ticket League: The Prizes

Each Ticket League event comes with a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $50, increasing to $100 for each Sunday tournament. Once the Ticket League has finished on December 9, the top 100 players will receive free PokerStars tournament tickets as follows:

Final Leader Board RankingPrize
1st two $22 tickets + three $11 tickets + three $7.70 tickets
2nd two $22 tickets + two $11 tickets + two $7.70 tickets
3rd one $22 ticket + two $11 tickets + three $7.70 tickets
4th-5th one $22 ticket + two $11 tickets + two  $7.70 tickets
6th-8th one $22 ticket + one $11 ticket + two $7.70 tickets
9th-10th one $22 ticket + one $11 ticket + one $7.70 ticket
11th-15th two $11 tickets + two $7.70 tickets
16th-20th one $11 ticket + two $7.70 tickets + one $5.50 ticket
21st-30th one $11 ticket + one $7.70 ticket + one $5.50 ticket
31st-50th one $7.70 ticket + two $5.50 tickets + one $3.30 ticket
51st-75th two $5.50 tickets + two $3.30 tickets
76th-100th one $5.50 ticket + one $3.30 ticket

Please Note: The Ticket League is available for PokerStars users in the Czech Republic and Slovakia only. Leader Board prizes will be awarded within 24 hours of the last Ticket League freeroll on December 9 finishing.


If you have any questions about the Ticket League, contact support@pokerstars.com.

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