PokerStars Special Features

PokerStars is a different kind of Internet poker room. All online cardrooms offer Texas Hold'em and other standard poker games like Omaha and Stud, but PokerStars also features world-class poker software and service. Some of the other special features which distinguish PokerStars from the rest of the poker rooms on the Internet are outlined below. These are just a few of the offerings which make our card room the best in the galaxy.

Special Features Sections

  1. Languages
  2. Lobby and Table Themes
  3. Images
  4. Notes
  5. Statistics
  6. Hand History
  7. Sorting and Filtering Options
  8. Table Resizing
  9. Window Focus
  10. Connection Status
  11. Multi-Table Tournaments
  12. Side Games


Use the 'Language' menu to choose whether to play and receive emails in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Japanese and more.

Lobby and Table Themes

Choose from several themes for your PokerStars table, including: Shiny, Marine, Stars, Saloon, Renaissance, Techno, Azure and Hyper-Simple.

You can also now choose a theme for your PokerStars lobby - either the sleek new 'PokerStars Black', or the tried-and-tested 'PokerStars Classic'.

Please note that the new ‘PokerStars Black’ theme is currently only available in beta mode.

Visit the PokerStars Themes page for more information on our themes.

Internet Poker Player Images

No longer are your fellow Internet poker players just text and an infernal blinking light. As poker players ourselves, we know how important it is to be able to recognize the faces at your table. That's why at PokerStars, you have the option of selecting a personalized image to represent you in our Internet poker room. The image can be of anything you want: Your pet, your favorite movie star or, of course, you!

When you open your Stars account, you'll have the option of supplying your own picture, or not providing an image at all. More on getting an internet poker image.

Opponent Poker Notes

As the old adage goes, poker is not a game of cards, it's a game of people. PokerStars allows you to keep a profile on your opponents by giving you a window to jot down notes about their poker play. Your notes are saved on your system, and can be accessed the next time you square off against an old opponent. More about poker opponent notes.

Player Statistics

Am I seeing the flop too often? How many hands did I fold on 4th Street? Playing too tight in the big blind? These are questions we all ask ourselves at the table, but what a tedious process it is to actually figure out the answers.

At PokerStars, we'll take on the task of tracking various statistical data for your Internet poker play. Any time you want this data, we'll e-mail it right to your inbox. You can also view statistics accumulated during your current session right at the table. Your statistical data is available to you and you alone. Note that as we do not archive play money or freeroll poker tournament hand histories, this information is unavailable for those poker games. More on your poker statistics.

Poker Hand History

What the heck did that guy call me with? Didn't I have a flush there? These kinds of questions can be answered by requesting your poker hand histories. You can request a hand history for a specific poker game number, a full poker tournament, or up to a full transcript of your last 200 hands by clicking on the dealer tray and selecting "Request Hand History". A hand history will show all the action during the hand, as well as the cards of anyone who did not fold during the hand.

Note that you will not be able to see uncalled hands unless you were dealt in on the hand in question, and that we do not archive play money or freeroll poker tournament hand histories.

Instant Hand History

It's now easier than ever to review your play or check to see what your opponent called you with on a previous hand. Instant Hand History allows you to instantly view past hands by clicking on the dealer tray and then clicking "Instant Hand History" at any PokerStars game table.

Sorting and Filtering Options

PokerStars has powerful options in our game lobby to help you better sort and filter through available games and tournaments. Included here are detailed descriptions and instructions on how to navigate the system.

Table Resizing

Ever wish you could make your PokerStars game screen larger or shrink the table down to let you view more than one table at once? Now you can, PokerStars now offers a resizing option that allows you to change your game screen size and even save your favorite settings for later. Visit our Table Resizing page for more details.

Table Focus Choices

Perhaps you like to play many tables at once, and want our software to automatically jump to the table where your next action is. No problem - that's the default behavior. But maybe you like to do other things while playing, and don't want us to grab your cursor away from that important email or store purchase. That's not a problem either. In our main lobby window, select Settings -> Gameplay -> Multi-Tabling, and then uncheck the box that says "Popup table whenever user action is required". Thereafter, we'll let you move the cursor to the table.

Our software also protects you from multitabling mishaps by requiring you to select a table before clicking any action buttons. But perhaps you have a large monitor and your tables aren't overlapping? Simply check "Single click table activation", and this behavior will be switched off.

If you are a player who likes to play lots of Sit & Go tournaments, you might want to try turning off 'Auto-open Sit & Go tournament lobby'. This will prevent the Sit & Go lobby appearing every time a new tournament begins.

Displayed Internet Connection Status

No longer do you have to sit through the frustration of playing poker with an Internet slowpoke. PokerStars gives its players information about the Internet connection status of other players. The Internet connection status of any player can be viewed by moving your cursor over his or her player image/name.

Multi-Table Internet Poker Tournaments

PokerStars has top-notch poker tournament software, the best on the Internet! We plan to provide great tournament poker action with features which will keep you coming back again and again. From satellites to re-buy poker tournaments to freezeouts, stay tuned to our Tournaments page for the latest news. More on the Internet's best online site for poker tournaments.

No Limit and Pot Limit Play Money Poker Side Games

Whether you want to try No Limit Texas Hold'em, the Cadillac of Poker, or prefer the strategic intricacies of Pot Limit Omaha High, you'll get a great chance to hone your big-bet poker skills in our popular No Limit and Pot Limit poker games.

We hope you enjoy the unique features of playing poker at PokerStars over the Internet, and we hope to add even more in the near future. If you have any suggestions or comments, our Support team will be happy to take them.

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