SCOOP 2017 VIP Bash Events

The VIP Club is proud to bring you VIP Bash events during SCOOP 2017, and each gives you the chance to win free SCOOP seats using your StarsCoin.

VIP Bash qualifiers will run on April 29 at 13:00 ET and May 20 at 13:00 ET, with players able to buy in using StarsCoin.

Check out the details below and get ready to win SCOOP seats for less!

VIP Bash Events schedule

DateTimeStarsCoin Buy-inPrize
April 29 13:00 ET 5,000 5 Seats added to the Phase $1,050 Event
May 20 13:00 ET 100 50 Seats added to the $109 Main Event (Low) and 5 seats added to the $1,050 Main Event (Medium)

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