Next Gen Poker

Next Gen Poker

Next Gen Poker is made up of Jack Aiello, Matthew ‘Rosey’ Rosenfield and Frankie Cucchiara – three Dallas-based college fraternity brothers who fell in love with the game and haven’t looked back since.

Their story began, as is common with so many professional poker players, on campus. Playing initially with just a few dollars between them on a pool table, the trio were inspired to create their own YouTube channel by other veteran poker vloggers such as Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme.

“All the poker content we consumed was on YouTube when we were learning this game,” Rosey said. “There’s just so many different stories being told from so many different personalities, and we’ve pulled from people in different ways and borrowed ideas to make our content unique and good as well.

“When you watch a Brad Owen or an Andrew Neeme, they’ve been playing poker for so many years,” he said. “They know how to play."

Being relative newcomers to the game has allowed Next Gen’s viewers to share in their journey and learn the game alongside them as they go, something Rosey credits with helping their channel grow to over 200,000 subscribers. “What’s unique about us is you’re watching us figure this game out as we go, seeing our journey.”

Next Gen’s appeal becomes apparent within minutes of watching their content. Slickly edited and highly accessible to newcomers, their videos are a breath of fresh air to the space and include their biggest wins together, unique challenges and tips to help their viewers stack up their own wins at the tables.

At their core, Next Gen are a group of friends simply having fun at the tables, and it’s this contagious enthusiasm for the game which has helped their channel to go from strength to strength, garnering them over 150 million views across their videos.

Frankie said “I think that the best part of Next Gen is the energy and the personalities that we bring to the table. It’s not going to be the poker theory. Because there’s going to be people smarter than us, and we accept that. But I think the best part of us is us.

“We have very good conversations about poker studying and poker theory, but I’m also making a YouTube video, and that’s an entertainment video,” said Frankie. “And I want to entertain, I want to make people have fun … Every video is its own story.”

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